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Vinutha Raghunath  One person practising Sportsmanship is far better than a hundred teaching it - Knute Rockne

Rawwwwwwww, was our game and we marked ourselves well with the crowd. Each winning medals in their respective categories and smiles floating with the hopes of achieving more. Good days in training to follow as everyone knows where they stand. @spartan_india @abhi_kv @urviashar @mith_tajne @vilmasaldanha @ranji_mishra @fatemadhoondia @srabonee @smitathakur03 #womancoach #thegrippers #strength #strongteam #powerliftingindia #competation

As a Strength Training coach, it’s difficult to find someone who thinks alike, where delegation of training of students can happen. I am glad, I found that person in you @mith_tajne. It’s going to be a long journey together because you understand exactly when I say....yes, that’s the poundage and that many reps. Welcome boy. @mith_tajne @abhi_kv @urviashar @vilmasaldanha @ranji_mishra @fatemadhoondia

What’s my happiest and most satisfying event of the day!!!! Yes, it was Abhijeet clearing all the 9 Lifts. Making that a clear cut winning in terms of training. You are the best example of what a perfect student is. @fatemadhoondia @ranji_mishra @vilmasaldanha @mith_tajne @urviashar @abhi_kv #womancoach #thegrippers #strength #perfection

What better way to say-You have arrived??? Just make a Personal Best in your strongest lift. Ranjita cracked 130 kgs in Deadlift and has set a new number for me to recalculate her Periodisation. Thanks girl, it’s a honour for me to take you on a new trip. @abhi_kv @urviashar @mith_tajne @vilmasaldanha @ranji_mishra @fatemadhoondia #womancoach #womencoaches #womantraining #deficitdeadlift #thegrippers #record

Nothing feels better than someone coming and more stronger. Vilma was in her best self and gave me the satisfaction of conviction in my training and nutrition. We did play around a lot but her return has proved, Never loose Trust in what you believe. Vilma, let’s rock @fatemadhoondia @ranji_mishra @vilmasaldanha @mith_tajne @urviashar @abhi_kv

Urvi fought in one of the toughest body weight category, 52 kgs, Senior. But battles well fought are half won. Eagerly waiting for results tomorrow. @abhi_kv @urviashar @mith_tajne @vilmasaldanha @ranji_mishra @fatemadhoondia @

Highest point of ‘Nail Biting movement of the day. Fatema was about to get washed out in Deadlift. But the girl remembered who she was and what’s her job.... and the rest was getting back into the game. Very proud of you girl. @fatemadhoondia @ranji_mishra @vilmasaldanha @mith_tajne @urviashar @abhi_kv #womancoach #womencoaches #womantraining #strength #deadlift

“The Grippers”, have had an eventful day at State Powerlifting Competition, Pune. Lots of lessons learnt and realisation of what more could be done. Every rep of everyone was a step forward in progression. Following by the most necessary one - COFFEE....Videos are following. @abhi_kv @urviashar @srabonee @smitathakur03 @mith_tajne @vilmasaldanha @ranji_mishra @fatemadhoondia #thegrippers #powerliftingcoach #powerliftingindia #strongteam #strength #maharashtrapowerlifting #statecompetation #womancoach #strengthtraining #

As a Coach, I am very pleased when someone gives me about a year to train and don’t expect short term results and not in a hurry to get on to the stage for competitions. Here, I am glad to introduce Sheeba Rehan, 39 years of age and a home maker. She is the mother of 4 grown up children and now realising her potential to achieve more for herself. This is her first workout of volume in Deadlift, going for 60 kgs for a total of 40 reps in 5 sets. Her macros and micros in place and doesn’t give up till I say ‘girl, it’s done ‘....expecting a great start by the next season of competitions. @karnn.nannda @h_malesra @abhi_kv @urviashar @srabonee @smitathakur03 @mith_tajne @vilmasaldanha @ranji_mishra @joyfulmotherhood @fatemadhoondia #womancoach #womencoaches #womantraining #deadlift #thegrippers #strong #strength #strongteam #powerlifting

Not every lift might go into the record books, but we do find lots of records happening in Lifts when the training happens as a penance. Here, Hanoze pulls a very, very strong and neat pull of 230 kgs Raw, at a body weight of 72 kgs, which is 3.2 times his body weight. Eventually, these lifts might find a decorative mentions in Record books, but the finer details of practice sessions are always revered and celebrated. @fatemadhoondia @joyfulmotherhood @ranji_mishra @vilmasaldanha @mith_tajne @smitathakur03 @srabonee @urviashar @abhi_kv @h_malesra @karnn.nannda #strengthtraining #strong #womancoach #womencoaches #deadlift #deadlifts #rawpowerlifting

Speed workout, at its best....last preparation for State meet coming up in the weekend, Fatema pulled 90 kgs, almost twice her body weight for 10 Rock Solid Reps. This is her second set for 10 reps. The ease with which the pull definitely ensures improvement in better PR for the weekend. @joyfulmotherhood @abhi_kv @urviashar @srabonee @smitathakur03 @mith_tajne @karnn.nannda @vilmasaldanha @ranji_mishra @fatemadhoondia @badshahnehal #strengthtraining #strong #thegrippers #deadlift #deadlifts #stronggirls #strongindian #powergirl

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