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Focus on making your goals thrive not the competitions demise 💯 remember eyes on the prize 👀🏆

Here's another video filmed in the Canary Islands dating back to 1995. You see a confident Presa Canario pup being agitated by who appears to be his owners (adult and children) Many people would say this is cringe worthy and abuse but for others it is nothing more than a game/test to see the pups pain tolerance and mental stability. (If you've ever seen a litter of Presa pups together you'd know litter mates play much rougher than this) Presas are a working breed. I repeat a working breed. These dogs aren't meant to be selected for color or ridiculous size. The correct way to select is according to needs. People needed these dogs to perform a job and most often that job was to be a livestock and/or estate guardian or a catch dog. Puppies who are tough, durable, driven, and mentally stable are ideal candidates for future working Presa Canarios. As you can see the pup's tail is erect the entire video and not for one moment does it run or tuck its tail displaying avoidance. The owner can assess from this test that this puppy is worth keeping for his program for future evaluation based on the dogs reaction to the stimulation. A confident and stable puppy, raised correctly, will mature into a confident and stable adult dog. I want you to notice the pups recovery. When its owner stops the agitation the children immediately begin to pet and coddle the puppy and he is accepting and forgiving. Remember when working with pups recovery is everything. You may get a negative initial reaction but a puppy who can recover (gather themselves and try again) and move forward shows the potential we wish to see. Working dogs are best when they have the ability to analyze a situation and act accordingly. Like people who are impulsive and act without thinking dogs who do the same can be reckless and a danger to themselves and others. This puppy has a good pain tolerance which is needed by a dog raised with children who can sometimes be too rough or touchy in places uncomfortable to the dog. A dog with such tolerance is far less likely to attack an innocent child. The more powerful the breed the more testing and stricter the selection process should be.

💫Boca La Loca💫

This is for the people who think, because they love ❣️ their dog, their dog would protect them in the case of an emergency. Notice how the owners are laughing about their dogs reaction, or should I say nonreaction, but had this been real I doubt anyone would be laughing 😬 you may want to hire a professional to test your dogs before assuming they wouldn't bail on you 👍 that is if protection is one of the reason you own the dog for. I want everyone to be safe not sorry

🤓📖Here's an old clip of a Presa Canario back on the Canary Islands, Spain. You're shown the bite power and gripping strength as a large dog is raised off of the ground while holding on to a wooden stick with it's powerful jaws. Next you're shown a dog pulling a tire over rough terrain for strength and muscle development. Then you see a Presa swimming in a large body of water without a life vest to aid him from sinking. Last you are shown a cat in a bag suspended in the air to entice the dog to jump and use it's hind legs in an explosive manner to achieve power and greater height on it's leaps. I shared this to show how people developed and select the foundation stock from what we all breed today. Presas were not meant to be couch potatoes but working dogs capable of so many different jobs. Too many times I see people bashing owners for conditioning their dogs or keeping them at a good healthy and functional weight. Form follows function. These dogs had to perform a job. Without the ability to perform that job or maintain its health they were no good for the future of the breed. Select according to function and form will follow. If you want a dog who is built to hike 10 miles in the heat non stop maybe a dog built like a square with under developed muscles and a short muzzle isn't the best candidate. On that same note if you want a dog who is as friendly as a restaurant hostess maybe a Presa Canario isn't the breed for you. So many people strive to breed a dog opposite of it's original purpose, look, temperament, or behavior. Presas were never consider to be gentle giant...sorry wrong breed fur mommies. Presas who act like Golden Retriever aren't truly Presas. The same way you would say it isn't a Presa for incorrect color, size, or any other physical features you should do the same for dogs who display incorrect temperament and behavior of the breed. You have to take into account that temperament and behavior is what truly shape this breed in the beginning and in order to maintain it's type that same selection process should be used to day. Research and educate yourself and so much nonsense can be avoided when it comes to the health and future of all breeds.

Reputation is everything and your first impression could very well be your last if it isn't good enough so always give your best effort 💯

One of my favorite pups that we've created "Terminator" here we're teasing him with different noises and he's just super cool about. This is what goes on at our home behind the scenes 😄

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