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Torrie Wilson  β–ͺ️ Be Sassy, Classy & Bad Assy β–ͺ️ Torrie Wilson Fit β–ͺ️ 6 Week Shred β–ͺ️ WWE β–ͺ️ @TorrieWilsonFit


#MondayMood #DreamBigger __________________________________________________ πŸ“· @sarahorbanicphotos


Omg this is my motto said perfectly! Appreciate the good AND the a-holes. Gotta have both guys..gotta have both. YOU just may have to be somebody's earth angel passing through to give them a lesson. To show them there is good in the world. Do it with gusto so they never forget. ❀️ #SundayWisdom #WiseWords #MakeADifference #OnePersonCanMakeADifference

I'm proud to have friends like this that care about helping others. Thank you for doing what you do @traciszy ______________________________________________ #Repost @traciszy
Next time someone should give me a chair to stand on and some weights to start lifting. πŸ’ͺ love you @torriewilson Thank you for being there again #Heroes4Heroes 3rd Annual LAPMF Celeb Charity Poker. Photo by Leo Dignadice, Nerd Initiative Photobooth pics by @caliberphotoworks

Be YOUR OWN dang superhero!!! FIGHT to be better than yesterday. It's not a job meant for the weak. Privilege does not guarantee strength. 90% of the time we become stronger & better through hardship. I say we use it to climb up to the greatness we are ALL meant for. To me, real success is falling and getting back up..using the crap in life to propel you into what is truly meant for you. Something bigger. The only person who can guarantee 100% to have your back for life is YOU. ________________________________ @samuellathrop ________________________________ #StrongerEveryday #RiseUp #Triumph #StrongerAndWiser #GetBetterEveryday #torriewilson #torriewilsonfit #fitforlife

Getting revved up for my first 30 day TDub Fit challenge in October! Any suggestions from you guys? What would you want included?

..I definitely know that's what I'll remember most. - An ugly heart can make the most beautiful person in the world the ugliest in 60 seconds flat..and a beautiful heart can never be replaced. ________________________________________________ #Truth on a #TorrieTuesday

Going #BeastMode with my buddy @donsaladino today πŸ’ͺ🏽πŸ’ͺ🏽I always talk a big game because it's what I do. 😜 #HeKickedMyAss

2 great #exercises I love to superset. We don't need fancy equipment or skills. It's great to throw in something that works on our balance..we lose it as we get older - unless we use it! If using a lighter weight as I am here, I recommend high reps. But if you decide on 20 reps and don't feel your muscles getting tired you have 2 options: 1. Go HEAVIER (I promise big muscles are hard to get so don't worry) 2. Work to failure each time & don't worry about counting. - I kinda prefer a mixture of those 2 rules of thumb all the time and it works great for me. πŸ‘πŸΌπŸ™ŒπŸΌπŸ˜‹ __________________________________________________ FOR REAL TIME FULL WORKOUTS ⭐️⭐️ MEET ME AT WWW.TORRIEWILSONFIT.com #torriewilsonfit #homeworkout #workoutmotivation #workingout #getfit #fitspo #getup #workforit

I'm SO PROUD of this powerhouse @juhisays - For 20 years she had a dream and she made it happen! A true healer with magic hands & a bigger heart. If you live in nyc you are missing out if you don't go see her. #aryuvedic #naturalhealing Juhi Center: 164 E 61st ny,ny 646.9421016

#Auntie Torrie & Sebs πŸ’œ

2 of the best accessories you can have no matter what season or where you are in the world? 1.) #Smile 2.) #FitBody _______________________________________________ #Workout with me @ www.TorrieWilsonFit.Com ❀️ _________________________________________________. pic @lee_lhgfx

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