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Tools Carpentry Construction  All #trades welcome 3rd generation #contractor #carpenter we love #carpentry #remodeling #restoration #construction #tools #powertools #RBC #LDC #CG-6

We had a beautiful visitor on the jobsite today. #iguana #wildlife #puertorico #reptile

Nice package from @calaveratool I actually brought the bags with me to Puerto Rico. They are coming in very handy.

Just made my first hand shaken daiquiri and I love it! @bacardi @bacardiusa #casabacardipr

Made my first #cubalibre !

Only day off. A well earned tour of @bacardi they gave us a discount for helping out here🔥 #casabacardipr 😍 #disasterrelief #puertorico #rum #teamtoolpig

Inventory. We had extra help Saturday from some of the locals. Lots of tools lent out. Every single item came back down to the last pencil. I love my Puerto Rican brothers and sisters😍😍😍

I brought these @truewerk g2 werkpants to Puerto Rico because they are thinner moisture wicking material. They move with you because they stretch. They are pretty dang comfortable. Those are all good things. I also like the placement of the rear pockets. My wallet can easily be slid to the side where I don’t have to sit on it while driving.
Now for some suggestions:
Please make the tool/ fastener pockets bigger and more useful.
Please raise the knee pad pockets or make them adjustable some way or offer a long knee pad.
Please don’t skip the hammer loop next time. I find myself looking for it all day even though I know it’s not there.
What are your thoughts on these pants? I know several of you use them👍🏼 #workpants #workwear #trousers #toolbags #construction #contractor #carpenter

Huge thanks to @homedepot for the support! They sent me a gift card to use down here for things we need in the Puerto Rican rebuilding work. This is some of what we needed today. Other stuf was snapped up before I could get a shot. Glad our build is only 10 minutes away from the Bayamon Home Depot. They didn’t have exactly everything we needed but they had enough to keep us going all day. I really like the @milwaukeetool chalk line. That’s one thing I didn’t bring #homedepot #thdprospective

Some local friends brought some icy treats!! 😍😍😍

Dropped my baby on concrete today from 4’. Fortunately it landed on the battery and not on the foot plate. I’m really glad I brought this. It has not sat idle at all. This @makitatools xsh03 has become pretty much the only handheld saw used on this site . It is truly my favorite saw when I don’t need all the power and weight of the X2. So far everything has been pressure treated pine. 2x4 - 2x12 and 5/8” T-111 sheathing. All PT. I’ve never built anything to withstand a cat 5 hurricane before. It’s rough carpentry but there are more @strongtie Connectors than I have ever seen before. I really wish I could post the work but I was asked not to and I gave my word that I wouldn’t. I can share pictures and video with my friends. If you want to see them let me know. #tools #construction #contractor #caroenter

Shout out to @stabilausacanada for sending so many of the worlds best levels to help out in the rebuilding work in Puerto Rico! They are already making things better! You know I am a Stabila fan for life! This just makes it all the more so! #my1ststabila #myfirststabila #mystabila #stabila #level #construction #germantools

Some final packing before the flight. @makitatools #battery #batteries #cordless #powertools #tools

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