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stuck on summer mode
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kanye attitude w/ drake feelings

thank you @hardfest <3 ily

wouldn’t wanna get whiplash with anyone else #HSMF

worry free near the sea (; #YesImAPoet

that’s a lotta tongue action... #yikes 🍒

welcome to the mbc

❁ happy as can be ❁

✨ all natural ✨
i have put on my story, a few times, pictures or videos with no make up on but this is actually my very first time posting a completely natural, not an ounce of make up, selfie onto my feed.
my mom has always told me less is more when it comes to make up, which i agree with 100% BUT i do feel so much better and confident when i do have my full face done. i am no beauty guru and actually SUCK at doing make up so anytime i’m wearing it, it’s the most simple look and never different than any other day.
you guys know i never do long captions or anything “deep” on my instagram but i wanted to make this post because in our generation there is so much cruelty and hate from people online that girls and women sometimes feel the need to make themselves look differently or “better” / “prettier” but everyone is so beautiful in their own ways and should love themselves no matter what! & before anyone says it, yes i know girls and women always say “i don’t wear make up to impress anyone i do it for myself because i love it” and i get that 100% because i feel the same way!! just don’t forget to love your natural self✨✨
stay beautiful, always send positivity, & make someone smile today.💛

next to you, in malibu.

beachy hair in full effect…

*starts working on summer bod half way through summer*

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