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Roger Peet  Artist, printmaker, etc. Member of the Justseeds Artists' Cooperative.


Printed a bunch of these patches, which are up on @justseeds today (link in profe).I think an Eclipse is a great metaphor for social change- dragging something small and powerful in front of the thing that takes up all the attention, until it vanishes and the world is changed. .
#art #screenprinting #patch #endwhitesupremacy

From one mountain to the next: the 2018 Justseeds/Eberhardt Press organizer is off the press and into the collating pit! Preorders start this Friday at Justseeds.org! If you need me I'll be adding paper-cuts to my obsidian lacerations.

I took the long way home from Oakland, through the northeastern corner of California. On the recommendation of a friend I visited Glass Mountain, in Modoc county near lava beds national monument. The monument preserves the landscape where the Modoc war took place, between a band of Indigenous warriors and the army of the nascent United States. Glass Mountain rears from the pumice plain nearby like a gaunt onyx monolith, sheer slopes of clinker and slick obsidian. I scrambled up it and picked my way through the slabs of glass, everything sharper than everything else. Going down was a cacophonic shatter and clash of shards tumbling and smashing before me down the slope.

Space Bears. Three walls in Oakland's Laurel District dedicated to the idea that there's a Grizzly-shaped hole in California. Murals painted by me, Rush Santos, and some young helpers. Come out this afternoon 5-7 to celebrate these once and future beasts and hang out with Rush (@beastoakland) and I at High St. pharmacy and Degrees Plato, MacArthur and High St, sites of the two big walls. 4251 MacArthur! This is the fourteenth of the #endangeredspeciesmurals.
#art #mural #streetart #oakland #grizzly #grizzlybear #brownbear #painting

Fernando "Rush" Santos aka @beastoakland working with youth on his mural for this project in Oakland- "A Bear-Shaped Hole". A series of murals in the Laurel District, imagining the shapes left behind by the lost Grizzly Bears of the West Coast. Final days of work, and then we'll be having an unveiling this Friday at Degrees Plato Bottleshop (location of this mural) 5-7 pm. #art #mural #streetart #grizzly @centerforbiodiv #endangeredspeciesmurals

Space: the final something something. Almost finished with this project in Oakland.
#art #mural #streetart #space #grizzly #endangeredspeciesmurals

So honored to have a graphic created by @jessxsnow and I turned into a billboard at @galeriadelaraza in SF! #defenddaca #streetart #migrationisbeautiful #dreamers #justseeds

If you live in the west long enough, you will eventually make a print about fire.

The forests of the western half of the American continent are adapted to burn. Fire clears out the understory, fertilizes the soil with ash, and liberates fungal mycelium from the soil. Numerous evergreen tree species are fire-dependent, needing intense heat to melt open their cones and release their seeds. Indigenous peoples regularly burned the forests that they inhabited to select for certain tree species and to open space for game. Unfortunately, for the past century there has been an ill-advised policy of fire suppression throughout the forestlands of the west, leading to a much higher incidence of catastrophic fires that burn much hotter than they used to, and regularly kill even ancient forests most resistant to the flames. We need to bring fire back to our lives, to live closer to its wild energy and let it shape the landscape, and shape us.

The bird in this image is a Lewis' Woodpecker, a beautiful, dwindling creature that has mostly given up on pecking wood and hawks insects from exposed branches. Burned forests are a preferred habitat.

The bear minimum. Painting in the Laurel district for the next ten days or so, come say hi. #endangeredspeciesmurals

Smoky realms

Packing for the bookfair in Oakland on the 16th, this is a year's worth of small polemic prints. . .
#bayareaanarchistbookfair #art #print #printmaking #justseeds #politicalart #silkscreen #screenprint #screenprinting

Flight 64 Print Studio fundraiser tonight- found this ancient print of mine on the $10 print table. Huh. Where did this block go?

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