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Jeremiah Williams  Here's to the journey, and all that we can experience, learn, and pass on.

"Be comfortable with the uncomfortable."
19:24 5km row tonight. Almost 30sec PR. When I sat down on the erg, my only thought was I need something that makes the day I had feel like it was easy. Stared the monitor in the eyes the whole time. Demons 0, my soul 1

Opportunity leads to creativity. Had to chance to find the trail again, and I took it. Around every corner is a spontaneous decision, leading to creativity at high velocity. #tothejourney

It's not the words written, or the one who had such thoughts; it's the implication of this mystery.

Opportunity and creativity are inseparable friends. If you find one, you'll find the other.

Had the opportunity for some peaceful vibes as a family, and found a lot of creative maneuvering to get a treasure chest of ripe raspberries.
Priceless opportunity given. With gratitude, it was taken.

If there's a finer way of ingesting 1000cal than a banana malt fribble from Friendly's, I'd be sure to tell you...but there is not.
Pictured here: The Williams' boys four on the loose. #gainztogether

2 of 3 endurance benchmarks completed. 1) 60min air bike (see previous post)
2) 15km row (14,450 at 60min)
3) 7 mile run in 60min

Today was a 15km row. Pace was on target. The anomalies in 1km splits were directly related to my mental state. I lost as much as a full second on my 500m avg due to thinking about the discomfort over the reward. Take a lesson from that!

However, I did accomplish two goals:
1) be consistent with strokes and pace. (Got 20:45 5km splits with 23-25SPM)
2) never give in to comfort if a goal has been set. Done!

Next goal is to run 7 miles in 60 min.

In the sermon on Sunday, our pastor spoke about the calling to endurance (patience) in loving others no matter how hard, no matter the persecution and hardship.
Romans 15:4 says, "For everything that was written in the past was written to teach us, so that through the endurance taught in the Scriptures and the encouragement they provide we might have hope." These last three days of long distance/time of physical output have shown me how willing I am to grind for fitness performance, but then I have very little patience (endurance) for people who bother me for one reason or another. The opportunity to feel great about accomplishing an hour on the AB, is nothing to the knowledge of having shown a bit of love to a soul in need.

Up to 60min now, on the assault bike. Happy with the learning process of pacing, disciplined thoughts, and work capacity.

Second 10km of the year, on a chicken run (out and back) I hadn't done in probably 2 years. About 90 degrees, so took the water pack with. That was a good call!
Today was a great session of mental training with no watch, music, or buddy; just my thoughts, good or bad, a challenge before me and success behind me.
It's been a steady build up over the last 3 months or so to run pain free and comfortably for this amount of time.

I call these out and back runs a "chicken run" b/c I'm too chicken to go any farther, knowing I have to get back home.
#movewellmoveoften #powerspeedendurance #aerobiccapacity #selfawareness #tothejourney

"Know thyself." I'm currently establishing my pacing zones, and I find the most honest way to do so is to do the actual work, rather than guess how far or how fast my fitness can be calculated on paper. Doing this work is such great training for my Mind and Spirit, above and beyond my Body's conditioning. Those numbers (on the screen) are intimidating when I think about establishing on a monitor. I had all kinds of excuses swirling through my head:
"It's 90+ degrees."
"Need to eat! I'm hungry."
"I should be doing something more responsible for family and business."
...on and on, they go.
But, the inspiration of clients, mentors, and disciplined men and women of all sorts defended my intentions, and I just sat down and got started. Thanks friends for being you!
My goal was reached in rowing a sub-42min, at a comfortable pace (about MAP 10 or 9). Now my sights are set on that 60min mark!
#mindbodyspirit #powerspeedendurance #movewellmoveoften #concept2 #knowthyself

Tonight started as a exploration in a new forest. Lots of fun! It ended with a lesson in throwing and accuracy. I was so impressed with how accurate the older two are getting, and how coordinated the youngest is becoming. It's marvelous to be both a Shepard and a witness to the development of the spirit, mind, and body of these boys.

Saturday evenings in a creek. How long before they trade these moments for a costly or the stressful life? I pray they never do. Tonight's lesson is how to crush shells. We're also crawling, balancing, jumping, and just sitting on rocks. Love my crew!

Tough stretch of "cardio". Saturday was a 5 mile run test (38:52). Monday saw a 7500m row for time (31:00...2:04.5/500m). Today a 30min air bike test. Got 396 at 30 min, and 400 at 30:13. Happy, but hungry!
Summer "monostructural" goals included running 10km easily, whenever. Air Bike for best in all known power benchmarks. Row 2km as close to 7min as possible, 15km in 60min.
Easing back off intensity for a few days of accumulation in gymnastics and KB focus.
...all this work, just to be a better lover! 🤣

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