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Jeremiah Williams  Here's to the journey, and all that we experience, learn, and pass on.

Came home to these lovely Valentines gifts from the family. Two out of three were slightly more appreciated then the other. #teasingdadisfun

Two from this past week. 45min and some change on the first one. 29:38 on the second. On both accounts, no warm-up, due to lack of time.

I believe we often require our movement to have patterns and organization, even some warm-up movement before “real” movements🤔. But, sometimes movement just needs to occur, period. These were a bit of both.

Other thoughts: in the first one, I believe it possible for someone (not me) to get 30 rounds in 60min. Any takers? In the second one, I felt it’s a great triplet for people with sissy backs, and low stamina. Boat load of hinging and no where to hide. GPP fills the gaps, my friend. Tag me if you do these.

Movie night with kids. I was annoying even myself from whining about not working out or getting enough sleep. So, with some tough self-talk, a living room workout came to be.
OTM x 60min
5 single arm KB triple extension squats
3 ab wheel push-ups
480 reps, all nearly perfect.
Kept thinking, “train the basics for perfect and perfect will come.”

Disrupting my status quo for the sake of transformation. Doesn’t need to look like a dramatic purge or revolution. Nonetheless, a clear line must be drawn, and in this case it’s around my plate. Yeah, it’s just a meal, but it’s a statement and an action, too. I’m choosing to eat non-processed real food packed with macro/micro nutrients, and take my time to digest the most I can from it. I’m also choosing to focus on what I CAN eat not what I cannot, even to publicly state as much. This is one of the progressions I’m using in having a healthy relationship with food.
Photo is of my breakfast this morning in compliance with my community’s nutrition challenge.
@crossfitcollective #community #fitness #commitment #health #nutritiongoals

My kids were taking a stab at designing a workout. Butts are a big deal these days. Fart guns are apparently frowned upon at this establishment. Still, sticking with your buddy is a good policy.

30min to pack it in. Needed full body stim, mind engagement, skill practice, sub-threshold metabolic...after all got a lot of other stuff to do today!

Turned out really well, with just a set of KB’s and some outlaw country tunes.

Guilty of inspiration:
@mavericksfieldhouse @beth_trains
@zrawkirch ...and my hard working athletes at @crossfitcollective
Keep grinding!
#christiansfitnessfactory American made kettlebell tool of choice today.

Pretty complete workout in 30min. Fun challenge to figure out what weight to use, as one of these skills is probably weaker than the rest. It’s nice to only need two KB’s though.
Might try extending the carries to 50m next time. Unbalanced weight is another option.

God is within her, she will not fall; God will help her at break of day. Nations are in uproar, kingdoms fall; he lifts his voice, the earth melts. Psalm 46:5-6

View from the complaint department.

The maker of the sun isn’t concerned with nuclear war or whatever disaster I’m trying to avoid. He concerns himself with my heart, my steps, my hope.
#seekwisdom #throughitall

I was losing the battles all day with those demons of laziness, procrastination, and distraction. Finally, with thoughts of all my hard working friends, I got the snuff to #justmove late in this day.
Sometimes it’s not a mantra or a motivating saying that I need, but rather a number that I can stick in those demons faces and tell them I’m not listening. That number today was 12,678, which is the total load across the reps performed. I won today. Thank you Lord for grace to be disciplined in the small ways.
#tothejourney #onestepforward

Chilly evening at my other gym, but with an inspirational partner (my wife), I had plenty of incentive to get after a benchmark workout I had been nervous about starting. Also, had a fantastic reward waiting on the other side. Cheers! #freshairfitness #kettlebellswork #simplejoys

#Wellsborolife. We drove through this creek (intentionally) to and from a trip to an undisclosed bouldering field up in the mountains. 8 kids went and only 1 hated it. Everyone loved “plunge” though. In other news...

Been a frustrating (low to no progress) week or two. Time to train has been a low priority, so no excuses given. Today I had 60min, so an AMRAP at 70-80% effort fit well for where my head was at. The movements were from the last two days of what has been prescribed to my clients, and they all seemed to fit well together. “Basics” for volume is always a win. “Basic 3” is 5 strict CTB, 10 push-up, and 15 squat.

Everything had to be unbroken and kept to about 80% effort, which is to say no rest other than logistics. Used 14lb WB to keep it in check.

Felt great to roll through volume with relative ease.
Again, Own The Basics.

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