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Time for a countdown!!! Which holiday is your favorite??? #countdown #holidays

It's my Friday game plan and I am sticking to it - no matter what the day throws at me!! #friday #gameplan

My favorite day of the month! Happiness in a box! #happiness #iloveshakeology

My brain has officially switched over to FALL MODE and this recipe sounds ABSOLUTELY AMAZING!! I recommend skipping the Truvia and adding a drizzle of honey if you need something to add a little sweetness! ***see comments for the link to the recipe!

#fall #pumpkin

What are you doing to work on YOU this week?

#whatareyoudoing #project

Some Simple Strategies (that you may already know) for Clean Eating SUCCESS:
-All fruits and vegetables are a go!
You should have a colorful plate to make sure you take in a balance of vitamins, minerals, and proteins .
-Anything processed is a no!
Does it have a wrapper? How many ingredients does it have listed? Can you pronounce the names? If you have doubts, check it out, and throw it out. .
-Consume some protein, carbs, and fat in every meal!
All three are levels of energy, and we want to keep equilibrium. Generally, consuming plenty of carbs and [good] fats is the easy part. Let’s make sure we’re taking in enough protein. Proteins repair muscles and curb our appetite which helps prevent over eating. .
-Limit fat, salt, and sugar!
While we are eating clean this shouldn’t be too large of a problem, since clean foods are usually naturally low in all of these ingredients. Just make sure you are not adding too much of them to your clean foods. .
-Fuel at least 5x day!
Eating this way prevents you from skipping meals and overeating. It also keeps your blood sugar levels steady so energy doesn’t lag. .
-Maintain hydration!
High calorie drinks like specialty coffees and soft drinks, on
average, tack on an extra 400 to 500 calories a day. Choose water first or unsweetened tea (any flavor). Other clean drinks: low-fat or skim milk and 100 percent fruit juice diluted with sparkling water. .
#eatclean #wednesdaywisdom

It was a LONG day in this teacher's world!

I could use a little fun - so play along!

If these men were teachers, which would be your favorite class?! If they were my colleagues - well the days may not seem quite so long! He he.
#teacher #playalong

Tuesday Tip: What you eat is 70-80% of the weight-loss battle so help yourself eat clean! Preparation is key - meal plan ahead of time, keep your meals simple, and have healthy snacks with you at all times! Need recipe/meal ideas? Message me - I can help!

Here's an easy recipe that looks so good (and can easily be prepped and ready to assemble prior to the start of a busy week): CRUNCHY VEGGIE WRAPS (recipe in comments). Yum!! #veggies #planahead

A very real question to each one of my friends... Why is it so HARD to believe in yourself?? You are capable of SO MUCH!! Do YOU need someone in YOUR corner, rooting for YOU, cheering for YOU, believing in YOU, lifting YOU up??? I'll be that person for you...just say the word!! #believeinyourself #santaclaus

Setting goals is the easy part. Putting them into practice and taking ACTION is where most get tripped up!

It will get HARD, there will be OBSTACLES! Don't change the GOAL if the road gets HARD! Change the PLAN so that you can still reach your GOAL!! 1. Make sure your goals have meaning to you personally.
2. Make your goals highly motivating to you.
3. Keep yourself accountable by getting a success partner and sharing your goals publicly.
4. Make your goals time bound and specific.
5. Break your goals down into 12 week goals and what you need to do today to get you closer to the goal.
6. Break it down to daily action steps.
7. Get to work!

You got this!
Don't let a little obstacle get in the way of your dreams!

DEAL?? WHO IS committed to reaching their goals??? #goals #committ

I am listening to the game because I live in the stupid purple birds area - I never get to watch the games... #herewego #steelers