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António Fonseca  Beware, digital Polaroids still drying! 100% mobile photos taken by a Portuguese guy I barely know

Ver o sol aos degrauzinhos / Up the stairs, away from squares

Soldiers have dynamites, spotters have umbrellas

Metereologia Supertramp(a) / Oh no, it's raining again

Com quantas cordas se tocará uma ponte? / All strings attached

A nossa gente em savana / Out of reach

Fui correr mas estiva ver / Lisbon by the river

A ponte a pé / A bridge so close

Um maestro nas nuvens / The cloud conductor

Stairway to heaven

Passo de arcos / An arch march in March

A checkpoint of view

Going out with a Pang
("Miniature asshole / Rembrandt" by @pang_london) (small portrait by @_drewbernard_)

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