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posting an edit for those twitter hoes tomorrow🤗😉

+ stelenagrp is recruiting!!
this is a group that makes stelena edits and puts them in the hashtag #stelenagrp!! (only stelena edits are aloud in the hashtag)
we're looking for about 10 more people to join!!
— mbf the hosts @toxicstefan + @woahstefan
— post a stelena edit with the hashtag #STELENAREC
— all edits are due by August 31st
— don't be upset if you don't make it please
hope you have fun!! Happy editing :))

↓cute next to gorgeous
ac. nochillnovia
cc. epiphany
dt. @fitzthistogether
— jaimey

↓still into you
• jon + sansa
ac: beronicasfate
cc: epiphany
dt: @ripperhybrid @ripperstef
— jaimey

ac: mine (very heavily edited)
tc: xtransitions (lowkey changed it a bit)
cc: evilherself
my new watermark is inspired by ximperils!!
dt: @wolvain Happy Birthday!!!
— jaimey

↓robb stark
• deserved better
ac: ultra.disney
ib: @drkphxenix
cc: epiphany
dt: @aestheticdobrevv @tvdscott @twdixon1923 @ripperhybrid @fitzthistogether
— jaimey

ac: velocitystydia
cc: epiphany
dt: @evilherself
— jaimey

ac: theforbesdiaries
cc: novaturism
for @gone.mp4
— jaimey

This con is in honor of all the amazing underrated characters who get forgotten and to cherish and appreciate them.
If you want to join, all you have to do is - tag 3 active editors
- post an edit of an underrated (!!) - put it under the hashtag #underratedconr1
- dm the edit to one of the hosts

- must be new edits
- HAS to be underrated; overrated character/ship edits will be eliminated.
- only tvd/to characters!


#underratedconr1: due 14th august
Underrated ship
#underratedconr2: due 21st august
Underrated lgbtq+ ship
#underratedconr3: due 28th august
Underrated friendship/family relationship
#underratedconr4: due 4th september
Underrated male
#underratedconr5: due 11th september
Underrated female
#underratedconr6: due 18th september
Fav aspect of least fav underrated character; e.g.: Jeremy hunting, Bonnie being a witch, Matt being selfless etc.
1st place: shoutout on all the host's stories for 24 hours
links to shows & movies
collab with one of the hosts (if wanted)
2nd place: shoutout on all the host's stories for 12 hours
links to shows & movies
collab with one host
3rd place: links to movies & shows and collab (if wanted)



↓the one that truly loved her
ib: klamilleslays
ac: plottwistaudios
cc: evilherself
dts are in the comments :))
— jaimey

↓fred + daphne
ac: voidgold
cc: bennetsmagic
dt: @_siredtodonovan
— jaimey

↓shark in the water
ac: hacidity
ib: editsby_nina
cc: mine
tc: @xtransitions
dts are in the comments :))
— jaimey

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