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Arn Bull  I R STUFF

Solitude, Dude.

My wife is a superhero. #noimtakingapicture

Every morning ever.

This is not me and my cat and the house that I live in. #notmystuff


This photo is from like 4 days ago. I'm on the toilet now. #honestyiseverything


Alive and well in SLC. Here is a loop of a crappy flip axle stall i just done did at the Burton showroom. #sorryforthis #pleaseforgiveme #imsorryigotsuckiwilldobetter

When U get 2 da spot and realize you forgot ya condom-mints. #bartandmilhouse

Years back, @bonbonandy made me a believer in the #frontsideflip to this day, I can only do them fakie. SHINE ON YOU CRAZY DIAMOND #GOINGFORGOLD