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Torri Shack  🍃 Vegan for the Animals! 💪🏼Celebrity Personal Trainer 🌎 ❤️Non-Profit Founder: 🙏🏼Tangible Movement

Time is a blur. Every year it seems time slips through my fingers faster than sand in an hour glass. I have so many things I still want to accomplish. I’m not getting any younger ;) I want this year to be filled with hustle and fulfillment of the goals I have set for myself but have continually set aside for one reason or another. #goals #nodistractions #hustle #birthdayenlightenment

Sure I’ll eat that ;) Thanks for the belated b-day celebratory cake !! 🎂 @onepiecework

🇹🇭 Thailand Big Birthday Trip complete : Bangkok + Phuket + Phi Phi Island🌴 - drank lots of coconuts 🥥, saw some sights ;), played with elephants at the elephant sanctuary ( my favorite part) then puked my brains out for 24 hours LOL. Swam and snorkeled in the most beautiful waters I’ve ever seen and got some new Ink @bloodlinetattoophuket -so what’s the take away? This experience made me really truly grateful for my life just as it is at this very moment. 🙏🏼 thanks lozz for making this trip happen 👍🏼

Paradise Island 🌴 🇹🇭

When my mates bring me a birthday cake in bed b/c I’ve been dying — >puking my guts out for the last 24 hours. LOL ! #death #dontdrinkthewater #phuket #thailand #bigbirthday

Best Birthday Ever 🐘! (Until I got sick and puked my brains out for 24 hours lol) #thailand #phuket #elephantsantuary

Thanks for the good time Bangkok! Off to Phuket ✈️

Soooo most of you you know I am a huge animal lover- today I went to an animal rescue cafe. I got to eat treats, drink coffee and play with dogs, cats,birds, foxes, meerkat’s, hedgehog and a big raccoon. Needless to say I was in heaven!! #thailand #bangkok #littlezoocafe #bigbirthdaytrip

Taking a much needed break from “Merica” lol!

#fitnessfriday action with the main man in my life 😂 @miguel

Had an amazing time last night hosting my first major event for @onepiecework. Thanks @ani33 for being my hot arm piece 😂. 📸 by @fiacuzziphotography

Chillin with my #1 🐕 ❤️

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