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TPFAcademy  The Performance & Fitness Academy. Your leading facility for fat loss and S&C. Located in Ladytown Business Park, Naas, County Kildare

Today I just want to say a huge congratulations to Academy member Mark who received his leaving cert results today and got a whopping 625 points. Also a huge congratulations to Academy member Ryan and everyone else who got their leaving cert results today - you should all be extremely proud of yourselves.
No matter what the result, there’s lots of options and ways in achieving your goals and finding your passion in life. #tpfa #tpfafamily #inspiration #motivation #community #irishfitfam #fitfam #proud

In the last few weeks I’ve been working on upgrading the Academy, I’ve added three new assault bikes, one air runner, one rower and another 400kg of weights, but the biggest addition that I’ve added to the Academy is our new personal training studio.
This new studio is kitted out with the best of equipment and as you can see in the video it’s a lovely bright room with low ceilings so in the cold months this room will be lovely and warm. Our new studio can hold up to four clients at a time so if you’re interested in small group personal training with friends or family, contact us and we will be happy to help.
When you book in to get personal training with us, you’ll be offered this room or space in the gym. Some people might want the privacy of the studio and other people might like the buzz of the gym, but it’s completely up to what you want when you come to the Academy.
I’ve a few ideas for our studio that I’ll announce in the coming weeks, but until then I just wanted to show you all our new addition. We’re always improving to provide the best service possible for our members and clients.
I hope you all have a great day and week. #tpfa #tpfafamily #community #irishfitfam #irishfitness #fitfam #fitness #gym #love #passion #alwaysimproving #progress

I haven’t had a ramble in a while, so today I’m going to put what’s in my head onto this page and see what happens. Sometimes when there’s ideas floating around in my head, I’ll go to sleep and if they’re still floating around in my head in the morning I know I really want to share something with everyone and I’ll start writing it. That’s how I usually come up with 90% of my social media rambles. Sometimes I’ll even write a long post and I won’t share it, but the act of writing it and getting those random thoughts out of my head was good enough for me. That’s why journaling daily can have a positive effect for some people.
So what’s been floating around in my head lately is people being happy or unhappy for other people who are happy in themselves. When I see or hear of people “haters” complaining about other “happy” people for no apparent reason and they have this poisonous dislike for these “happy” people even though they’ve never met them or talked to them before, to me that seems like they might have some personal insecurities, jealously and self hate.
A lot of “haters” or “keyboard warriors” in my experience are usually incredibly insecure and they have a lot of internal turmoil for various reasons but the most common reason is, they feel like they’re not fulfilling their own goals and dreams because they could be scared, fearful and lack self confidence. At times people feel like hating on other people as it’s easier than the discomfort of working on themselves and facing their own fears.
People who hate on others can get short lived comfort and satisfaction from hating on happy and successful people because the happy and successful people remind the haters of how they’re not achieving what they’ve always wanted to achieve.

In my opinion, there’s even situations throughout life when you’re happy in yourself and you’re doing well mentally or physically, or even both, but people close to you or around you in some capacity or online can start to act differently towards you and you might feel a little bit of hateful energy off them. Full post on my fb #tpfa #mentalhealth #haters #negativepeople #postivevibes #irishfitfam #irishfitness #fitfam

Happy Friday everyone, hope you’re all having a great week so far! Thank you all for the positive messages and private messages from the post yesterday, it means a lot.
Just giving you all a heads up - there is no kids classes tomorrow or Sunday bootcamp class as coach Matty is away.
The photo I’ve attached to this post was sent to me today and was taken 4 years ago at the Irish National Powerlifting Championship. It brought back some amazing memories with current and old Academy members. Back in the day, a handful of Academy members and myself used to travel the country and a few countries around Europe competing in powerlifting competitions. At one point we even had European and World Powerlifting Champions and record holders.
For me, I like looking back over old photos because it reminds me how far I’ve come and how far the gym has come in 4 years. People might come and go, but that still doesn’t take away from the great memories we’ve shared. #tpfa #tpfafamily #community #friends #irishfitfam #strength #powerlifting #fitness #gym #love #passion #competitions #travel

This morning I woke up to an incredibly lovely message from an Academy member, so I asked could I share it with everyone but I would keep them anonymous.
Every time we get positive messages from our members it motivates the coaches and myself to keep improving as coaches and to keep doing what we’re doing. It’s also nice to hear that people are making life long friends in the Academy and they’re enjoying the training while having fun.
So here’s the message that was sent to me..... “Hi Niall
I just wanted to send you a message to thank you for all the good you and the Academy has brought into my life since joining there.
I have always been active and been into sports but I’ve never got as much enjoyment from exercising as I have since joining the academy and I can only place that down to the programming I know you take time doing and the incredible community that has been created there.
I love a challenge but it takes an experienced coach that can programme training that will deliver to all people’s levels and provide a challenge to those that look for it too. On some occasions I’ve even seen people with niggles approach you after you go through today’s workout and straight off the bat you can alter the workout to suit them or create a total new one which is still facilitating them to get to train on any given day.
I have made lifelong friends in the academy and feel so grateful to be able to train beside them on a day to day basis. The sound of laughter always fills the academy and the get together days is a sure sign of the support and love of friendships that has been forged under your roof.
Well done and thank you for creating a place that provides us all with a place to train our asses off and enjoy every moment of it ❤” #tpfa #tpfafamily #community #love #friends #irishfitfam #irishfitness #fitness #fitfam #gym #represent #bootcamp #strengthandconditioning #proud

#Repost @louisenolanfitness
💥💥6 week Beginners Class💥💥 .
Unsure of where to start?
Start at the beginning, the only place to start, make your health and fitness a priority. .
The next beginners group will start on Tuesday 28th August and runs for six weeks The Performance and Fitness Academy.
Training every Tuesday and Thursday from 7 till 8pm
Each beginners group to date has sold out and the members have had fantastic results such as increased fitness levels, strength gain, weight loss, inch loss, self confidence and so much more. .
To avoid disappointment secure your place now as limited space available.
What are you waiting for ? Take the first step you won't regret it!
Get in touch for more information.
Have a great day 😊
#beginnersclass #getfit #getactive
#tpfa #kildaresleadingtrainingfacility #femalecoach #personaltrainer #leadingtheway #kildarefitness #naasfitness #gymlife #fitnessforall #takethefirststep
#fitmom #weightloss #trainsmart #healthybody #healthymind #fitnesslifestyle #fitfam #healthylifestyle #takethefirststep

🔥🔥NEW ACADEMY CLOTHING🔥🔥 Hey everyone, I hope you all had a great weekend. There’s been a lot of Academy members asking about getting some Academy clothing, so I’m going to put in an order for more Academy clothes this coming Friday.

If you would like some cool Academy clothing and you want to represent the gym with the latest in fashion must have, let us know and we will order you what ever you want.
The sizes and colours are in the picture that I’m sharing with this post, but if you would like our (coaches) opinions on sizes, just ask.
Also don’t forget about our uo and coming charity event and raffle. We’ve got some amazing prizes added to the list, I’ll share the list of prizes in a few days, thank you all for the love and support.
Have a great day everyone. #tpfa #tpfafamily #SummerCollection #represent #gym #fashion #irishfitfam #irishfitness #fitfam #fitness

Happy Sunday everyone, I hope you’re all enjoying your bank holiday weekend.
Today I just wanted to give a massive congratulations to Academy members @grainne_bro and @tommyfeane on the arrival of their gorgeous baby Clodagh. I couldn’t be any happier them, what an amazing gift to two amazing people.
Grainne was still training at the Academy while been six days over due and we could still tailor workouts for her. We’ve had numerous Academy members over the years train up until about 2-3 days before giving birth and everything has been fine, in fact Grainne and the rest of the Academy members all got told by the nurses in the hospital that because they were so fit and healthy, the labour went so good.
I do understand everyone is different and each time a woman gives birth things can change but I believe in all my heart that a fit mind and body going into labour gives you the best chance possible through labour and in recovery after giving birth. We’ve had Academy members come back training after six weeks and they’ve been the same weight as they were pre pregnancy and for some it’s only taking them a couple of months to get back into the shape they were pre pregnancy. I truly believe if you were training before you got pregnant, you should keep doing some sort of training throughout your pregnancy, that’s if you’ve no complications of course.
If you are training throughout your pregnancy, please make sure your coaches know what they’re at. If you’re coaches aren’t tailoring training sessions for you from the day you tell them you’re pregnant, please leave them. Training while being pregnant can be a huge positive, but under the watchful eye of the right coaches. At the Academy we’ve had about 30-40 pregnant women train with us over the six years that we’ve been in business so we’ve had a lot of experience coaching them and tailoring workouts for our members to make sure they’re safe and they’re keeping the baby safe.
Just because you’re pregnant it doesn’t mean you’ve to give up training. Full post on my fb #tpfa #tpfafamily #community #irishfitfam #irishfitness #fitfam #fitness #gym #love #babies

Happy Friday everyone, I hope you’re all having a great week so far.
Sunday August the 12th at 5pm @mariajosefinabarrioyoga will be hosting a pop up yoga class at the Academy for Academy members and non Academy members. The yoga class will be €5 pay as you go and all of the proceeds will go to the Marie Keating foundation.
If you want to be part of this amazing class, contact Marie so she can book you in. The class will be an hour long and in the hour Maria will do a full body stretch that will help realign your body after a weeks training and it will get your body ready for maybe another weeks training a head. Even if you haven’t done any training this hour long yoga class can be part of some self care and some down time to relax and unwind while donating to a great charity.
Maria has been very kind to put on this yoga class for charity and the money raised on the day will go towards the money we raise at our big charity event at the academy August the 25th. Please come and support if you can and spread the word as you might have friends that will be interested in a evening yoga class for charity.
Here’s our class times on bank holiday Monday.... 9am Bootcamp class
10am Strength and Conditioning class
11am Post pregnancy class.
I hope you all have a great weekend and thank you for the support. #tpfa #tpfafamily #yoga #support #love #irishfitfam #irishfitness #fitfam #fitness #passion #gym #passion #help

Hey everyone I hope you’re all having a great week so far.
At the Academy we’re always trying to improve and grow as a gym and as a community. As the Academy community gets bigger we need to add more equipment so all of our members get the best service and variety in training.
In the last couple of days we’ve added another two assault bikes and an assault air runner to the gym, so in total we’ve got six assault bikes, eight rowers, two ski ergs and an assault air runner.
We’re now in our 7th year of business and we’re still growing and improving as coaches and in business. If it wasn’t for all of our amazing members and coaches none of this would be possible, so thank you all for the love, support and for spreading the word about the Academy.
Personally I will never stop wanting to improve and grow as a person and as a gym, for me I believe I’ve found my meaning and that’s a powerful thing. I’ve some really big plans for the Academy in the future and like most ideas that are strong in my head, they will happen.
Today some one left a lovely review for the Academy (in picture attached to the post) so I wanted to share it with everyone, thank you for leaving that review, it means a lot to us as coaches and as a gym.
Have a great day everyone.
#tpfa #tpfafamily #fitfam #love #community #fitness #irishfitness #fitness #alwaysimproving #progress #neverstop #passion #meaning

🔥🔥CHARITY EVENT AT THE ACADEMY🔥🔥 Hey everyone I hope you’re all having a great week so far.
On Saturday August the 25th we will be hosting a charity event for the Marie Keating foundation. At the start of the year we hosted a charity event for the Irish cancer society and we raised over €2000 in one day, it would be amazing if we could raise something similar for the Marie Keating foundation. All the money raised on the day will be kept in the community and it will go a long way in helping people who are fighting the biggest battle of their lives.
We’ve had a great response from Academy members and people in the community who’ve already donated vouchers, prizes and money for our raffle on the day. In the next couple of weeks I’ll be posting a list of prizes so if you have any prizes or donations please contact me so you can be added to the list.
On the day the Marie Keating foundation will have a nurse in the Academy giving out information and helping anyone that might want to know more about checking for cancer and what to check for.
All of this is on the back of Academy member Ann Nolan beating breast cancer this year. Ann couldn’t participate in the event at the start of the year as she was going through chemotherapy, so I made her a promise that I would hold another event later in the year when she beat the cancer to celebrate and to maybe help other people that might be battling through cancer as we speak.
On the day I’ll have food for everyone from cafe Carlton (newbridge silverware), we will do three team workouts with 30 minutes rest between the workouts, the workouts will be very easy and doable by everyone in the gym no matter what your fitness level may be. There will be a raffle on the day with some amazing prizes, I’m going to donate a spin bike that’s worth over €800, so from tomorrow on you can buy raffle tickets at the Academy to be in with a chance to win the bike and more amazing prizes.
I’ll have more information about the day and prizes in a week or two but the raffle is open to everyone, Academy members and non Academy members, you can just walk in and buy tickets if you want.
#tpfa #gym #fitfam #fitness #love

Happy Monday everyone, I hope you all had a great weekend.
Over the weekend we had a few teams from the Academy competing in the powerful invitational (fitness competition). On Saturday Cliona and Colin put on an amazing performance and after five tough workouts they got themselves a top 20 finish in a highly competitive division. Well done Cliona and Colin, you guys should be super proud of yourselves, you left it all on the competition floor.
Yesterday Mickella and Sean competed in the Rx division. That letters Rx means it’s the highest standard of fitness competition in Ireland and yesterday the division was stacked full of incredible athletes from all around Ireland and some of the athletes have represented Ireland at a European level. Mickella and Sean battled through six tough workouts and ended up on the podium in 3rd place. To see them push themselves to the limit every workout was inspiring not only for me, but for everyone else watching. I couldn’t be any happier for them as they really gave it 100% and left it all on the floor. Well done Mickella and Sean you guys should be super proud of yourselves.
Also yesterday Louise and myself were competing in the Rx masters division. Again Rx means it’s the highest standard of competition and masters is athletes over 35. After six tough workouts Louise and myself came 4th overall, missing out on 3rd place by 1 point. In workout 4 we took 3rd place and lost out on 2nd place by one second, if we got 2nd in that workout we would of came 3rd overall, but that’s sport eh. I would like to thank Louise for being an incredible team mate, she gave it 100% all day and it’s always amazing sharing the workout floor with her, what an inspirational person and athlete.
For me personally it was great to get back to competing in fitness competitions, it’s been about 18 months since I’ve competed in a fitness competition and it’s only been 7 months since I had back surgery, so to step out on the floor yesterday with in my opinion the best standard of athletes I’ve ever competed against, was just an amazing experience.
Full post on my fb #tpfa #tpfafamily #community #fitness #irishfitfam #irishfitness #gym

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