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Tracee Ellis Ross  Actively compassionate advocate for freedom, equity and joy, culture of beauty expander...

Happy Friday!
#fbf #metgala

I LOVE YOU @kenzo
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hair makeup by me

AS SEEN BY @seenbysharkey

If you comment, may it be from a place of compassion even if it might not be from a place of understanding.

I love being a part of this group of funny fabulous women for the @LATimes! Each creating their own space in Hollywood, showing the world what's possible and who we are. Pushing, moving and rising above. cc: @rayzhon
RP @amandaseales
“I think @issarae is a beautiful example of ‘You’re not going to give me any real estate? Fine. I’m going to make it,’” she said. “There is revolution going on.”
~ Tracee Ellis Ross
“It's important to show little girls that you don’t have to conform to some sort of standard of who you're supposed to be because of your ethnicity or gender.”
~ @aishatyler

My magic, joyful and fearless mama on stage during her Central Park concert in 1983 with the brilliant choreographer Michael Peters. 💃🏽💃🏽💃🏽
RP @dianarossreflections

I was not in the mood to workout today but I got in there and did it anyway. I always feel better after a workout. Didn't smile during but I'm smiling now.

Here’s another version of the picture...this time with @marcusscribner 🤣👑
Thanks @yarashahidi for putting our family back together #blackish

First table read of season 4! Oh how I missed my TV fam! (Marcus is here too - he was in a fitting!) #blackish

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