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Mad Love ❣️ [ in celebration of Valentine’s Day]

By Amatesiro Dore

Someone told my father I would be sold into slavery and freed by a Prince but nobody told me.

Now this man that married me told everyone I was a virgin as though he does not know I’d been raped several times. How can a man more beautiful than his wife act as if she shits gold, sweats drops of perfume and her morning breathe tastes like sweet wine?

I don’t understand my husband. I want to return to my father’s house and suck my mother’s breasts. He claims to understand and followed me home to live with my people. ❤️ @ronketiamiyu
Photography @abusalamiphotography
#art #beauty #editorial #style #photography #love #word #1000words #power #aura #editorial

Mad Love❣️ [celebration of Valentine’s Day]

By Amatesiro Dore

http://www.increse.org/mad-love-100-word-fiction-in-celebration-of-valentines-day/ ❤️ @ronketiamiyu
Photography @abusalamiphotography
@beverly_osu ❤️
#art #love #african #beauty #power #valentinesday #fiction #1000words #editorial #likeforlike #share #style #photography

Beauty in Stance🐾

Today sky is full of clouds but tomorrow sun will shine
Nothing is constant in this world just let me clearly opine
Fortune dares to kiss those who dare to meet her just fine
Consistent struggle has its taste and flavor like pure wine
I am destined to be a man of destiny, destination is mine
Bruises of heart and soul to be kept alive with real brine
My mission is so vital that I see all around its glowing sign
I am proud of the fact my Lord keeps me with Him on line
Miracles happen when love takes verdict of beauty in stance
Life becomes a caring friend to provide chance after chance
But one should not mix reality with just ordinary romance
To be fully involved in real love affair one should be in trance
Let me apprise you about the clarity of eyes heart in advance
One should keep efforts in tact not to leave all on circumstance ....................................................................... Choices 💬

Too much time to ponder
Rarely brings a proper stance.
One chance
That's all I've got
One glance
To make this shot
A final stance
To change my lot.
This chance is all I have got. ......................................
👉🏿 Everything you do to stand out probably makes you stand in.
Just do you. 📸 @photons_photography
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Just remember to love yourself❣️ 😀

Photography @lagos_streetstyle
Because it's never all that serious✌🏿 #style #spongebob #fashion #love #natural #modelling #foreign #throwbackthursday

Foreign 🗿

You are so many things:
A blossoming tree, laden with potential,
A snowy field, unblemished by tracks,
An unfamiliar language, beautiful in your complexity.
You hold the promise of excitement- happiness.
Your novelty is captivating.
But if I've learned anything from the past,
It is to set my expectations low-
That nothing is as splendid as it seems from afar.
So forgive me for keeping my distance;
I will stay just out of reach
For as long as possible,
Because as soon as you get too close,
I will see you for what you are,
And your mystique will fade.

Photography @photons_photography
#style #me #fashion #editorial #feelings #foreign #guiness #modelling #model #african #me #bold #black #selflove #foreign #season

Wild Honey😋

You see, I know what's real and not
To some degree
I know you're lovely, 
crazy beautiful, 
Honey in the sun

I have eyes
I know I'm weird
I argue with my daughter over which toys are hers and mine
To play with

Ive tasted "store honey"
And "wild honey"

Wild Honey

I wish to drip You
On my dry tongue

Steal you, 
from the bees

Keep your golden self
In my glass jar


Wild honey
And a dream..... Can we get a Thousand more kisses this Valentine's Day ?💋💋💋 Photography @photons_photography
#african #beauty #style #valentinesday #love #kisses #body #skin #work #fitness #bold #black #guiness #foreign #extra #gentle

Man vs. Society🙋🏿‍♂️ The mind of a man
Is not always smart
In the mind of society

The feelings of a man
Must always be tough
In the mind of society

The body of a man
Must be muscular and chiseled
In the mind of society

The mind of society
Is always verbose with standards
In the mind of a man. ....................................... My Body♐️ My body is a fluid thing, supple,
not exactly lanky, because I'm not that skinny,
but well-proportioned
and not too muscular
but just muscular enough around the leg area.
My body is a fluid thing,
it matches my mind-
tall, not-cumbersome,
it flops and fits into any kind of space
flexibly curls into various positions
is comfortable changing but uncomfortable in the wrong clothes
My body is a fluid thing
I feel as though my joints are constantly shifting around
in their soft sockets
to be molded and to collapse
in a different place every time
and to relax, and form to its container
like liquid into a glass.
If my mind is fire, my body is the water
that surrounds and protects it
and seems to be perfectly matched and complimentary
to the flames that lay buried deep within my chest.

#style #body #me #model #modelling #mood #underwear


You are kolanut. Sweetness that follows bitterness. There is no memory without you, you are the store house of quest.
When tomorrow asks for yesterday, it is your name I call.
You are the tingling aftertaste.
I taste you. Do I linger on your tongue too?
Do I tingle?
When amnesia creeps in like surprise rain, I touch you to remember.
Do you touch yourself to touch me?
Do you remember our touch?
Do you remember the name of fun?the one we learnt when cast into the world swallowed by grief.
I know you Ajani
I learnt you
When we touch, I freeze. I know your touch I buried it inside... you are the secrets of thumbprints : there are no two Ajani. I know your touch, Ajani its trapped within my pores. You are the lone memory buried where fates are moulded into faces. Your look- alike is emptiness , your option is a fullness of Hurting... oh Ajani you have pinched my desires and I hold my breath.

Your absense canes me into wanting, so I have memorised your footfalls. I know your footfall. It is passion sketched on my mind, it is the memoirs of drifting in my head.

The beads on my waist , the heat of my passion, the pleasure of my ache, the memory of a burning groin.
The beads of waiting , the beads of wanting, the beads are weighty, I wait.
My waist pines for your searing, it is burdened by despised beads which lightens in your admiration.
In your touch my singled waist comes alive, my beads become my flesh.

Ajani, if you will not smile on the banquet table of rotund cheeks of thieving politicians , insincere friends with callous ways...smile for me for my ambition is to have your eyes in mine
To hold your hands and hope to keep your lips on mine
To wear your heart on mine and do nothing.

Photography @photons_photography
Inspired @nikeartgallery
#style #photography #african #art #editorial #hearts #feelings #mood #love #colours #culture #beauty #names #warriors #yorubademons #black #poetry

Your lips remind me of the words my hands wish they had the courage to write.

Photography @photons_photography
#art #style #kisses #model #mood #modelling #africanstyle #me #photography #feelings #opia #poetry


Someday we'll all be gone
But our stories might live on
In the photographs we take
And the memories we make. ....................................... [i'll keep the polaroids anyway]
i don't need photos to
remember you;
you are burned
onto my

Photography @photons_photography
#art #model #modelling #polariod #black #editorial #style #like4like #love #today #photography #update #outdoors #blonde #skin

Brown sugar skin.💩 You only wanted a taste of my brown sugar skin, to kiss my lips that are made from all my sins, you never wanted to dance with me, only wanted to suck the sweetness straight from my veins, your tongue was quick, painted me a new horizon, made me feel like my brown skinned body was worth something to you, until you stopped, until I wasn't worth something to you, you've sucked the sweetness from me, my heart no longer beats like a drum, I lost myself inside of your watercolor eyes, I'm still trying to find my way out.

Photography @photons_photography
#feelings #art #photography #eyes #editorial #modelling #models #mood #beauty #beauty #brown #brownskin #hair #today #strong

👀6ft 3inch Tall. 👉🏿Based in Lagos Nigeria.

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I constantly believe I would be a much better person if I were constantly slightly drunk. Because alcohol is honesty, really. I would rather be semi un-conscious and be honest than ignorant and sober. Sobriety is holding back stifling our opinions wth politeness politically - correctness Anguish.
#style #art #benz #guinessstout

I want to see them all
Show me all the scars you have,
and the stories behind them

I want to see the scars on your fingers.
And hear about all the demons you had to fight off with your bare hands.
did you win?

I want to see the scars on your back.
From all the people who have ever hurt you.
And how I vow to not add to that collecetion.

I want to see the scars on your heart.
well i can't see them, but i can assure you i feel them.
those are the scars that hurt the most and im sure some of those wounds are still open.

And i want to see the scars on your face.
those distinct markings that give you your features.
those marking that say you were not afraid to get up close and get hurt
for a reason you saw fit.

Will you show me all your scars?
I wont try to fix them, i promise.
because i know some of them you hold dear.
you can give me any scar you want though. i want a reminder of you.
i wont flinch, it won't even hurt.
Im used to it, so cut as deep as you want.

Darling, show me all your scars.

#art #me #today #style #love #poetry #storytime

I am a Citizen.

I am a Province, a State, a Municipality, and a Region.
I am a Soldier, a Pilot, a Minister, and a Legion;
I am a black man, a white man, a brown man, a woman,
A French man, American, Canadian, and Roman.

I am a rap artist, a singer, a slam poet and guitarist;
I dabble in the dark arts accompanied by a Marxist.

I'm a barista, a gas man, a secretary, and Tsarina,
A King and a Queen and a janitorial cleaner.

I am a "lover," a "hater," a "here now" and "there later,"
I am Luke Skywalker, yet at the same time, Lord Vader.
I am a driver, a walker, a rider, a stalker,
A conservative liberal and a well-learned straight-talker.

I am a salesman and clerk,
A criminal and a serf,
The proud owner of a weapon that, while it kills, saves the Earth.

I am a drinker and smoker,
A consumer and broker,
A bomb-maker, con-artist, Priest, and interloper.

I am a Citizen.

Religious and secular,
Macrocosmic, molecular,
Suit wearing, uncaring, emphatic, irregular,
A "packie," a Nazi, a Scrabble fan playing Yahtzee;

A Jihadist, sadistic, addicted to Herodotus,
History is repeated by the philosopher that thought of us.
The eroticist literature towards which we've all lusted;
It looks like the bullets machine-gun is busted.

Indifferent, ecstatic, illicett, erratic,
An infant, a senior, a young man with bad-lip,
A black man, a white man, a brown man, a woman,
A Jew and a Christian, a Muslim musician,
A monarch, elitist, pro-abortion defeatist,
An anarchist, Black Panther, and a rich plutocratic;
I am a citizen,
And as one,

I'm elastic.

Photography @yomstudios
Outfit @mac_lawstitches
#style #fashion #art #me #photography #photo #black #today

Dear creativity

I'm all out of poems
I'm all out of rhymes
I' m all out of style
I'm boring, I'm tired,
I'm lacking in time. Sincerely
My lack of motivation.

Promoting enterprise @gtbank
Photography @yomstudios
#style #models #me #editorial #creativity #gtbfashionweekend #fashion #art #likeforlike

Power of Portrayal •

Let your exposures be many & words be few
Photographs never outmaneuver -- its only people who do.

Photography @yomstudios
#style #me #art #dreams #mood #modelling #models #lookbook #editorial #change

Maybe a woman is not supposed to love only one man, but needs two to get the qualities she needs in her perfect man.

#art #style

I Need To Make Some Change's,
This Person I'm Becoming Is Just A Mere Reflection Of The Person I Once Was.
Soon Enough People Will Recognise The Fact That I'm A Fake,
That All I Want Is Approval.
Desperate For Attention,
Physical Or Emotional,
Becoming That Every Person Hates,
Taking Advantage Of Many,
Truly Loving The Few.
I'm So Angry,
Angry All The Time.
I Struggle Not To Lose It Sometimes,
I Don't Want You To See That.
That's Who I Used To Be,
But I'm Losing Who I Am,
And The Only Thing To Fill That Void Is Me,
The Old Me.
No One Liked The Old Me,
I Was Trouble,
I Can't Go Back To That,
Fighting Everyday,
Trying To Justify Everything I Did With Lies.
I Can't Trust Myself Any More,
I Have To End This,
But I Don't Know How,
The Answer's Are Lost On Me.
I'm Scared,
The Thought Of The Old Me Scares Me,
All My Friends Having To Meet What I Once Was,
They Don't Deserve That,
I Must End This,
But How?

#style #art #me #today #changes

Wild Flower

I've always admired how flowers bloom without any acknowledgement of their surroundings. A flower doesn't seek approval from the flower growing next to it, it just focuses on itself and blooms into what it is supposed to become. Honey, I hope you have the courage to be a flower, and bloom without any regard to your surroundings and the criticisms of the world. I hope you focus all of your energy into becoming the best possible version of yourself. Don't let the weeds around you stop you from flourishing, but also don't conform yourself into something you are not. Sure, a rose is a beautiful, but darling so is a wildflower. ( I was not force fed ideas
Growing up my parents viewed us as wild flowers
Strong enough to soak up the sun in our own way
Allowing weeds to share our space
Never choking
Their chance at living just as important as our own
Guidelines were simple, still are
Respect others
Your space is precious, as is their's
Forgive transgressions
Grudges will fester
Above all
You hear a lot more if you are not only waiting for your turn to talk. )

Photography @iamdmayo
#style #dreams #art #flowers #wildflowers #me #modelling #2015

Happy Birthday to me💥

a letter to an older me!
Dear FutureMe,
I hope you are happy. Your mom is still with you and .., well I hope he's with you as well. I hope you're ready to go sailing as you are a Sailor. I hope you were successful in all that you did even though you had some bad times and tired ones too. I hope you worked hard enough so as to make your mom and dad proud as that's what matters. I hope you're still in love with Rum and her.I hope you have more confidence in you and still like wearing all that you love to wear. I hope you tried singing in the public if not you still have time to do that. I hope after seeing this you'd be a little more happier if you already are and a little more hopeful if you're sad. And even if you're not following your dreams I hope you've made new ones and prospering in that too! I hope you still love yourself as much as you do now. Be strong you!

Photography @iamdmayo

#style #myday #art ♐️ #saggitariusseason

She pushes me away
But pulls me right back in when she wants something
She wants to see a little skin 
I gave her what she wanted foolishly thinking the girl who wanted to see me naked also wanted me as a person
I play the game waiting for someone to win
We're just going in circles
She wants my body and I want to be loved
She wants to mess around and I want someone to stay in my life
We're like fire and gasoline
I let her go trying to end this silly game once and for all
But she slithers her way back in my life 
And I let her stay
I know she will never love me
I can't make her love me
She only loves my body.

#art #style

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