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David is learning to finesse this unwieldy machine. Ryan and Don roll out the material and staple it down. I prefer it when they all stay on the platform. Don is the mountain goat of this crew...always doing a high wire act. I can’t watch! We’re really enjoying this crew. All of them were students of Scott, who has been helping Zac, our builder, when his own project is slow. Zac and Don, who have known each other since kindergarten, are former students of Scott. Ryan who is 19, as well as Dylan, who sometimes helps out, are current students. Both Don and Ryan are farmers and would prefer to be working in their fields or with the livestock, but it’s too hard for famers these days to make a living so they build houses. Ryan just won a grand prize at the county fair for a cabinet he built. Don, 32, collects and restores old tractors. Occasionally we bring out some cold beer at the end of the day to relax and have a chat. It’s really nice.

Getting some roofing on.

I’m really liking these overhangs and they’re starting to get the roofing up.

Shadow play in the construction zone

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It may seem a small easy action, but we’ve always known we have to share this magical place and offer a respite of peace and tranquility in the world. Before we even purchased the land, we stood in the lower meadow, surrounded by pines and firs and felt a tangible sense of generosity surrounding us. We’ve always known part of our stewardship of this place was not to keep it to ourselves, but to share it. #birchwoodbluecabin

The guys are working in the rain. They finished the tiny trusses on top. Real dedication.

The road home

There’s that lucky rainbow of ours.

Just a little obsessed with the patterns in these trusses.

More excitement this evening when the bear got into the camper. I left the camper to go up to the building site and just closed the screen door. We came back after an hour or so and found the screen door open, the screen ripped, one boot tossed outside. Some dishes on the floor, the bread eaten and one bite taken out of each peach. (Talk about picky!) The garbage can was tipped over but unopened. Anyway, we’re going to have to be a little more mindful of closing doors and windows!

The crew needs the boom truck and the crane to set these big trusses.

When the bear stops by for a snack

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