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Top Presa Kennels™  🏆High-Quality Canarios are our Specialty🏆 🌟Health, Beauty, Sound Temperament🌟 🐕Puppies start at $3000 ✨It's Either Top Presa Or It's Not Presa✨

"I don't care how many followers you got, don't know who you think you are but I'ma show you that you not"🎶 I'm in the mood to block a few fur moms today and it's nothing like a dog being worked video to bring em out 😂 seriously though, no equipment necessary and if you think cardboard sticks and boxes are hurting my boy 🤷🏿‍♂️ you really don't know him that well 😈 he'd go threw hell and back for me and I know because he's shown it time and time again 😉 love and loyalty are action words in my book so no proof no truth

🔥Always Ready For Action🔥

He's a pup but he'd tell you I'm hanging with the Big Dog today 😄

Just like Doritos, our dogs are "For The Bold" if you prefer average we're not for you 🤷🏿‍♂️

No special diet or workouts, just badass genetics 💪🏿

I was born to flex 💪🏿 got my boy looking like a million bucks 💰💲🤑

The exotic colors, some of our dogs have, are just an added bonus to go along with their amazing structure and temperament 😍

You know those dogs they add a disclaimer like " not for inexperienced owners" welp, this is her! A true "No Nonsense" dog 😈

Experimenting and experience has taught us, here at Top Presa, how to get a dog in tip top condition💪

The bone on this guy is something serious 💪👀

🚨Ladies I think I may have found proof!!!🚨 Now all men aren't dogs but for those who are, behold "THE MISSING LINK" 😂🤣😆

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