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What better joy as a Coach, when a student clears 5 reps with 135 kgs!!! That’s Srinivas, just punching every rep clean like whistles. So smooth were the reps, it was just a visual treat. @srabonee @sai2610 @h_malesra @karaannannda @fatemadhoondia @urviashar @abhi_kv @vilmasaldanha #womantraining #bench #strongman

That’s Deadlift with 100 kgs for 6 reps at a body weight of 52 kgs. I had written about Compressive forces acting on human body with Squats. When one does Deadlift, it’s the Shear Force coming into play. Shearing forces are unaligned forces pushing one part of a body in one specific direction, and another part of the body in the opposite direction. Here, the body is forced upwards to stand straight with the use of legs and upper body is pulled towards ground due to the load. There’s opposite forces acting on the body, in exactly different directions, which forces spine to go round. But Erector Spine stays in neutral alignment and acts as a lever in pulling the weight up. A wonderful Bio-mechanism of human body in play. @vilmasaldanha @abhi_kv @urviashar @fatemadhoondia @karaannannda @h_malesra @skpai28 @sai2610 @srabonee #womantraining #deadlift #strongwomen #strong #biomechanics #lawsofphysics

Perfection in Bench set up - Vilma going for two reps with 43 kgs...the uniqueness of the set up is, both shoulder and hip girdles squeezed to create that perfect arch but maintaining the Shoulders and Hip in contact with the bench. And the usage of legs to generate kinetic force from the ground. @sai2610 @h_malesra @skpai28 @abhi_kv @vilmasaldanha @karaannannda @fatemadhoondia @urviashar @srabonee #womantraining #strongwomen #bench #setup #strength #strengthtraining

Laws of Physics acting on Bio-Mechanics of human body does not differentiate between a Lawyer or anyone from any walk of life. Introducing, Srabonee, 35 years, a Partner in one of the leading Law Firms - JSA, Mumbai. She is in the legal profession for 13 years and no way connected with fitness profession. But when I made her do a Overhead Squats, her body knew exactly where to maintain the Centre of Gravity with the load overhead. She went on for 15 reps beautifully as Barbell travelled in straight line on the mid-foot. Human body is an amazingly made structure. It knows to balance itself depending upon where the load is placed. @urviashar @fatemadhoondia @karaannannda @srabonee @vilmasaldanha @abhi_kv @skpai28 @h_malesra @sai2610 #womantraining #womancoach #overheadsquat #strongwomen #biomechanics #lawsofphysics #exercisescience

112 kgs for 3 reps. One of the most spectacular lifts of Abhijeet, Bench, in which he has perfected everything-breathing, pausing, gripping, kinetic chain.....I am just in love with this. @h_malesra @skpai28 @sai2610 @abhi_kv @vilmasaldanha @srabonee @karaannannda @fatemadhoondia @urviashar #womantraining #bench #setup

All of us have gone on a Dentist’s Bench and feared at least once in our lives. But how many of us are lucky enough to have a beautiful Dentist on your bench and spotted for her to excel in a lift??? 😎. Yes, that’s Urvi, 30 years old, a Dentist by profession, wants to be a Power Lifter. She was scared of lifting even a five pound dumbbells but soon understood the importance of weight training. She has also realised Iron is her game and wants to go professional. Here, she goes for 55 kgs for a rep at a body weight of 55 kgs, which is incredible for a female to push her body weight in Bench. Watch out for her disciplinary training and video uploads. @urviashar @fatemadhoondia @karaannannda @srabonee @vilmasaldanha @abhi_kv @sai2610 @skpai28 @h_malesra #strongwomen #womantraining #bench #strongdentist #strength

A lightweight-5 reps with 75 kgs at a body weight of 52 kgs. The importance of Squats, as an exercise goes leaps and bounds not just for fat loss, but the biomechanics that act on the human body with the loaded Barbell. The placement of the bar on the shoulders creates compression forces on the spine and all the weight bearing joints. Compression Force is the application of power, pressure, or exertion against an object that causes it to become squeezed, squashed, or compacted. This in turn, causes tremendous micro trauma to the entire Muscles, Skeletons and connective tissues of the body. This alerts the body as a whole to build itself stronger for the on coming work loads. Thus, the muscles and bones become stronger by increasing their densities. Of course, this is the result of appropriate nutrition and regular workouts. It doesn’t matter if you aren’t a competitive athlete, but Squats is a compulsory workout for everyone. Thanks @vilmasaldanha for all the interesting topics that we discuss during training sessions. @sai2610 @vilmasaldanha @skpai28 @abhi_kv @h_malesra @srabonee @karaannannda @fatemadhoondia #womantraining #squats #biomechanics #workload #strongwomen

Yoga, which apart from addressing the mental wellness and tolerance limits of a human being, also addresses the flexibility aspect of physical well-being. My experiences with the sessions I have attended with them were the most amazing. They adhere to the practice of the most Genuine Yoga, traditionally developed and practiced in Ancient India. They also conduct Yoga Instructors’ Course, which equips a person to become a Certified Government recognised Yoga Instructor. I highly recommend it. @yogaanvaya #yoga #traditionalyoga #yogainstructor #yogacertification

When you do a set in Lifts, each rep is considered as a separate set, done one after the other. It requires you to pause in between reps and compose yourself. Here, Abhijeet goes for 3 reps with 145 kgs giving enough time to compose and appropriate breathing which reinstates the complete body tightness. @fatemadhoondia @karaannannda @sai2610 @srabonee @h_malesra @abhi_kv @skpai28 @vilmasaldanha #womantraining #squats #strengthandconditioning #strength

Lifting aids like, a Belt, when must it be used? Here, Karan is Lifting 165 kgs for 5 reps at a body weight of 67 kgs. 5 reps with certain poundage is considered as modest intensity weight, but for Karan, it’s almost two and half times his body weight, doing without a belt. This in fact, helps in strengthening and using the core muscles to the maximum. Ideally, when you start pulling 3 rep maxes, you can go for belts. When Periodisation is all about adaptation with lots of volumes, allow core muscles too to adapt with the increased weights and volumes. @vilmasaldanha @skpai28 @abhi_kv @h_malesra @srabonee @sai2610 @karaannannda @fatemadhoondia #womantraining #deadlift #strength

A real Strong ‘Birthday’ Girl, Fatema goes too good with 85 kgs for 8 reps at a body weight of 45 kgs. It’s a delight to see her Never Give Up attitude and the pleasure is all mine training her. @fatemadhoondia @h_malesra @sai2610 @srabonee @vilmasaldanha @abhi_kv @karaannannda @skpai28 #womantraining #womancoach #strength #deadlift #nevergiveup #stronggirls

A VERY HAPPY BIRTHDAY FATEMA, @fatemadhoondia, thanks for starting celebrations with us. Stay blessed and Strong

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