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Questions for love.

Who do I really love?
Is it the one I talk to from Middle school?
Is it the one I tried going to a restaurant with?
Is it the one I talk to in History?
Is there someone else?

What is in love?
Is there joy?
Is there compassion?
Is there lust?
Is there hardship?
Is there conflicts?
Is there doubt?

When is love?
Is it now?
Is it later?
Is it forever?
Is it never?

Where is love?
Is it when I'm next to her?
Is it when we are a world apart?

Why love?
Is it because of her hair?
Is it because of her smile?
Is it because of her ways with words?
Is it because of her never ending kindness?

Who do I love?
What kind of feeling is it?
When is the right time?
When do I share these feelings?
Where do these feelings come from?
Why don't I know more about it?
Why can't I say why I love them?
How do I find one to love?

To me, "I trust you" seems more intimate than I love you.

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Black man know thyself... @augustudoh augustudoh
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He gave me his nudes. 🌂

He was bare
and naked
and so out
and open
and i willingly
accepted it
because it wasnt the nudes
that showed his body
the physical aspects
that made him beautiful
it was the words
He didnt choose
and the spontaneity
that left him
either from his lips
or his fingers
or ink
He was as bare
as his nudes
and i accepted
him for him.

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Life is a privilege...the only life you are sure of. Make the most of today, get interested in something, shake yourself awake and develop a hobby. Let the winds of enthusiasm sweep through you. Live today with gusto and in style. (If life is so blue then select another color from the rainbow) 🙂

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STAND💪🏿 I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me. ( Phil 4:13 ) "Nothing can separate me from the love of modelling " I can go through all the things necessary for a shoot to happen. I can handle situations. I have the ability to Keep serving styles and poses. I learnt. 📸 @obi_d 👕👖 @14zeroseven
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Calming the storm🕊

I Call You...Out on the shores by Galilee
I call you. Come, follow me!
Leave your nets and cast out in the deep
The harvest is ready its time to reap
Fishers of men you shall now be
I call you. Come, follow me!
Living a life of love and service of man
It won’t be easy, but I know you can
There will be sorrow, loss and pain
Days when there is no gain
Do you trust and have faith even when you can’t see?
I call you: come, follow me!

I have lived a life of turbulent experience's, you see
I know of others who have experienced much more disturbance
They were the ones whose watchfulness took protective care of me
This is the route Our Father granted to teach His lesson
To love one another in all circumstances
In life within the turbulent sea
In preparation for all He needs me to be
Thank you to all who have led me
To acknowledgement of the Lords truth
Through this turbulent sea
For those still experiencing the turbulent waves
Upon this tumultuous sea of life's route
We are all traveling upon
I pray daily that the Spirit will lead you
To the calming of the storm
*1PETER 4:8
👕👖 @14zeroseven 📸 @obi_d
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Brains Wired to Culture🤳🏿 Check the phone for work
Check the phone for love
Check the phone for friends
Check the phone for time
Check my pulse for life

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Passions❗️ I am passionate about Health. One of my gifts from God is to teach people on the need of EXERCISE ...physical activity by working out the muscles regularly. I hate seeing people who are not fit, overweight and not making efforts to change 🤦🏿‍♂️.I know Starting a new Exercise program can be challenging, however (Beginners ) don't be scared🙂 depending on your Desire? To build muscles mass or reduce weight loss and better weight maintenance over time, there are lot of fitness programs that can be adjusted to your fitness level. Thank God for TIME I can say I used to be skinny, depressed, full of anxiety and not sleeping well. So one day I decided to improve my health. Before I started working out, I had a health checkup and made plans with realistic goals. Desire for change in my appearance made me to discipline myself. I researched on health diets and good exercise programs that do not require equipment and will only take 30-45 minutes a day to complete. The goal was to start slowly and build up my fitness level/inner strength. I allow my body rest from time to time to prevent injury and I also hydrate .I started to build Muscles and went to GYM HOUSES to use equipments to stay motivated and achieve body goals and keep track of my progress and also to take counsels from people whose physique I admired. I noticed my appearance improve✌🏿...wasn't getting depressed but was feeling more positive. I sleep better now and my sex life is better. Exercise significantly improved my health inside out. In short exercise is powerful and can help change your life.
So what are you waiting for? Start exercising today!
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Men are dogs😃 "All men are dogs!" Oh, how I hate that line, it's funny sometimes, but after a few seconds I realise that I'm being insulted - seeing as I am a man, well I don't think I am yet - but I'm a male.
But, it has come to my attyention that that is the sweetest thing I've ever heard - well second to someone's else's words... Men are dogs:
They are capable of providing you with a loyalty that would stand the test of time... They're just like my puppies, they don't know who you really are, yet they are blindly loyal to you.
I've seen dogs who stand by the bedside of their owners,
I've seen my dad follow his pregnant wife everywhere,
I've seen men who piss off nurses when they stay longer than the visiting hours at hospitals. (If you find the right man, you'd get tired of his presence because he would never leave you... For he is a dog.) At the call of their name, they'll come running to you - drooling, just like every dog does as they stick their tongue out. - you just need to, ummm, call their name in a sexy tone.
Dogs are obedient if you give them treats, they'd obey you... Men obey, but just like dogs, they need motivation... Dogs offer a friendship that's genuine,  true, they offer a friendship that honestly can never be broken, it's a rare trait, but some men will offer you a friendship like that,  a friendship that will last as long their hearts can fair keeping them alive.
Just like dogs, some men are messy and leave their crap everywhere and you, you are left to clean up the mess... But that doesn't weaken your love for your dog... ahem, man, it's just part of the deal, isn't it?

Men are dogs, but why do you make it sound like a bad thing?

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