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MutlulukZamani Film Americas 

RENACER .... .....The events in life surprisingly intersect our thoughts , our feelings and the happening in front of our eyes are not apparently causality connections, we don't have to pull strings to get what our minds have been searching for .....What does this mean for us? .. All these great and meaningfully coincidences , help us to discover the hope that everyone had dreamed and had created as reality
@elcinsangu @arducbrs #elcinbaris2017 #carpisma #kuzgun #mutlulukzamanıfilmamerica #kiralikask #youwillneverwalkaloneelbar. This song is from #carpisma Episode 4 when Demir and Belma go in the bar

... In a world where everyone is overexposed , you only know what I allow you to, the coolest thing you can do is maintain the mystery @arducbrs @elcinsangu. @elcinbarisfans2017 #kiralikask. #mutluluk #mutlulukzamanifilmamerica #youwillneverwalkaloneelbar

.... Let's review the series " Carpisma " and the story behind .. we would like to read your comments , ➡️➡️➡️➡️➡️➡️➡️ The story of Collision (Çarpışma): Police superintendent Kadir Adali (Kıvanç Tatlıtuğ) and bank employee Zeynep (Elçin Sangu) meet as a result of an accident. The lives of 4 different people intersect due to this accident. Kadir Adali ( Kıvanç Tatlıtuğ), burglar Kerem (Alperen Duymaz) who has just got out of prison, Zeynep (Elçin Sangu) and her lawyer Cemre (Melisa Aslı Pamuk). .....Zeynep (Elcin Sangu) is a successful bank manager in a bad marriage. But growing up in an orphanage made her fearful... fear of loneliness keeps her in the marriage. One day her worst fears come true and her only salvation is her one true love, who comes to her just when she needs him.

Cemre (Melisa Asli Pamuk) is a clever, fearless lawyer. She represents Zeynep. She has a solid quiet life that will change after the collision.

Karam (Alperen Duymaz) has nothing in life. He steals to live and is arrested. When he is released he is involved in a collision that will change his life. The series of Çarpışma (The Collision) that began last November and it is a remarkable series The colliding was not ours, The collision of the cars in episode 1 in the final scene has gone down in history, as the scene with more collided within the Turkish series and the cinema sector , one of the system used in this series , was used in Hollywood in the " Fast and the Furious " film series
Çarpışma (The Collision) has captures a large output of the Show TV screens and has managed to enter among the most talked-about series or projects. The actriz Elcin Sangu has won the title as the best actress of Turkey for her protagonist in this series The 7th episode will be on the TV screens of the Show on Thursday, January 24th. @elcinsangu @kivanctatlitug @melisapemuk @alperenduymaz @ayyapim @ulucbay @__aliaydin__ #çarpişma #mutlulukzamani #elcinbarisfans2017 #mutlulukzamanifilmamerica #youwillneverwalkaloneelbar

FRIENDS:.. figuring out who your best friends are can be tricky, emotional and confusing . Everyone make mistakes, so good friends don't hold grudges or give each other the silent treatment, best friends are not competitive with one another , they build each other up with positivity, no matter what just remember some come , some go , but the ones that stay with you trough everything, they're your true best friends, don't let go of them, keep smiling, because life's a beautiful thing @elcinsangu @kivanctatlitug @melisapamuk @onursaylak @alperenduymaz @ismaildemirci @sevtapozaltunn #elcinsangufans2017 #ayyapim #carpismadizi #çarpışma #mutlulukzamanifilmamerica want to know your opinion about friends 💁🏻

...At the very heart of who we are and all we do for children is this essential truth, expressed so fervently " Humanity owes the child the best it has to give " . that's why we should passionately be committed to giving the world's children , especially those most vulnerable what every child deserves- a healthy start in life the opportunity to learn and protection from harm whatever it takes .... let's all protect the children @elcinsangu #kivanchtatlitug #elcinsangufans2017 #çarpışma #ayyapim #tvdizicarpişma @tvshow. mutlulukzamanifilmamerica #youwillneverwalkaloneelbar

.... All of these are great memories of this lovely actress in different stages of her artist life and who has brought fans together from all races , religions , walks of life , and countries etc .. the Elbar's fans want to wish her all the best in her new project proximal to start , you may succeed in it @elcinsangu #elcinsangufans2018
#oylebirgecerzamanki #aşkkaçbedengiyer #kurtseytvesura #sevdamalabora #kiralikask #mutlulukzamanı #yasamayanlar #carpisma #elbarfans2017 #mutlulukzamanifilmamerica #youwillneverwalkaloneelbar

..... days of great memories.... the path of such a beautiful days , were paved with beautiful moments , thoughts and positive outlooks, that help to bring smiles to our faces and spread happiness to all of us . I hope you enjoy watching this beautiful moments as much as we did a year ago, look forward to come around again and find the true reality @elcinsangu @arducbrs #elcinbarisfans2017 #mutlulukzamanifilm #youwillneverwalkaloneelbar #mutlulukzamanıfilmamerica #happymoments

.. The Best Feeling in this world is to Share, to share their happiness, their success, their silence and the lucky moments , their few big steps forward that each has made in their dreamed life , allowed them to become what each one had aspire to be ... but the best thing is to have all of us who love you not matter what ..... @elcinsangu @arducbrs #happyanniversary. #mutlulukzamanifilm #elcinbarisfans2017 #youwillneverwalkaloneelbar #mutlulukzamanifilmamerica

....... Defeat your enemies with Success....In life it's important to focus in yourself and simply let the situations that threaten your peace , Happiness, values, love and self worth go .. Surround yourself with positive successful.....@elcinsangu @arducbrs #elcinbarisfans2017 #bariselcinfans #sucessfullcouple #mutlulukzamanifilmamerica #youwillneverwalkaloneelbar

.... All About Us .... today is not just any ordinary day , today is a day of matters, you will have the choice to make a difference of whatever you been thinking about us ,the choice to smile rather than frown...accept rather than reject .. and love it rather than hate .. today you will have the choice of seeking hope for the future or remain in the hopelessness of the past.. whatever you choose , today matters, make this video a happy one , that tomorrow is another day @elcinsangu @arducbrs #elcinbarisfans2017 #multlukzamanifilm #kiralikask #thebestcoupleever #mutlulukzamanifilmamerica #youwillneverwalkaloneelbar

.. I'm not one of those hopeless romantics that I can pass all the things embedded in my mind ...I want to remember that the true love that started here was not about perfection , it was hidden in flaws, it was created by perfect feeling , scenery and great people and built based on their own life past experiences , a very sweet story that changed our ideas of the true love. @elcinsangu @arducbrs #mutlulukzamanıfilm #elcinbarisfans2017 #mutlulukzamanıfilmamerica #youwillneverwalkaloneelbar

... Remember how far you've come not just how far you have to go . You may not be where you want to be , but neither are you where you used to be #cancercampaign @elcinsangu @cerenduman @birceakalay @sofiavergara @shakira #usawomenbreastcancer #elbarfans2017 #worldwidebreastcancer #allthewomenoftheworld

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