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Toma  😑

I’m such a nice person , but bitch don’t try me

Someone come with me to a foreign city and explore museums and cafés and local thrift shops

Show those haters how it's done by hating yourself most

My kink is not opening messages and pretending they are not there

I know it's not how it's supposed to be
Got no choice, no voice I have no dignity

i like to listen to sad music when i’m sad to make me double sad

I’ve mastered the skill of feeling guilty for asking for anything

I’m shy at first. But I do the stupidest random shit when I get comfortable with someone

I’m the type of person that reply’s 5 seconds later or never

Nothing is worse than that fake conversation right before they ask you for a favor.

Беспорядок на столе/ беспорядок в голове.

my body is built from anger and sadness

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