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Most people take their whiskey in a glass—but there’s another way... Our Irish chocolatier blends a wee nip of #traderjoes Single Malt Irish Whiskey (made in Ireland with local spring water & barley, triple-distilled, and aged 8 years in American Bourbon casks) with creamy, slow-cooked caramel, wrapping it in rich, dark, Belgian chocolate that just snaps. The #whiskey barrel caramel notes pair swimmingly with the caramel notes in the caramel. Bring your ID.*
*Max alcohol content is 1.66% vol./wt. so these may not be available at some stores.

Turkey takes work. And if your guest list is short—or the turkey lovers are few—here’s a good alternative to the whole-bird roast... this Half Breast is marinated in salt, sugar, black pepper and garlic butter, then seared until golden-brown and sealed in a pouch to cook long & slow, #sousvide style. It’s juicy, tender turkey, with very little effort.
| Fully cooked | 2-3 lbs. (varies) | Heat & serve |
#FearlessFlyer (link in bio)

And now… a selection of #wines worthy of grateful celebration—all under $10, and available wherever #traderjoes sells wines…
Light enough for kitchen sipping while you cook—complex enough to know its moves in the sweet/savory/salty waltz.
MOON X DARK RED BLEND • Rising to Any Occasion
Fruity & full, shining when the conversation wanes—with enough gravity to eclipse that relative who’s waxing too eloquent.
Crisp, full-bodied, lightly oaked—this is a bridge-building #wine: turkey, meet cranberry sauce; new partner, meet your future in-laws.
SECCO PEACH BELLINI • Leftovers Brunch Material
Sparkling, sweet, and oh so peachy. Less alcohol (8%) begs for a #brunch application—but the fizzy fun also loves apps & dessert.

This box contains eight #candles—in case you couldn’t tell. What’s not so obvious is that our Czech chandler dips the long wicks 25 to 27 times in hot wax to reach the desired diameter. One final dip in ivory-hued paraffin makes these nine-inch, unscented, #traderjoes tapers ready for your heirloom holiday holders...
|🔥time 6-7 hrs. | Dripless | Self-extinguishing |

If you are a fan of our Autumnal Harvest Creamy #Pasta Sauce, you are not alone—We ordered nearly 50% more product this #Harvest season, and it blew out about twice as fast! While we work on getting more (a lot more) for next season, our recipe team has sauced up a so-close-to-the-jarred-darling version, it’s uncanny...
SHOPPING LIST (#tjsrecipe link in bio)
- TJ’s Organic Yellow Onion
- TJ’s Organic Carrots
- TJ’s Organic Garlic
- TJ’s Organic Diced No Salt Added Tomatoes
- TJ’s Organic Butternut Squash (can)
- TJ’s Organic #Pumpkin (can)
- TJ’s Sea Salt
- TJ’s Fresh Rosemary & Sage
- TJ’s Heavy Cream
- TJ’s Maple Syrup

En Croûte [on Kroot] means “in crust,” describing anything baked in pastry (steak, salmon, cheese)—and here’s another encrusted entree you’re guaranteed to #gobble up: Succulent turkey tenderloin coated with sweet cornbread #stuffing and hand-rolled in buttery puff pastry. You thaw it and bake it, then eat it with your friends. Gravy & #cranberry sauce included, just encase.
#FearlessFlyer (link in bio)

What’s your Pie-sonality? We’ve got #pie options for all types—including this DIY approach using #traderjoes Pie Pumpkins... Find more great pie-deas on our website (link in bio).

The real party starts TODAY… All Natural, No Antibiotics Ever, Brined, Fresh Young Turkeys are in our refrigerators, along with All Natural Glatt Kosher Birds, and Organic Young Turkeys. Get the juicy details in our #FearlessFlyer. (link in bio)
| Never frozen | No antibiotics | Vegetarian fed |

Already pining for that leftover turkey & cranberry sandwich? You’ll be thankful for this! Chunks of turkey breast meat (sans salad greens) are mixed with a mayo-based dressing enhanced by a textural tapestry of chewy dried cranberries, crisp green apples, and crunchy celery & pecans.* Red onion, black pepper, and lemon juice add some zip—but it’s the addition of dried sage that really brings home the #Thanksgiving.
*In some regions, this Salad contains no pecans.
Find much more to be thankful for in our #FearlessFlyer Food Pilgrimager... (link in bio)

Like those helpful house elves of English folklore, this Pixie Pie Mix lives in your pantry—a ready & delicious dessert fix… Ready, since everything’s portioned & packaged (you just add 1 egg, 1 stick of butter, and 3 Tbsp. of water). Delicious, for its mythically rich, sweet potato filling, run-through with rivulets of creamy marshmallow spread... It isn’t fiction. It’s Trader Joe’s.

Q: What is Aloha? A: A very quiet laugh.

Q: What are Aloha Rolls? A: Trader Joe’s new light, airy, and sweet dinner rolls—sure to make you smile, if not snicker a little.
We’re never afraid to use a bad joke to get you to pay attention to good food. In fact, we’ll pull out all the stops, especially if it means you’ll stop in to try these pull-apart rolls. For more good food (no joke!) check out our #FearlessFlyer Food Pilgrimager. (link in bio)

Our Fearless Flyer Food Pilgrimager is hot off the presses, presenting all the savory and sweet you expect this time of year—plus one spicy surprise... Fire Roasted Tomatoes tangle with tangy #Cranberries, jalapeños, cilantro, lime & spices in this piquant replacement for common cranberry sauce. It’s great as a chip dip, or poured over cream cheese and paired with our Pita Crisps With Cranberries & Pumpkin Seeds (swipe) for an unexpected #appeteaser.
Pick up your copy of the November #FearlessFlyer in stores today, or view the digital version (link in bio).

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