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Tragic Ally  @TragicAllyHere on Twitter. I write memes for Scary Mommy and I write nonsense for all of you.

Same except this also applies to my kids.
Me: Don't jump off that
Also me: This is gonna be sweet
. (Via @mytherapistsays)

Super. (@ladbible)

Just once as an adult I'd like to feel as happy as I did as a kid at the book fair (@drgrayfang)

Oh, that's right. Thanks Nick Lachey. Ps is summer done yet, I'm melting (@iamsloanesteel)

It's a race and I'm gonna win 💪🏼 (via my friend @simoncholland)

Yep. I have these same crazy eyes. (@scarymommy)

Yes, I killed them all 🤷🏼‍♀️

It makes no sense

Monday feels (@thebasicbitchlife)

This is my plan for the day. (Via the super brilliant @hannahhillam)

Different strokes

Yesss I thought about this a lot (Via @girlwithnojob)

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