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Corrective Exercise Specialist  I take women from pain & discomfort to aligned & strong through corrective exercise approach @fithouse @statemgmt My 5 steps to alleviate back pain⤵️

Smile, it's the freaking weekend! 😬

Today is a 430a-730pm kind of day but it's all worth it because I'm off until Tuesday! I can not wait to chill out with my friends and eat summer salads. #loser

Don't let the first weekend of summer crush your goals. Stay active, eat plenty of greens, STAY hydrated and most importantly get some rest!

I think most people will kind of go off the handle and then say “okay diet starts Tuesday" but can't seem to control this downward spiral of bad eating habits.

Don't be that person. BE IN CONTROL.

How are you staying active this weekend?

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It’s been one of my favorite things to highlight. Years ago I was over training & worked insane hours with little to no sleep. My body was easily burnt out and I was getting sick.

I think people always forget that sleep is just as important as the work out.

I am so grateful to have my @whoop (no this is not an ad or sponsored) but I really feel the need to talk more about it.
As an everyday athlete, recovery is KEY to success. Sleep is apart of that. Ever since I’ve had my whoop I’ve been able to track my hours of sleep & recovery. It’ll tell me if I’m in the red zone (not well recovered)
Yellow zone (moderately recovered)
Green zone (highly recovered - go attack life)

This has actually forced me to get to bed early or cancel any early more plans so I can get proper sleep.
When I’m feeling super sluggish I’ll just check my app & see my recovery. It would be in the red zone and it’s recommended not to go beyond (x) strain.

It helped me listen to my body with my workouts.

Do you guys prioritize sleep? If so do you feel a difference in your workout performance?

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It is SO important to focus on our posture. Throughout time we can form different spine curvature due to bad habits.

1. Normal curvature
2. Kyphosis
3. Lordosis

1. Normal curvature - there a muscle balance & has really strong postural muscles
2. Kyphosis - rounding of the shoulders & forward head. This can be caused by sitting down a lot at work with rounded shoulders & forward head action looking at your computer. * forward head action also from look at your phone *
3. Lordosis - extremely arched low back. Commonly seen in females. Tend to stick their butt out to make their butt look bigger. They’re not stuck in this position causing pain in the long run.

If there are misalignments in the body and they are not taken care of.. this can cause issues down the road. Muscle aches, pain, tightness and migraines (just to make a few) Properly creating a Corrective Exercise program can help tremendously!

If you have kyphosis or lordosis curvature message me “💪🏽” & let’s chat!

This video was when I redoing my website & it really made me appreciate where I am now.
4 years ago I gave fitness my all to the point I was getting sick. All I wanted to do was help others. No weekends off or holidays. My relationships suffered because all I did was work. My vision wasn’t as clear because I was too preoccupied by showing up & working.

Fast forward to now, I can really appreciate this journey. I’ve had a ton of clients & taught a bunch of classes but I’m finally in a place where I know what I want for my business. My vision is SO clear.
I want to change people’s lives in the best WAY possible while giving myself some kind of break. Through my own experience as a trainer the goal is always to prevent injury besides the fact their goal is to lose weight or build muscle.

Through corrective exercise I can make sure clients move the right way and workout feeling great. I see this more than ever.. people work out to JUST to workout. There’s no method, no thought or science behind their structure. If so, so be it. But my ultimate goal is to make sure your back isn’t hurting during your daily activities or that your posture is not out of whack & causing more problems.

If you haven’t checked out my 5 steps to alleviate low back pain - go get it.. it’s the link in my bio. 👊🏽

Shout out to my videographer - @abediting 🙌🏽

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It’s been a minute since I’ve posted..

So I’m on vocal rest right now. I started to get sick last weekend & fought through this all week for me to now barely having a voice. My fellow fitpros, you know already know our body & our voices are our money makers. If we’re not healthy, we ain’t making anything 😶

So now I’m just resting & not talking to anyone 😹 I’m hoping I feel better by Monday for my @fithouse fam!

For the time being you’ll see me posting more.

Here’s a great oblique combo:
Plank toe taps (opposite arm to opposite toe or ankle)
Oblique V-up (R)
Oblique V-up (L)
45 seconds on // 15 seconds off


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It’s a hate/love relationship. 🤷🏽‍♀️

I go for 3 sets of 5 reps - 5 seconds down.
Really focus on your control instead of letting yourself drop...

What’s so great about negatives?!
It causes greater muscle tissue breakdown than going up on the positive (concentric) phase.
They also increase your strength & ability to power through plateau phases. ✊🏽
Let’s not forget how your core is FULLY engaged throughout this exercise.

Negatives have helped me SO much with my pull ups. I recommend doing them 1-2x a week if your goal is to get pull ups or to increase your reps 🤪

Who else wants to bring up their pull up game?! 🙋🏽‍♀️

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Are you that person who takes action right away? Or are you that person who will wait last minute when it may be TOO late?

I'm a "RIGHT NOW" kind of person. Ask my family and friends.. haha!

Let's say you have your wedding coming up and you want to lose (x) amount of weight or fit in a specific dress before your special day. You're shopping around for a trainer and find your perfect fit but decide to delay it. You return to that trainer for help because its 2 months before your wedding and you aren't anywhere close to your goal. Your wedding comes and you are unhappy.
Should you have invested in yourself when you first found your perfect fitness match or continued to put off hiring someone?

I see this see this SO often.

BE AN ACTION TAKER. Don't let everything fall to the last minute. If you have a goal, you better attack that goal because you get what you give!

Your self confidence dictates the way you feel and the way you act towards others. Work on yourself first and foremost.

It doesn't necessarily have to do with just getting wedding ready but everything in life. Why wait the next day, next week or next month to make a difference. Time is so valuable.. how will you maximize it?

Back to the first question.. are you an action taker or a last minute person?

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When I first started as a trainer I thought it’d be really smart to book clients back to back for 5 hours & take clients at 5am...😅
I wanted to help as many people as possible & I basically put everyone before my own health. I was so burnt out.

Lesson learned.. I’m never doing that again! 😹 Now that I’ve shifted my own priorities I’m able to create a schedule that benefits both my clients & I. Instead of having full on back to backs I’ve been giving myself a 15 or 30 min. break. I no longer take clients earlier than 630am. It doesn’t sound like a big deal but it has helped tremendously!

With that being said, I will no longer be taking on in person private clients for the month of May & June.

But good news is...
I am taking on clients for coaching calls. I want to be able to reach more people outside of NYC, LI & Queens. The traveling trainer is now going virtual. 💃🏽

If you’re struggling in fitness and can’t seem to find your results. If you need a better understanding of “why.” Let’s chat & create a game plan that’s customized for YOU.

If you’re interested in 30 or 60 min. calls - DM me “coaching” 💪🏽

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I wake up every morning excited & ready to crush my day. I constantly remind myself of my goals.. whether it’s fitness or life related.
But this past week all I kept thinking about was reading a book on a yacht in Europe. Yup, nothing fitness related..

That was honestly what has been driving me to work harder. I have this dream SO crystal clear that I want to happen sooner than later. I want to continue to inspire, motivate and change other people’s lives but I also want to soak in the beauty of life. ✨

Is there one goal that you can’t get out of head but is what FUELS you to work harder? If so share it! ⤵️

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All my clients know that this is one of my TOP 5 favorite exercises.
I actually learned this exercise when I was physical therapy aide back in college and FELL in love with it! (A lot of my roots come from the knowledge I gained when I was PT aide)

I use this exercise in my clients warm up portion of their workout.
Deadbug is about strengthening your core and learning how to stabilize.
We do core strengthening exercises to PREVENT injuries. The aesthetics come second.

What to do:
Laying on your back and focus on anchoring your back down.
Your choice, band, weights or cable but as long as you keep your arms still.
If you start to feel your low back arch - don't lower your leg down too low. Find a sweet spot where you're able to kick your leg out without arching your back but still feeling your core shake.

Swipe to the right to hear my demo of it.

**This is a great exercise for those who have arched backs. This practices pelvic tilt and really strengthening the core.**

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At home mini band upper body 💪🏽

Whenever I’m pressed for time, I always go for a short circuit. No time wasted - just straight up work. 👊🏽

Grab your light resistance band⤵️
- banded push ups
- banded Superman lat pull down
- banded face pulls

Chest ➡️ back ➡️ rear delts

To see more of this circuit... join my private Facebook page -
Fitness. Nutrition. Mindset
I’m posting another workout tonight 🤪

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Raise your hand if you love mini bands 🙋🏽‍♀️

Here are 3 exercises you can do at home, the gym or on vacation!
- step out squat to abductor lift
- touchdown jacks (get the heart rate going ❤️)
- step outs

I posted more mini band glute work on my Facebook group ➡️ Fitness. Nutrition. Mindset
If you’re not in - GET ON IT 👊🏽

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