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Toschie Roed  Sings in Audrey Horne, inks at Let's Buzz, sleeps at home. Nuff said!

Festival treasures ❤️

Good friends in Lierop. ❤️#nirwanatuinfeest

Found a second family at #nirwanatuinfeest tonight😃

#nirwanatuinfeest was amazing. Best festival this year! @audreyhorneofficial

We are off to play #nirwanatuinfeest tomorrow. Pure rock fury in Netherlands. 👊🏼💥 @audreyhorneofficial #audreyhorneband #audreyhorneofficial

Re-colored some #hotrodflames I did years ago. Cool stuff. 😃 #letsbuzzbergen #letsbuzztattoo #toschietattoo

In the words of STRAY FROM THE PATH: "77 since the 88
Had to look at my phone 'cause I couldn’t believe the date
It's 2017 but in a 40’s trend
With a racist president that's “making everything great again”
But tell me when that this was fucking okay
All the streets and the screens popping triple K’s
You want the peace? uh-uh, nah that won’t fly here
'Cause if you blink they're pushing you back 300 years
Call it what you want but it's an eye for an eye
I’ll mark you with a down right down - right up right
They’re trying to censor that they’re the fucking oppressor
And all you say is that it's wrong when they’re swinging at Spencer?
Brand yourself like a bull when it sees red
“Make the lie big” that's what he said
Fuck him and fuck you too, and appreciate
That if you preach hate, then expect hate @strayfromthepath #strayfromthepath #racistpresident

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