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I understand why y’all say what you say but in so many words: *clean version* Forget them. You’re in the gym for you and if you don’t know what you’re doing humble yourself and ask for some help but I’ll be damned if another man/woman who puts on their pants just like I do , one leg at a time, is going to intimidate me while im@striving towards a goal. No mam and no sir .... START TODAY! No one has that power but you .

I work hard everyday to be able to walk around naked proudly. If you’re not happy with how you look and feel... are you making strides to change that? Don’t wait for a damn New Years resolution, a new week, a new month, or shit a new day, you’ve been doing that too long. How Can I help you get some motivation? It’s mental!!! What’s stopping you!?

Snapchat: TrainingTre #PickThatBigGirlUp @davidr_knowles @mikey_b_23 I like to enjoy my weekends with Weights and Whiskey and of course women but ahhh we will get to the women after the weights and whiskey 😂😂😂

I just want abs like all the cool kids #DuragGainz
10/5/5/5 Reps this was the last ab circuit I did with 4 rounds

You wanna know the secret to gains!? #Durag that’s the damn secret.

Prep prep prep.... You’ve been giving yourself the “there’s nothin to eat healthy.” Excuse for years now. STOP THAT SHIT!
Prepare for the day/days to come and watch how it changes your entire Fitness journey. We are done with the excuses... we start prepping.
ANNNNNNDD DO NOT wait until next week, start today you’ve been putting it off for too long. Make the decision and execute. #GetThatShit

Kill shit this week... Monday no longer is a bad day it’s the start a new beginning and damnit we will enjoy it.

I Love working legs ... it’s the hardest day for me but this is part of my new workout .... only the first exercise
15R of 50% of your squat max - SUPERSET that shit with a 1/4 of your squat max for squat Jumps and Calf raises.... 4-5 sets .... 🤗🤗🤗

This is what my EVERY morning looks like... what does yours look like? Come on talk to me! What do y’all eat for breakfast?

Change the mind, to change the body and we in turn change the life 😤😤😤.... The trifecta of life that we live by.... now wake that ass up and get to the gym. 😤😤

#LegDay Highlights!!! YouTube isn’t messing with me right now but I’ll@let y’all know when the full vid is up!!! #TrifectaEvolution

Your battle in life and in Fitness begins in your mind and proceeds to your physical.
The weights don’t move, the run can’t be finished, the food cannot be eaten unless the Mental decision is made to make all happen.
Dispel all negative notions: “I’m fat”
“I can’t”
“It’s hard”

You must first believe in your head of Hearts that.... Your physical fitness is right on the other side of you developing your mental Fitness.... Believe In You.....

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