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tracyshibata  🌎 World Wanderer 🌎 💫 Dream Chaser 💫 💃🏻 Professional Twirler 💃🏻

Mine. My heart. My best. My partner. My favorite. I love loving you... you make this crazy life so good.

@jsnbtl remember that time we found a truck to play in? #takingitback #kylieminogue #aphrodite #2011 #worldtour

...for the TAKING. Like, take me back to this 85 degree day.
#Minneapolis is cold

That’s a wrap! What a week getting to spend time with some of my nearest and dearest while prepping for our live @greatestshowman commercial! Was an honor to be a part of something so amazing for dance! Thank you @ashleywallen and team!!!!!

“Grand” doesn’t quite do it justice 🕌

Adventure #squad

Nothing beats a quick escape to Ojai to celebrate all we have to be thankful for... I love you, @drdavept and LB. Thankful for our mini family, our families we come from, the health of our loved ones, our friends, the food on our table, the roof over our heads, the adventures we always seem to find and the passion we have for the careers that put those blessings there. Missing you already...be back soon. Happy Thanksgiving to All!

Had an incredible time living out my best life back on the #dancingwiththestars stage! Thank you to producers, cast, crew, everyone that is Team Dancing and makes this epic show come to life! Always my favorite stage to return to! West Coast, tune in soon to catch your mirror ball winner!!!!

These past couple months has been a whole new journey. I fell off the face of the planet while working as Associate Creative Producer for @nbclittlebigshots. The experience wrapped last night-it was new, hard, long and testing. But more so, it was filled with growth, new friendships and lessons learned. It was magic being a part of a wickedly talented and hard working team all while meeting some of the most riveting kids from around the world. As long as I can remember, the phrase “I’m a dancer,” has been a huge part of my identity and an even bigger part of everything I did/do. This job was different, I didn’t dance. I am leaving with more tools, and a whole new layer of me beyond my comfort zone. Thank you @markswanhart for trusting me to be a part of your team. Can’t wait for the world to see what #littlebigshots #season3 is about to bring!

When the light is right and you’re squad goes full out. So much love for these mystical warriors. Loved every moment celebrating the birthday of @jhuds86 and the legend that he is!!!

It has been a crazy month. No time for a pause. Or a deep breath. Or the chance to tell you thank you for keeping our ship afloat... THANK YOU, my love. I Miss you already. #20sleeps

That just happened... Thank You Vegas for such a funnnnn twirl around T-mobile Arena with my fave leading lady @pink !!! #iheartradio

Crushin' Hard

Today my family celebrates my grandfather, Eichi "Ace" Shibata. After 89 incredible years, he rests with the angels. I miss you already, but I am forever grateful for our time together and for your lessons and spirit. We took this picture at the @pink concert 4 years ago, and tonight I get to perform with her in San Diego on the very fair grounds we used to watch @eshibata7 play soccer together. Tonight's for you, Grandpa! I love you!

HAPPIEST BIRTHDAY to this fierce force!!! @pink wishing you the best...the best laughs, the best adventures, the best exhales, the best moments, the best everything! You deserve the world and I couldn't be more proud to stand with someone who dances through this life with such a powerful voice and open heart. I freaking love you, Mama!

Just finished choreographing 3 numbers in 8 hours with these leading ladies! Was an honor to work with such a powerhouse of fabulous women! Have a great season @knickscitydancers !!! Thank you for having me!

The dust has settled from the crazy VMA weekend, and I am still thinking about this moment.
My dance career has been a special journey for over 10 years, and the @Pink Vanguard performance is going down as one of the most important ones I have ever been a part of. It was a privilege to be on the stage celebrating one of the strongest, most authentic women I know. But beyond that, there was also this magic calm that I had never felt from stage before...it brushed through the room as we ALL embraced each other's hands through the applause. Connection is so necessary, and I am so grateful @pink created a space and opportunity to show the world how easy it can be to make the choice to spread love.
More respect and adoration for @nickandrjofficial @kschaar @silenthouseproductions @thebazhalpin @nolanpdilla- the mastermind creators of it all xx

...We are billions of beautiful hearts and you sold us down the river too far... What About Us
@pink There aren't enough words to express my gratitude for your voice, artistry, and most of all, your humanity. It is an honor to be a part of something that speaks to the questions a lot of us can't seem to find the answers to right now. This is just a part of your magical force that builds every person around you up-to be strong for themselves so we can ultimately be strong together. I am so proud of you. So thankful for you. And I just love you so very much.
And massive love and thanks to @nickandrjofficial and @kschaar for this gorgeous opportunity to live through your movement, to @georgia_hudson for your vision, and to this cast for your infectious spirit. This experience was something truly special.

#whataboutus #pink #beautifultrauma

This is our 5th time around the world together...This moment, under the rain filled sky, might be one of my favorite times ever. I love you, road husband! #wetbabies

BERLIN! We are excited to bring you Round 2 of "Eine Grandiose Rockshow." See you soon!!!

Dear Universe,

Thank You! I don't know if it is because I am in a new city under the belly of this mother of a full moon, but you have stirred me up. I usually keep my feelings reserved for my introverted self, but tonight I wish to give you a piece of my gratitude whilst letting go of a few of my insecurities.
You have gifted me more than I could have ever imagined. First, you gave me a family and tribe of friends that inspired roots to grow so deep that I am willing to always jump regardless of my fear of falling. Second, you pushed my heart into a career that fuels my soul yet scares and tests me daily, beyond belief. And now, you have shown me a love where I feel safe and brave enough to tackle anything that comes my way.
It all feels so good and so right in this moment that I can't help but feel like I might not deserve it, or I might lose it, or I might sabotage it. But tonight, I vow to merely let those feelings pass through me. "Poof be gone," a full moon tradition I cherish. Letting go of the hamster wheel thoughts that run through this head...Instead I am going to soak up the light from this place and love every moment of it. I am so grateful. Thank you. Thank you. A million times, Thank you.

I woke up and still can't believe this is real! Yesterday these two boys surprised me with a question and a new piece of jewelry that I will be sporting for forever! David, you are already my person...I can't wait to be your WIFE! I love you for always. 10 ❤️ #fiance

Get ready to scream, Ottawa! See you soon!

CANNOT WAIT to hit the stage in Québec with the fam tonight! Who's coming?!?

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