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Alejandra Torres  📍BOG|NYC 💃🏽 Pero like I put the stud in studying.

Burgrito: When you really need that fast food fix.

Congrats to this dude for getting into BCA!!! Everyday is #nationalsiblingsday because I never tire of being proud of you and all your accomplishments. #FutureZoologistInTheMaking

Nice to meat you. #brontosaurusrib

So apart from the problematic Orientalism that Aladdin represents, I am nonetheless so proud to share my DNA with this dude: @mrepicoctopus (Please excuse my laughter/ annoying sound effects). #YouAintNeverHadABrotherLikeHim

Happy 21st birthday to this gorg af model in whom I have found an equal in obsessive organization which I thought would be impossible. You're such a strong woman who is never afraid to share her thoughts, put people in their place, and pursue her goals. You're an inspiration to all women!

Listens to Jeremih's song "Czech Republic" to celebrate only to realize he never once mentions the Czech Republic but does say "tushy roll" 6 times... #blessed

Happy 21st birthday to this bombshell who has been an example of a tough, individualistic woman in my life. You're always down to have a good time, and teach me to enjoy the little things in life. Love ya, B!

New motto. 🙏🏽

When @somethingavi candidly captures you contemplating all the calories you've gained in food and booze over the past week.

Getting sick while exploring a new city ain't all that bad when you got beautiful views like this.

Brazil was the last nation in the Western Hemisphere to abolish slavery in 1888. ¡¡¡Under the notion of mestiçagem/mestizaje (racial mixture) it is easy for Latin America to ignore discussions about systemic racism so places like this are incredibly important!!!

Lindo maravilhoso!

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