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Dark Ice Queen

I couldn't tell if this place was very clean or very dirty, with layers of pristine snow and ice, packed with layers of volcanic ash. I guess life is about finding balance between that black and white, giving us a form of beautiful grey.

#iceland7dwarves #twpxtravel

Jim Lambie // Spiral Scratch

Got to meet Jim last night at the preview of his new art installation. Those trippy vinyl strips of black and white are inspired by the grooves of vinyl records. I love that depending on your perspective, one can get a very psychedelic, multicolored view, or a monochrome black and white field of ordered chaos.

#spiralscratch #swirepropertiesartmonth

Monochrome in a colorful world

One of my favorites from shooting for @uncvrclothing the past few months.

Good day sunshine

Finally did a write up on my photo portfolio on my trip to the Kathmandu area end of last year. There was so much to experience and photograph! [link in profile]


A belated happy International Women's Day! I went to check out the new @taraexpeditions at Central Pier and got to explore the schooner dedicated to environmental research. One of the people I got to meet was Sarah, a molecular biology engineer whose speciality is in plankton research.

On this educational tour of the boat, I was reminded of the impact us humans have made to our mother earth, and the consequences it is suffering, such as coral bleaching. Some of you may know that I actually studied molecular environment biology in university, and the changes to our climate is an issue close to heart for me.

While the schooner is in Hong Kong for the week, it's open to public over the weekend. Hope you'll go have a look and be inspired by the hard work the Tara team has done!

Thanks to @buzzprhk for the invite to the event!
@agnesb_officiel #taraexpeditions #taralovesocean

Tribes III

I've always thought of @vdubl as a very serious and cool person, so when this roll came out I was surprised to have caught her with a smile! Check out our story on #cathaydragon #silkroadmagazine about the Instagram community, covered by @anshelmatravels.

#twpxfilm #olympusxa

Tribes II

Sun setting at our Silk Road Magazine interview and photoshoot... Have a look at @mpicklesphoto for some portraits he got of me, @edwardkb and @vdubl! Also have a look at #silkroadmagazine on Cathay Dragon 😎

#twpxfilm #olympusxa

Tribes I

Check out this month's issue of #silkroadmagazine, where I was interviewed alongside @edwardkb and @vdubl to talk about the Instagram community. It's a timely topic, now that the global community team at IG HQ has been dissolved. Ed and Vivien are some of the people who have been so involved in the community from the beginning, and it felt like we were going full circle, photographing each other and being photographed at the pier made famous by them. I can go on about how Instagram has changed my photography life, but this has reminded me of the magic of just goofing around with like-minded creatives. Anyone down to meet up and shoot some time soon?

#twpxfilm #olympusxa #cathaydragon


Powder Paradise

That feeling you get when racing down the hill on fresh powder with no one else around 😍💙❄ It's a feeling of freedom and fear at the same time that clears my mind like no other.

#latergram from before CNY, hope you're all having a fun start to the Year of the Dog!

#twpxtravel #exploringwithTonez

Look for the Silver Lining

You really have to see the Wat Sri Suphan in person to appreciate the silver details. It's a pity that old Buddhist doctrines made the immediate temple area accessible to men only, but I got the perfect model with me who matched the exteriors.


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