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Weird flex but okay.

This is my third time posting this motherrr ferrrrkinnn quote because I had two typos.
But aside from that, this thought resonates with me deep. So many people are in need of love, but they sulk in their own pain because they don’t know how to receive love.

We have to give to get. In the laws of our universe energy is the most powerful thing, and what you put out there you WILL attract.

When you need, choose to give, and when you give you will get. It’s just takes a little bit of energy in the beginning but once you start building that cycle it will carry you through life. (I think) I’m on only 25 so take everything I say with a grain of salt. 😂

Be enough for yourself first, everyone else can sit the fuck back and wait on you 🥰💩

My dad always reminds It’s fun to chase dreams but don’t run yourself into the ground!

Today I went on @youngmindspodcast with my friends @frank_pugliese and @justromano ! We talked about everything from life before the challenge to what the fuck I’m doing now.

link is in bio! Check it out and let me know what you think!

The moment I saw your little face I believed in a higher power. I love you Sir Vladimir Raisin, welcome home 💗🤗 #scottishfold #russianblue

JIC you missed the caption on my post last night, here’s another reminder. If skin can grow back stronger after it’s been cut, so can you 💗🥰

You may have a lot of scars, but you have more skin.

It’s always been a dream of mine to make candles... I literally have 20,377 in my apartment. @suiheartclub and @halfmoon_candles birthed these beautiful babies that smell AMAZING!
The boyfriend candle is infused with Tiger’s Eye, has notes of cedar leaf and lavender (like a really good smelling guy) and gives you confidence to go out and kick ass.
Within is infused with Pink agate, smells like summer and reminds you to have some self love and me time. 💗
These candles are all natural and made in the USA (only 14 left of each) LINK IN BIO!

Once upon a Time, I met @jordan_wiseley in Colombia, didn’t like him because he got mad at everyone for not putting the lid on the peanut butter jar, and then we fell in love, the end.

Protect yo’ heart 🥰

@garyvee advises to post at least once a day on Instagram to increase engagement and this is the best I could come up with today.... #selflove

I know the stress that comes with dreams! It’s so easy to feel overwhelmed trying to accomplish goals! My favorite thing to do is make a list when I feel suffocated by own thoughts. Just dump that shit right on a piece of paper 📝 And remember that you’re not alone! For more positivity follow @suiheartclub 💗 also, we have a DOPE surprise coming later today 😍🤪 (drawn by @viracantdance )

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