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Sunset. Cousins. Love.

"Your greatest awakening comes, when you are aware about your infinite nature."
-Amit Ray #picturespring #thepictureseries

The thing about motherhood is that you always hold in your heart a worry/concern for your children. It begins even before they are born. Are they ok, will they be safe, how can I best protect them? And then as they grow up they begin to go through their own matters of the heart, it intensifies. All of those questions remain and take on even deeper, more complex meanings. All the things that they go through, we go through too (physically mentally emotionally). All of the struggles and challenges and heartache that life can bring we feel with them. Would I change that part of motherhood? That intensity of emotion? Never. But some days I wonder how our mama hearts can take it. Feeling particularly tender today (trying to calm my mama bear tendencies) and am grateful to know that these experiences of motherhood are universal and that you all know somehow what I mean. 💖 #motherhood #thepictureseries #picturespring #foundhearts

19 1/2 or 5 1/2. She's always had that light in her eyes. #thepictureseries #picturespring #elevatetheeveryday #shuttersisters

I love when my grandmother brings me gardenias from her yard. She taught me to float them in a shallow bowl of water. I keep them near my desk so I can breathe in that fragrance all day because that smell! Swoon. #picturespring #thepictureseries

A lot more shine than sparkle but this is our spring. #picturespring #thepictureseries #shuttersisters

"We're all golden sunflowers inside." -Allen Ginsberg #picturespring #thepictureseries #shuttersisters #elevatetheeveryday

I love seeing myself through the lens of my daughter(s). My oldest took this of me last night, just in time for today's #picturespring prompt. It's not easy to be on this side of the camera; especially for those of us who would much rather explore & discover the world around us from behind it. But, like with anything, a little nudge out of the comfort zone is always a good thing (if we let it be). Thank you @everythingawesome. 💖
#thepictureseries #shuttersisters #pftj #elevatetheeveryday

If only every day could end like this.

Kicking up the dust & the dog hair. Nothing like a pile of shoes (& reality) to keep you grounded. Just trying to keep it real over here, y'all. #picturespring #thepictureseries
#elevatetheeveryday #reallife

"Greet this day the way it has greeted you; with open arms and endless possibility."
-Steve Maraboli
#picturespring #thepictureseries #elevatetheeveryday #shuttersisters

30 steps from where I took my outdoor image for today's prompt, I am nose to nose with this sweet boy (who is such a patient and adorable subject). #gradyogrady #picturespring #thepictureseries #elevatetheeveryday #dogsofinstagram

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