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What does it smell like? To find out, hold a real #traderjoes #Honeycrisp in your hand & take a bite, filling your up-close nose with a whiff of perfectly sweet-tart #apple. Alternatively, just buy this #Candle—crafted from a soy wax blend with a lead free cotton wick that burns cleanly for about 20 hours.

| In a lidded tin | Paraben free | Seasonal |

Just like the ones peddled roadside in parts of the country, #traderjoes Apple Cider #Donuts are made for us by a family-owned #bakery who forms old-fashioned cake style dough into rings, then lightly fries them & rolls them in #cinnamon-sugar, straight out of the fryer. The secret to their extra-fluffy, slightly tangy profile? It’s real #applecider in the batter!

| 6 per box | Seasonal | In our bakery section |

In a small town not too far north of Berlin, there is a very large #pretzel-producer with sophisticated machines that mimic handmade pretzelry. Their proprietary dough is made in-house from scratch, using a traditional recipe that yields #traderjoes Big Soft Pretzels (swipe) with a slightly chewy golden-brown exterior, and authentic German-pretzel flavor.

| 4 Pretzels | Salt included | Defrost or heat & eat |
#tjstravellog #oktoberfest

All this time you’ve been limiting your #traderjoes Pizza Dough toppings to pepperoni, mozzarella & tomato sauce—when you could’ve been making giant, open-faced #cheeseburgers… Dough! Our low-fat, #vegan, ready-to-bake #Pizza Dough IS amenable to *any* toppings—just bring to room temp, roll out on a floured surface, top with whatever you’re craving, and bake…

📷: Cheeseburger Pizza #tjsrecipe (link in bio)

This new, seasonal #Granola delivers the flavor of caramel apples, minus the stick & the stickiness… Crunchy clusters of oats & brown rice crisps are augmented by #apples (sliced & dried), roasted #peanuts, and #traderjoes Pumpkin Spiced #Pumpkin Seeds—excellent by the handful on a hike, or in a bowl for breakfast on your yogurt of choice. — #alltheflavorsoffall

They might as well be spelled *karats* since they’re worth their weight in #produce gold… These orange beauties from #traderjoes come Whole in a one-pound bag—certified #organic, loaded with #antioxidants (alpha & beta-carotene), and an excellent source of vitamin A.

📷: Sweet & Spicy Glazed #Carrots
(#tjsrecipe link in bio)

Lighten up your #morning grind with this ground, light roast… The 100% Arabica bean blend combines Guatemalan & Ethiopian #coffees for a fruity, full-flavored #cupofJoe that avoids acidity, while hinting at sweetness.

| 100% Arabica | Ground coffee | 14 oz. bag |

This #traderjoes Heirloom Popcorn starts as hand-selected seeds that were cultivated through generations of farmers in the Eastern U.S. The seeds turn into bushes (instead of stalks), yielding littler ears with similarly small kernels… So, why would you want to eat small #popcorn? Because each petite air-popped piece is crunchy—minus the hard hull of conventional popcorn—with a light, clean taste and a texture that almost melts in your mouth.

| #Glutenfree | Just corn, avocado oil & pink salt |

We put these Chocolate #Cupcakes on a pedestal. Literally. Allow us to put them on a figurative pedestal, as well… These moist, single-serve cakes are rich with #cocoa and iced with abandon using luxurious #buttercream. So seriously scrumptious, and surprisingly #glutenfree!


Superb little shell-shaped sponge-cakes are a sweet treat anytime with coffee, tea, or milk—but these #traderjoes Madeleines have the additional perk of #pumpkin with associated spices (#cinnamon, nutmeg, allspice, ginger) to pump you up for the season. 6 #Cookies per package.

📷: Try making these Pumpkin #Madeleine Cookie Sandwiches with cinnamon cream cheese filling (#tjsrecipe link in bio).

Find our latest episode of Inside Trader Joe’s (no.6) on Apple Podcasts, or wherever you get your podcasts... or listen on our website (link in bio).


Now on #traderjoes bakery shelves, here’s a hearth-baked #Pizza Crust option that’s #delicious & simple to prepare… Each package contains two, long, flat, rectangular Crusts that are bubbly, light & chewy with a slightly #yeasty flavor. Brush with olive oil, top and bake just long enough to heat the toppings—then, eat!

📷: Pepperoni Slab Pizza (#tjsrecipe link in bio)

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