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Angela  Rehab nurse by night.. Moose toy and LOL Surprise Glitterati collector. Mother to a 6 year old obsessed with Grossery Gang. I trade and sell toys.

Direct from China courtesy of a Chinese EBay toy seller I found this fake Slop Tart and I just could not leave him behind. I knew Hunter would just love to add him to our Grossery Gang S2 collection. He does change colors with extremely hot water but only turns a light orange. He’s so cute it was worth a purchase! #toystagram #faketoys

LOL Surprise Pearl Surprise was such a lovely thing to open today! Well packaged and high quality this is a must have! Cute accessories in “pearly” translucent balls, a giant fizzer and two “sun burnished” dolls (if you love Luxe this is a must have!)#lolsurprise #lolpearlsurprise #toystagram #dollphotography

Grossery Gang Series 3 Wave 2. Hunter really wanted blue Barf Blender. This pack features Clean Team Bad Bleacher and 2 Vile Vermin: Vile Vulture and Putrid Pigeon. #hiddengrossery #toystagram #grosserygang #grosserygangseries3

Grossery Gang Series 3 Wave 2, we needed the dark Gooey Shoe and the Busted Football from this pack, it also features Clean Team Dirt Bot and Filth Buster and Vile Vermin Bad Beaver. #hiddengrossery #hiddengrosseryseries3 #toystagram #grosserygang #grosserygangseries3

Grossery Gang Series 3 Wave 2, got on clearance at Walmart, we just might finish this series and Hunter loves Clean Team so I’m still working on it! We needed the blue Barf Blender and the dark brown Yuck Nut Bar, this pack also features Clean Team member Wipe Over and Vile Vermin Stunk Skunk and Scruffy Squirrel. #toystagram #grosserygang #grosserygangseries3 #hiddengrossery #hiddengrosseryseries3

With the advent of the yellow ball finding Gold balls by the flashlight method is definitely more of a challenge but I did manage to figure it out and score these yesterday. LOL Surprise Series 3 Pets Splash Meow-Maid and Haute Dog! #lolsurprise #lolpets #lolsurpriseseries3 #toystagram #dollphotography #dollcollector

LOL Surprise Series 3 Lil Sisters! Lil Funky Q.T. Love her hat and microphone accessories and her platinum blonde hair. #loldolls #lolsurprise #lolseries3 #lollilsisters #mga #toystagram #dollstagram #dollphotography

LOL surprise Series 3 Lil Sisters--LIL SUGAR QUEEN! My first ball of the new series and its GOLD! Love her glittery crown and cute cupcake accessories! #loldolls #lolsurprise #lolseries3 #lollilsisters #toystagram #dollstagram #dollphotography #mga

New account is sponsoring this Giveaway for this fabulous LE Cutie Car Flashy Fashionista which is extremely generous and amazing! Please check them out and enter to win. #toystoysgiveaway

Grossery Gang Series 4 Bug Strike from TRU. These new packs include a parachute, a crossbow launcher, two hidden special characters in a crate and little weapons that the new Bug characters hold. The two hidden ones in this pack were Para Crawler SGT Gutterfly and Wall Crawler SWAT team Capt Waxy Earwig. Other mentionables include SGT Greasecake, Capt. Crud Zapper, and Col Moldy Mustard. #toystagram #grosserygang #grosserygangseries4 #grosserygangbugstrike #hiddengrossery

Hunter was excited to find Grossery Gang Series 4 at TRU today a bit ahead of the official release. These new "Bug Strike" Packs feature a military theme and each pack comes with a parachute and a crossbow launcher as well as two hidden characters in an Army crate and the bugs have little weapons. This pack featured hidden Para Crawler Lt. Horrid Hornet and Wall Crawler Special Edition SWAT team PVT Crusty Beetle (same finish as Sticky Sweets from S1) Others in pack included : PVT Rusty Razor, PVT Scabby Bandage, and Smelly Spy-der. #grosserygangbugstrike #grosserygang #grosserygangseries4 #hiddengrossery #toystagram

Grossery Gang Series 3 Wave 2--not gonna lie tired of all the dupes! But Hunter had to have the Barf Blender. Features Vile Vermin Rank Racoon and Clean Team Bin It. #toystagram #grosserygangseries3 #grosserygang #hiddengrossery

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