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Jeremiah Williams  Here's to the journey, and all that we can experience, learn, and pass on.

Today's lesson came in the form of combining the parental responsibility of cooking dinner, and getting some quality skill and conditioning training in. I teach my clients about becoming more self-aware of what their "levels" of intensity are and what they are capable of doing (as far as work and cognition) at each level. For example, at 80% of limit, I feel one should still have controlled breathing and good mental decision making ability. At 90% these things breakdown quickly. Anyway, tonight I learned I can cook Mac-n-cheese with a heart rate/hard breathing, and get some great training done.
Went like this:
(Start the water boiling)
- complete 100 unbroken KB swing
- complete 10 alternating KB getups (Check water and add noodles)
- complete 100 unbroken KB cleans
(Check noodles)
- complete 5/5 unbroken KB getups (Check noodles. Not ready, but close!)
- complete 100 KB snatches in under 5min
(Noodles ready! Add mix and let cool.)
- complete 10 alternating top-to-top KB getups with out resting.
Done! Dripping sweat and heart thumping, but I did it! So proud of myself😜.

Kick-off cohort meeting with a new family at OPEX. Beyond stoked! @opexfitness @jfitzopex

Power, time, pacing, recovery, and rest. I've been sharing with my clients the purpose of these concepts and why it's important to be conscientious (as client athletes) of their intentions in each session.
The pic on top is a template for the current week of percentage of individual limit in each of our categorized programs. The pic on the bottom is a breakdown of RPE per component of a single round within an workout. The instructions were to try and make every round feel the same and stay below "80%" effort.
Rate of Perceived Exertion (RPE) is a challenging thing to "feel" accurately. Pacing comes into the learning process as a learning agent. It's important to learn how best to train not only skills, but develop understanding of metabolic zones like anaerobic and aerobic for starters. What do these "feel" like? What RPE is sustainable, and for how long? Can you feel the drop off in ability?
In our weekly program, there is intentions set forth to guide individuals to specific RPE as best as possible, and furthermore to learn from mistakes made, and the "why" behind a success of any sort.
We also take a look at the whole week in advance to see where the most "intense" training should occur. If someone can't make it in, they can at lest know what the RPE, time component, and aims are, potentially allowing them to replicate the effort remotely, even with no resources available.
It's been a wonderful season of learning, teaching, inspiring, and seeing growth before my eyes.

Most boring video you'll ever see. Don't bother watching it. Just posted it to show movement if you want to try it.
Parameter included: - 15min time cap
- max step ups alternating legs
- Hands remain on head
- Box height equal to top of patella (21" /53cm for me)
Aim: don't freaking stop!
Result: 344 steps = 602 vertical feet.
Thoughts: solid aerobic muscle endurance test. No major fatigue in lower body. I'll compare this to 15min of walking lunges in a few days. #learngrowinspire #movewellmoveoften

Why is "burpee" not recognized as a legit word yet?
Posterior chain focused mixed modal muscle endurance. Fancy talk for "a very good work out". Key goal: to move seamlessly from one modality to the next while maintaining +\-5sec round splits.
Outcome: Success! Row was 90sec split with logistics, box was 20", KB was 16kg using switch catch technique. 29:30 time. Plenty in the tank. Great dose response! MAP 10 (easy) moving the rest of the weekend.

Requesting volunteers.

Guess who's got their back! Posse rollin deep, representing at the production of Jonah. It was a blessing to hear and see the story of mercy and grace for all. What a timely message from ancient scripture.
Thank you @kylensampson for making it happen!

Another VBS in the books! The after party is going down at Sweet Frog.
#rollindeep #lifeisgood

As I stare blankly, gasping for air, at this bell, I realized this fashioned piece of metal is never more than 3 miles from me. Most of the time it's within reach. Consequently, my excuses are never really good enough. It will probably be taken out of my cold dead hands by my great grand kids....but I digress.
Today was like any other, while spending time in the backyard. Got a butt whooping from 24 kilos.

For time:
150 hand-to-hand swings
Rest 5 min
150 single arm overhead lunge steps
Rest 5 min
150 single arm front racked squats
Total Time: 33:30

"Be comfortable with the uncomfortable."
19:24 5km row tonight. Almost 30sec PR. When I sat down on the erg, my only thought was I need something that makes the day I had feel like it was easy. Stared the monitor in the eyes the whole time. Demons 0, my soul 1

Opportunity leads to creativity. Had to chance to find the trail again, and I took it. Around every corner is a spontaneous decision, leading to creativity at high velocity. #tothejourney

It's not the words written, or the one who had such thoughts; it's the implication of this mystery.

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