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Angela  NO LONGER FOLLOWING TRAVEL ACCOUNTS! LOL Surprise Glitterati collector. Mother to a 6 year old obsessed with Grossery Gang. I trade and sell toys.

Got Hunter some more Mighty Beanz today and boy do we have dupes! In fact two Clown Fish Beans #55 came in this package. We got 5 common and 3 rare. Also bought two 2-packs today and they were all common. Starting to doubt existence of ultra rare, super rare, mighty rare (outside the gold slam pack) and Limited Edition because I have seen almost none! #mightybeans #mightybeanz #moosetoys #toystagram

Hunter and I have Mighty Beanz fever so when I saw these gold pods on YouTube I was determined to find us one. Target was no help so I resorted to EBay. It’s the same as the regular 8 beans pack but the one in the top is gold so you are guaranteed a Super Rare, the beans inside do have a higher chance of the more rare beans but basically we got 1 Super rare, 2 rare, and five commons. Moose is not making this easy on us! #toystagram #moosetoys #mightybeanz #mightybeans

Went to 5 Below to look for more exclusive Grossery Gang Action figures (have friends who I’m looking for) and what did Hunter and I find mixed in with some Shopkins Blinds? Easter Egg Series 3 Grossery Gang Surprize Eggs in September!! We bought two, but I’m sure Hunter would have been happy to buy all they had if I let him! #grosserygang #toystagram #eastertoys

In somewhat typical Moose Toys fashion Mighty Beans are making a comeback and are available in a Target store near you. What I was impressed with is the packaging. The big set with 8 beans was fun to open, as you smash your fist to the top of the package and the beans rise up to the top and bust through the plastic covering the opening. The two packs are packaged in a fun decorative plastic bean capsule. I also like how each bean has its name and number on it for easy collecting. We only got common and rare beans tonight, but will be on the lookout for ultra rare, super rare, and limited! #moosetoys #mightybeans #toystagram #collectibletoys #magnetictoys #mightybeanz

Finally found a full box of L.O.L. Surprise Fashion Crush at my local Target. Was happy to get these glittery outfits but not happy to dig them out of the goo they were packed in! Yuck! The goo discolored the light parts of these outfits and accessories which I’m not fond of either! #lolsurprise #toystagram #lolfashioncrush #dollphotography #glitter

Epic toy find today! Officially finishing Hunters Grossery Gang Time Wars Action Figure set=PRICELESS!
#toystagram #grosserygang #grosserygangtimewars #actionfigures #grosserygangactionfigures

So it’s no secret that Luxe is my favorite LOL Doll OF ALL TIME! So when I casually mentioned to my friend @customsbysandi that the only thing she lacked was a purse—Sandi being the amazing customs maker she is not only made a hand poured resin and painted purse and matching paci, but also a set of stands for Luxe and her twins Lili and Lulu Luxe! #toystagram #lolsurprise #lolluxe #loldolls #lolsurpriseseries2 #lolcustom #dollcollector #dollphotogallery

Thanks to **Distroller~Ksi Merito~ Nerlie~ Neonato** fb group’s 200 member giveaway I won this exclusive to Mexico Susikin Nerlie! She also came with a super generous prize package that included a Cinderella dress, high chair, and a shoes/accessories package! If you are interested in these dolls you could not join a nicer or better group on fb. Thanks so much to Ada Bazare and @ritaaa191306 for everything! #toystagram #distrollergram #distroller #Nerlie

Finished my S1 Lol collection today, thanks to the re-release! The one I wanted most was Crystal Queen because she was the first Lol doll I ever unwrapped and I wasn’t collecting then so I sold her! Regrets! Which S1 doll is nearest and dearest to your heart? #toystagram #lolsurprise #lolseries1 #lolseries1rerelease #dollphotography

Got Moose Toys latest new release series TREASURE X today at Target! Hunter had a blast digging to unearth the treasure chest and Action Figure. We were hoping for a rare, but got a common-Goldius Maximus! Maybe next time! #toystagram #moosetoys

Finally got these guys at Target in Indiana! I was so excited to see them I almost yelled in the store. Hunter loves Grossery Gang Action Figures best of all and I can’t wait to give him these for doing his best in school! #toystagram #grosserygang #grosserygangseries5 #grosserygangactionfigures #actionfigures

My gold streak continues, but very little luck was involved 🔦.. I am thrilled to add Lil Luxe to my collection as Luxe is my favorite LOL doll of all time! #lolsurpriseseries4 #lolsurprisedolls #toystagram #lolsurpriselilsisters #lolluxe #dollphotography

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