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This #nondairy duo (sold separately) is about #almonds made into “milk” and artfully enhanced with #Matcha green tea powder—or natural #Blueberry flavor with #Lavender extract. Both are screamy (smooth + creamy) & scrumptious in #smoothies, lattés, cereal, #fruitbowls...

| Vegan | Gluten free | Dairy/Soy free | 60 cal/8 oz. |

100% Arabica beans are roasted nice & dark, like they’re going to be ground for #espresso shots—only, they’re not ground... They’re tumbled whole in a copper drum while being sprayed by a fine mist of semi-sweet #chocolate until they’re transformed into rich morsels with a hidden crunch & all the wake-up-and-smell-the-#coffee flavor one could dream.


Tea tree oil (essence of the Australian Melaleuca tree) has an exhilarating freshness, which is why we use it in several of our personal care products* including this #Mouthwash. Combined with wintergreen & spearmint oils, the effect is a super-Cool Mint flavor that freshens breath, while a little zinc citrate helps to brighten those pearly whites… all without harsh alcohol & with absolutely no sugar.

* Tingle TIP: Use with #traderjoes Tea Tree Tingle Shampoo, Face Wash with Tea Tree Oil, and Peppermint Tea Tree Tingle Body Wash for a sparkling-clean sensation, inside & out!

#Peonies, please! Our first wave of these bright colored, plump-petaled #flowers has hit the West Coast. In June, these 5-stem bunches should start arriving across the rest of the country—but take note, they’re quite limited and coveted...


As we embark on the season of warm weather #feasts—where you are the star #chef & your friends are the grateful guests—we (with our friends at #bonappetit) want to galvanize your #grilling through this selection of #traderjoes products that’ll make you condimentally courageous, and inspire you to transcend basic #burgers & dogs...

Link in bio for full article

Daily #pie eating should be an easily attainable goal—which is why we’re now offering this 27.2 oz. #traderjoes pie every day in our #bakery section... The flaky pastry crust is filled with Northern Spy #apples (firm & slightly tart) that our supplier grows themselves, and then slices & hand-mixes with cinnamon-sugar—but it’s the topping of butter, brown sugar, oats & cinnamon that takes it from humble pie to coveted Crumble Pie status.


#TraderJoes Coconut Body Butter is luxuriously moisturizing with its #SheaButter, Vitamin E, #AloeVera, and highly concentrated #CoconutOil. It’ll soothe your dry skin, and leave you feeling silky smooth… and smelling like you’ve just been lounging #seaside, Bahama Mama in hand.

| Organic ingreds | Not animal tested | Do not eat |

The Lorraine region in northeastern France is famous for foods like potato stew, smoked bacon, and macarons—but its most celebrated cuisine is arguably the #quiche. Naturally, we commissioned Lorrainer bakers to make one for us… a tenderly crafted crust of wheat flour & #butter, filled with savory #custard made from eggs & crème fraîche and umami-fied by #Emmental Swiss, chopped spinach, and White Button & Oyster Mushrooms.

| Meatless | 420 cal/6.17 oz. quiche | In our freezers |

The cold, clear waters off the coast of #Scotland produce some of the best tasting #salmon on the planet—and when this farm-raised fish is cooked over hardwood smoke (like our center-cut, 7-8 oz. fillet) it flaunts firm, flaky texture with a rich, smoky savor that’s equally at home on a bed of greens as it is piled on our Sprouted Wheat Bagels with #traderjoes Whipped Cream Cheese.

| #Antibioticfree | 12g protein per 2 oz. | No sugar |

Cards and flowers and breakfasts in bed are pretty fantastic, but #MothersDay really is the perfect excuse to go all-out in a blaze of baked-good glory—IF, that is, you’ve got the right recipes. This year, #traderjoes is helping you “Bake It Off” with four simple-ish #tjsrecipes (just #desserts) to help guarantee that all the moms in your life get their just deserts…

Link in bio to make:
• Coconut Cake with Whipped Lemon Cream
• Chocolate Dipped Raspberry Stars
• Scone Pinwheels with Honey Goat Cheese
• Chocolate Pistachio Lava Cake

This #Cheese comes from milk that comes from goats that come from family farms in Wisconsin. It pairs the tart-earthiness of #Chèvre with a superb sweetness—that comes from #honey that comes from bees... but all you really need to know is that this spreadable, ultra-versatile, 5 oz. log comes from #traderjoes.

| Since 2008 | Vegetarian rennet | Kosher certified |

This Salad Topper is so *seedy*—though not at all in the “unsavory” sense. On the contrary! It’s super savory & flavorful, owing to its Seedy quartet (pepitas, #nigellaseeds, black & white #sesame seeds) tumbled with nutty, slivered #almonds & kicky, crushed red pepper. Sprinkle to add crunchy verve on #salads, eggs, *cheesy* #bagels (that is, bagels with cream cheese), popcorn, roasted vegetables…

| 8-1 oz. bags | 160 calories & 7g protein per bag |
📷: Over soft-cooked eggs, atop TJ’s Organic #GlutenFree Rice & Quinoa Hot Cereal (#tjsrecipe link in bio)

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