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With just a twist of the wrist, #traderjoes grinders make it easy to enjoy freshly ground #spices… We’ve got two pure Salts, two Peppercorns (one with lemon, onion & garlic), a Garlic Salt with onion, parsley & roasted garlic, and an Everyday #Seasoning with sea salt, mustard seeds, black peppercorns, coriander, onion, garlic, paprika, and chili pepper—perfectly suitable (even essential!) for the daily grind. (swipe for close-up)

📷: [clockwise from top] Sea Salt Crystals, Everyday Seasoning, Lemon Pepper, Rainbow Peppercorns, Garlic Salt, Himalayan Pink Salt Crystals

Is it #candy, or is it a #cookie? Maybe it’s both! Three super-thin European #wafers are sandwiched together with light chocolate cream—forming a large, rectangular #WaferCookie (about 1cm thick). The whole thing is coated in high-quality milk #chocolate, providing that chocolate-y candy touch… and at 290 calories each, you might just munch & crunch the whole thing at once!


#Chocolate Butter Cups… without the nuts! Each 1.4 oz. package contains 2 #traderjoes treats (each just under 2 in. in diameter) made of salted, sweetened #SunflowerSeedButter that’s surrounded by rich, fair-trade, dairy-free #DarkChocolate. These so effectively mimic the chocolate-y, “nutty” satisfaction one gets from regular nut-butter cups, you don’t even need to be one who’s avoiding nuts to enjoy them!

| #NutFree | #Dairyfree | #SoyFree | #GlutenFree |

If someone texts TJS CPBQ to you, they’re just trying to tell you #traderjoes has a new snack… with a really long name. These crunchy, hexagonal #Crisps are simply seasoned (pink salt & black pepper)—and made from yellow #Corn, yellow & green split #Peas, black #Beans, and #Quinoa. You’re bound to crave this corny, leguminous, seedy snack!

| 4.5 oz. bag | 0g sugar & 120 cal per 24 Crisps |

Forget a bowl or cup of #soup... Have sum in a Dumpling! It’s easy when you have #traderjoes frozen Steamed Chicken Soup #Dumplings on hand. Our #xiaolongbao have traditional wheat-dough wrappers that are soft & smooth and filled with #chicken & green onions in a rich, #gingery broth. Use the microwaveable tray and they’ll be ready in just a few minutes. Or, steam them in a stovetop basket for 8 to 10. Either way, they will be really, REALLY hot—so enjoy with care.*

*To eat, put a hot #SoupDumpling on a large spoon (preferably with #chopsticks), and pierce the side to release the soup into the spoon. Then carefully sip the soup and eat the Dumpling!

A big THANK YOU to all who took part in our 10th Annual Customer Choice Awards! We’ve counted your votes (thousands of them) to reveal the top #traderjoes products in each category.* To find out if your favorites ‘won the pot,’ visit the Dig In section of our website—or, follow the link in our bio...
— *We can’t guarantee the availability of all winning products in your neighborhood store, particularly seasonal favorites.

If you love #traderjoes Baguettes, you’re going to love our Organic French Rolls. They’re made with the classic #baguette recipe (#organic flour, water, salt, yeast), but portioned into 6 Rolls, providing more of that wonderfully crusty exterior than if you had just cut up a long loaf. They’re ready to roll—right out of the bag—as an accompaniment to your dinner, or as #bread for #sandwich making. And if you give them 3-4 minutes in a 400°F oven, you’ll get soft & warm insides, with an even crisper crust.

| Organic | 10.5 oz. pkg. | 6 Rolls |

Our coconut milk-based Thai Yellow #Curry Sauce is thick-textured and tasty with garlic, onion, ginger, chili, and other #savory spices. Some like to simmer meat & vegetables in it for an easy meal that presents plenty of Thai-rrific flavor—without being pungent or overly spicy. It’s a delicious profile that also works well in a Curry Chicken Pot Pie. (#tjsrecipe link in bio) — #TJsFearlessFlyer #traderjoes

The 5 words “Just add beer and butter,” rank right up there with some of the best words ever combined in a single sentence—and they happen to appear on the box of our Beer #Bread Mix… Actually, it’s not by happenstance, but by intention—since half-a-stick of melted butter and a 12 oz. #beer of your choosing are all you meld with this Mix to turn out a deliciously dense baked #loaf with a marvelously malty-yeasty aroma & flavor.

📷: Kick things up another nosh when you add #traderjoes Unexpected Cheddar and our Hot & Sweet Jalapeños to the Mix. (#tjsrecipe in bio)

It’s 3 o’clock somewhere… you need tea! Might we suggest a good, strong #cuppa #traderjoes Organic Earl Grey? It’s deceptively simple: 20 tea bags filled with full-bodied, #organic black tea from South India blended with an invigorating, floral #blacktea from Africa. The final touch of bright, #bergamot oil—extracted from the peels of organic, Italian bergamot oranges—makes this a classic #EarlGrey, perfect for British #teatime… or for anywhere, anytime!

📷: Alongside All Butter Shortbread #Cookies with Apricot or Raspberry Filling

The jury’s still out on the surface of the 4th rock from the Sun—but there’s no uncertainty when it comes to #traderjoes Oven-Baked Cheese Bites! These circular, bite-sized, super-crunchy craters are made of just 2 ingredients: Grana Padano #cheese & a semi-aged cheese. This means a single serving (half the 2.11 oz. bag) provides an astronomical 15g #protein, along with 50% of your daily recommended #calcium. Besides that, the sharp, salty, cheesy flavor is out-of-this-world—even as it comes to us directly from Italy.

| 100% cheese | #Glutenfree | High in protein |

Some rosé isn’t for sipping. What fun is that, you say? It’s the fun you’ll have when you dress your best #greens in #traderjoes Organic Rosé Vinaigrette. #Organic high-oleic sunflower oil and organic rosé & red wine #vinegars combine with organic garlic, herbs & spices for a light dressing that’ll add excitement to your same-old #salad.

| 0g added sugar | In our grocery aisle |
📷: Crunchy Pita Salad #tjsrecipe link in bio

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