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Tori Spelling  Proud mommy, wife, actress, blogger, designer, DIY'er, author, producer, MOMprenuer #mamabear

Finn is only 4 but learning sign language in school. So proud of him! He's signing "I LOVE YOU" to everyone! @suegrayson

#ad What do you think of our #PaceSalsa DIY Taco Bar night? All you need are fun crafts (we made DIY felt no sew tacos and colorful pom poms to make a Taco Night banner!), a cute taco bar perfect for little hands with my special ground beef recipe, homemade guacamole, and of course, #MakeitSaucy with enough @PaceSalsaAndSauces to go around! Check out my IG Story for more #TacoTuesday!

When the chicness is just too much sometimes a pregger just needs to sit down! Styling @sethchernoff dress @marcjacobs shoes @stuartweitzman purse @hermes bump @torispelling & @imdeanmcdermott #dressthebump #hautepregger

Don't let pregnancy wear YOU! WEAR pregnancy! #dressthebump #preggerchic Styled by @sethchernoff dress by @ronnykobo shoes by @gucci bump by @torispelling & @imdeanmcdermott

Obsessed with these floor cushions for baby! So chic ( for kids and adults even!) @mylittlejoy_ Sent some for my friend who had her 1st bubba recently and she loved them. I can't wait to get for my bubba coming soooooo soon! #ChicnessIsMamasWeakness #JustWeeksAwayButFeelsLikeDays

My Stella the DIY Queen made these adorable DIY Valentine's for her class. She's a DIY #slime fanatic and expert so she made slime in cups for her friends ( to play with) with an edible wrapped kiss on top! Such cute wording " A "SLIMY" kiss". Happy #valentinesday to you and your loved ones! Always remember gifts from the heart and made by hand = ❤️ @stellashares

Officially in nesting mode with only 3 weeks till Baby #5 arrives! While getting in some rest I have been reading @bkobliner 's new book, "Make Your Kid a Money Genius (Even If You're Not)". If you haven't yet got your copy of Beth Kobliner's new book, head to the link in my bio! This book is so great and informative with tips on how to navigate your little ones with fun learning activities thru their formative years in respect to money. #moneygenius @hashtagpaid

Got a little #piggytime #piggymassage in before school ! I love Hattie's joyous smile in this picture which showcases her 1st missing tooth. They grow up so fast! And that includes you too Nutmeg! Xoxo

We're almost there! 💕 I've been drinking @teamiblends relax tea during my pregnancy. It helps me get some rest at night and is totally approved to drink while pregnant. In this busy household, it's nice to get a minute to myself and my little man. Especially since their tumbler bottles are so cute and make it easy to drink on the go❤! Excited to try their skinny tea after baby. I definitely recommend these natural teas to mamas 🙋! Try it out with TORI promo code to save you 15%! #thankyouteami

Stella & Hattie have started baking for a good cause! They did a bake sale to raise $ for Baby #5's future! They call themselves "Buggy & Boo Bake". @bkobliner ‘s new book “Make Your Kid a Money Genius (Even If You’re Not)” has helped us find ways to teach all of our kids the benefits and importance of saving and becoming financially responsible at any age. What to them seems like a fun activity is actually teaching them real life lessons! Grab yourself a copy of Beth Kobliner’s new book by following the link in my bio! #moneygenius @hashtagpaid

#ad Love doing DIY taco night with the kids! We love traditions in our home and #PaceSalsa is one of them - we do taco night every Tuesday and @PaceSalsaAndSauces is our real-life salsa of choice! Meal time is family time so I always like to make things creative and the kids love making monthly Taco Tuesday signs to hang up! Does your family celebrate taco night? #MakeitSaucy

We have a new member of the family...Nutmeg! Thanks to @oinkoinkminipigs for making this happen! Get all of the details on