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T.G.I.F (The Grind Includes Friday) I was on the roll this am 🙋🏾‍♀️ Today is Day 2 of my visitor being here but as you see I work to keep everything as usual... showing up at the office & my nutrition & bc if that I experience little to know bloating! This is different for everyone but don’t let that be an excuse.... keep moving and stay focused during her stay bc we can’t afford to fall off every month when she shows up!!!! Schools are closing so my schedule might change a little but not too much bc summers aren’t as long as they used to be & it takes too long to get back on schedule when you get off!!! I was on my BACK today after fasted cardio!! AM CREW...... finish the week STRONG!!! 💯💪🏾

PM WORK...... PAID!!!! My 2nd wind kicked in after the 1st class & I stayed for another round..... not sure why or how that happened but I was stuck there so I finished what I started!! The drive home was not a game 😩😩 I’m just proud of myself for remaining disciplined even when I haven’t been motivated to get it done this week!! That’s Major!! 🙌🏾🙌🏾 COME ON LEGS!!! LOWER! LOWER!! FASTER! SAME THING FASTER.... I can’t hear Dooley saying that in my dern sleep 😩😩😩

Hello, Good Morning! I think I was excited about my last 2ADay for the week bc I was laughing in all of my after pics this am!! You can locate my regimen in my bio under that FYI tab if you are wondering what I do and when I do it! 😉 I did a 5K this am bc I need to get ready for the Peachtree Road Race & some upper body work! If you haven’t tried the shoulder/treadmill incline set give it a shot!!! I record what I can, when I can...... AM CREW.... GOOOOO!!!

I love having my family in town but they have me TIEEDDDDD this week & I haven’t had any energy to show up to any of my workouts but I haven’t missed any either..... DISCIPLINE!! Living for my rest afternoon/evening!!! PM CREW..... Do what you said you were going to do!!!

People you really need to watch the comments you make to those that are out here truly putting in work to get healthy! You don’t know if that person is battling a food addiction but you’re telling them they are getting too skinny! You don’t know if they have high blood pressure but you’re telling them they look better big! WORRY ABOUT YOURSELF!! This lifestyle is hard enough by itself so people don’t need you making comments about their physical appearance while they are trying to work from the inside OUT!! Get rid of those people telling you that you’re losing your butt, that you look better heavy, that you’re getting too small, that you need to stop working out etc bc they are focused only on your physical appearance & could care less about your BMI, Blood Pressure, Diabetes etc! LET THEM GO & BLOCK them from your life! If you keep them around you will start to focus on the physical & once you accomplish that goal you will STOP but this is a lifestyle so there is no stopping!! Going under a post & saying you like a person when they were bigger is like saying you like them better when they had high blood pressure or was close to being a diabetic!! JUST STOP!! It is not a compliment bc we already know that we look great at that size but we decided to make the inside match the outside! This lifestyle change is HARD & if you don’t have the right people around you GET RID OF THEM!! Unfollow them on social media as well as in REAL LIFE!! 😍😘😘 Happy Hump Day!!!

It wasn’t back day but I have been doing at least 3 sets of a back exercise daily bc I want my back to SHOW UP this summer!! 😍😘 Hello, Good Morning!! How many of us just really struggle getting up doing Fasted Cardio and when it’s over you think to yourself “Ahhhhh I needed that & now I’m UP!!” 🙋🏾‍♀️🙋🏾‍♀️ That is me EVERY DERN MORNING 🤣🤣🤣I forgot my Polar @ home & I think I worked even harder bc I couldn’t see what I was burning!! AM CREW.... BE THE EXAMPLE.... people are watching & need that encouragement!!!

It’s supposed to be HARD..... KEEP SHOWING UP!!! It’s supposed to take TIME... ask God for PATIENCE! You’re supposed to appreciate the PROCESS..... so stop trying to SKIP IT!!!! You are supposed to be your BIGGEST FAN .... so start ACTING LIKE IT!!! You’re supposed to have GOOD & BAD DAYS..... keep going bc you’re building your TESTIMONY!!! No secrets! No shortcuts! No quick fixes! Nothing happened FAST! I just WORKED!! NOTHING WORKS BUT WORK!!! 💪🏾💯 SN: The last pic is flipped my paws are still on my other leg.... it’s sad that I have to even address this but hey 🤷🏽‍♀️🤷🏽‍♀️

You won’t always feel like showing up but hey put those feelings in ya pocket & SHOW UP.....(My talk to myself this afternoon) We had BRICKS & my RENT IS PAID IN FULL TODAY!!!

I recorded this a few weeks ago but I wanted to post it bc if we are showing up we must ensure that we are maximizing our time while in the office! If you use the elliptical, cubed etc & you look like I do on the left check your form!!!! The music gets good & we start doing more bouncing & we have less control over the movement & our balance! Abs don’t always have to be done in isolation bc with any exercise that we do we should be contracting our core & that’s how I control my balance on the right! My heels come off the pedal on the left placing pressure on the front of my knees and we don’t want that happening. On the right I keep my feet planted, contract my core & push through my heels! I know the difference bc my trainer had to fix my form & it made sense! This machine will produce a major burn & results when done with the proper form! Take what you need & leave the rest for others!!! 😉

I have so many funny faces and emotions when I finish my EARLY morning workouts but the RENT IS PAID!!!!! AM CREW GET UPPPPPPPPP!!!! Hello, Good Morning!!!

It’s a task staying on schedule when the family is in town but hey we make it happen!! I stayed up a little too late last night w/the fam but made my AM Workout & worked hard to stay focused in that seat at the graduation 🤣🤣When I’m up I’m up making it hard for me to take naps so I just took a rest after graduation & showed up for my PM session!! We had TIRES today 😩😩!! Struggle Monday is PAID IN FULL & I plan to be back on schedule tomorrow bc I’m going to bed NOW!!! 🙌🏾💪🏾

My Mommie has 8 sisters & 4 brothers so when they come to visit I get excited! If you follow my snap I’m sure you feel like you know this one personally! 🤣🤣 They have no filters & if it comes up it’s coming OUT!!! She is a Twin & my Grandmother had 3 sets of twins 🙄🙄! She doesn’t even remember me trying to get her to try this drink last year so I decided to trick her with it again today! She drank more today than she did the last time but the initial reaction is the same 🤣🤣!! We can’t force things on them but we can try to expose them to new stuff & let them come around when they come around!! 🤣😘 Someone visiting this house this weekend enjoys these drinks bc they are almost gone 🤣🤣 @lacroixwater #muscles #dowork #DIEFATDIEEEE #cardio #bgr #bgwt #beastmode #fitness #fitchick #fckbeingfat #nodaysoff #noexcuses #training #T4ML #gohard #gymrat #weights #weightloss #weightlossjourney #NothingWorksButWork #lacroixwater #health #healthy #running #NIKE @nike #WHSTRONG #polarM600

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