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Jo Regis  πŸ‡΅πŸ‡­ Bodycon 4.0 finalist, Gold's Gym Philippines Practical fitness, for a practical lifestyle. Sweet-toothed πŸ’ #thehenshinproject

A #throwbackthursday moment:
This was how simple my goal was.

To be able to wear my old clothes again...
To be able to shop, without needing to worry if there's an XXL size or a pair of pants that's at least on a 36" waistline...
To not be judged indirectly by anyone, anywhere... I was this happy... Then when you realize how much you've gone, you get to ask yourself:

Is this your limit?
How much further can I push myself?
... #bodycon4

Dear Lolo,

How are things up there? Im sorry if I haven't been talking much lately. You know that's how it is with me, right? Know that you're always in my thoughts.

I've joined this competition in the gym called "Bodycon", and I want you to know that I'm one of the finalists. My goal is to become the best version of myself, and become an ambassador to what I truly believe in.

I haven't told you this, but to me, you're the strongest man there is: Stronger than Dad and me. Combined.

I've always admired your self-discipline and your consistency with work. How meticulous you are to the littlest detail. Not the harshest rains, nor the unforgiving sun. Nor the strongest of wind and cold stopped you from doing what is needed to be done.

Always persevere. Your last words to me. Your last words to me. To us.

And even in your weakest, you fought hard. Damnit. You fought hard and gave everything you ever could. What was months left from science, your human spirit gave us years.

You were my pillar of strength, Lolo. On this day, and until I can... give me the will to become the same to others.

Your Unico Apo.

So ya wanna win yerself free gym membership with Gold's?

I ain't gonna make you ask me how. Coz I'm tellin'. All need t'do iz join us tomorrow at Ayala Malls the 30th, from 1pm-6pm.

Each activity completed earns ya an entry, which will be raffled out at the end of the event.

So ya get t sweat it out, and get you a chance t'win a 6-month membership with us.

Not so bad, yeah? So get em tomorrow and get #strongerwithgolds
#bodycon4 #bodyconph

When I've grown tired of #hardboiledeggs

So when I say I usually trace around BGC whenever I run... I sort of meant it 😁
(Although I still need to adjust the default distance: it won't get past 4km 🀣)
#strongerwithgolds #bodyconph #bodycon4 #fitspirationph #instarun #runstagram

@markjamescmendoza taught us to train everything: that's both the muscles that can be seen aesthetically, and the ones that are hidden; that it'd be ideal if it can be incorporated within the workout.

The bands, as simple as they are, play an important role in improving your mobility and overall functionality. The resistance is based on how much effort you'll be placing on each rep. On a leg day like today, this felt like I was treading through water. And my πŸ‘! (that's all I can say)
#strongerwithgolds #bodycon4 #bodyconph #fitspirationph

Fact: Of all the workouts that I find time-consuming, cardio is always on the top of my list. However, it is just as important as resistance training as it has a positive effect on weight management.

But I find running without getting anywhere boring: nothing beats actual road work. So how do we go about it? By distracting yourself.

Because I learn things visually, audio-related materials does not have the effect desired to keep me going. Personally, I make it a point that I'm up to date with the latest animΓ© (or, ugh, masked rider) shows. I play an episode at least 2-3minutes after my warm up, until the clip is complete.

Think about it: a sitcom usually lasts for 23-25 minutes. Add your warm up, and your cool down, and you should be done in 30... I hope this helps, fitfam folks!
#fitspirationph #bodyconph #bodycon4 #cardiohacks

Staff design

Helm design.

Fact: One of my sources of inspiration is rooted from someone who doesn't physically exist.

I love reading and watching the series #hajimenoippo
Makunouchi Ippo never stood out a lot: In fact, he always gets chased after and beaten up by bullies. After being protected by boxer Mamoru Takamiya, he joined the Kamogawa boxing gym and rose to the challenges of the sport, that is boxing.

What inspired me about Ippo, was his drive: "What does it mean to be strong?" And because of that, he endured all the pre-competition work, and the fight itself.

He went through all the hard work, even with his work in their family business. Which made me realize: if someone fictional like Ippo can achieve what seems to us as impossible, what more can we?

Who is your fictional fitness character?

Credits to #mangastream

#strongerwithgolds #fitspirationph #bodycon4

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