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Toma  😑

i just wanna chill and not worry about a damn thing #spb#спб#безфильтра

It’s funny how people get mad when you treat them the same way they treat you

that feeling when you’re putting your makeup on and see yourself transform from 1 to a solid 1.5

я буду счастлив рад улыбчив/ и чай заваривать любя/ мне просто каждый день бы к чаю/ тебя

Hello, Police? I accidentally stepped on my dog's foot and need to be arrested

"swearing is unattractive"
I'm not attractive anyway so fuck off

what do u mean “what have I been up to” … I’m out here ruining my own life as always bitch

I love it when the dogs are on guard but not in full bark mode yet and they just whisper “boof"

пожар как правило не нужен
ни в производстве ни в быту
гасите уходя из дома

I’m such a nice person , but bitch don’t try me

Someone come with me to a foreign city and explore museums and cafés and local thrift shops

Show those haters how it's done by hating yourself most

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