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Alexandra Grant  west coaster • water baby • fashion lover #travel x #fashion x #lifestyle ✉️ collabs: 📍#vancouver 💙 The latest👇🏻

Quicker than a ray of light 💫 I’m a sunset person by default because I’m NEVER up for sunrise - what about you guys? Team Sunset or Team Sunrise? #vancouver #explorebc

My mood after taking 5 days off the ‘gram ✨ I installed an app recently that tracks how much time you’re on your phone (it’s @moment if you’re curious!) & was SHOCKED to see how much of my waking hours was spent on this little device - what’s worse is I’m apparently on the lower end too around 2-3 hours (apparently the average is 5). With it being summer I really want to slow down & be more present, which has meant ditching the phone here & there for the past few days & being really intentional when I do use it. I feel like a digital detox can be daunting (especially if you work online like I do) but even doing a “lite” version has been so lovely! Curious: what would you guys guess is your hours/day on the phone? Have you ever considered tracking your time online or tried to do any form of digital detox? Tell me in the comments!

Allez la France! 💙 It was my home for a bit once upon a time so I’m definitely cheering on France in the #worldcup though I’m not gonna lie, would be kinda amazing to see Croatia win! Who are you guys cheering on? #menton #france

Seconds before literally 100 people engulfed this whole frame 😅 One thing you guys might not know is that while I do get up early sometimes to shoot when I travel, oftentimes I just wait it out - there’ll always be a little gap, even on the #brooklynbridge! What’s the busiest place you’ve ever tried to snap a pic at? #nyc

What’s your summer read been this year? 📖 Sharing the 6 books I’ve been loving on TVOB today (link in profile)! #beachlife #asos 📷: @ainsley_rose

Curves ahead 💙 5 dresses MADE for hourglass types (which believe me, are not the easiest figures to dress sometimes) but that’ll also look killer on all types of body types on TVOB today (link in profile)! #summerstyle 📷: @ainsley_rose

O Canada 💕 Happy #CanadaDay to all my fellow Canucks! My 3rd & final cocktail out of my drink recipe series (just see the 1st 2nd earlier in my feed) with the @smirnoffca limited edition Canada bottle celebrating what makes up the mosaic that is Canada. Here is a botanic take on a Greyhound. Layer thinly sliced grapefruit slices along the outside of your glass, add ice and 1 oz of vodka then fill 1/3 full with grapefruit juice and top up with soda water. Add rosemary as a stir stick - it'll lend a bit of a fresh herb flavour to the cocktail! Have the best time celebrating this beautiful country today (while being responsible, of course!) #StayOpenCA #Sponsored #EnjoyResponsibly

G R A T E F U L 💙 for this place I call home. Happy #canadaday guys! With everything that’s going on in the world right now, I feel more honoured than ever to be Canadian. This will always be home & I can’t wait to explore it more, do more to protect it & to love it even more than I already do #explorebc #yvr

Bare feet & salty hair 💙 You know where you can find me this #canadaday - I'll be celebrating this beautiful country we call home with sun, surf & @pureleafcanada's new #teahousecollection Strawberry & Mint iced tea made with certified organic, loose leaf black tea. So refreshing for a day at the beach, especially if you bring along some of my fave beach snacks (berries, natch) to have along with it! To my fellow Canucks, how are you celebrating Canada Day this year? #brandnewbrew #teahousecollection #sponsored

The true north, strong & free 💙 I love this country so much & am honestly so proud to be Canadian - naturally, I'm so excited to celebrate with my loved ones on the 1st for #CanadaDay & this @smirnoffca limited edition bottle (representing our Canadian mosaic! ) Next up, my cocktails for the special day: a raspberry lemon spritzer! Muddle 4-5 raspberries & a couple lemon wedges, add 1 oz of Smirnoff, top up with soda water & garnish with more berries & a lemon wedge! To my fellow Canucks, how are you celebrating this Canada Day? #StayOpenCA #EnjoyResponsibly #Sponsored

Collect beautiful moments 💙 Trying to grind through some pre long weekend work to get Europe travel stories ready for next week - will cover so many destinations this summer, from Prague to Santorini to Amsterdam! What’s your favourite destination in Europe? #santorini #oia

When the long weekend is juuust around the corner 💙 #CanadaDay is coming up & especially with everything happening around the world these days, I feel more grateful than ever to be Canadian & to celebrate this mosaic of a country. To kick off the festivities on the 1st, I'm sharing 3 cocktails to made with classic @smirnoffca vodka in this special limited edition Canada bottle! First up: a fun twist on a classic mojito! Muddle fresh lime, mint & agave in a high ball - add 1 oz of Smirnoff & top up with soda water!#EnjoyResponsibly  #StayOpenCa  #Sponsored

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