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nina  from vine // multifandom but mostly gotham. DONT REPOST MY EDITS WITHOUT CREDIT

i need you // i tried to make this lit but i failed | ac: @retro.lana

i can't believe this

you can't leave me | ac/rm: i don't remember

me these past few weeks

he makes me so happy (':

this is rlly simple i apologize | ac: don't remember

wanted to post this on my birthday but my laptop hates me l ac: @aztec.log

never forget this gay ass episode | ac: idk

i hope kevin coulson is alive and happy | ac/rm:

im sorry this is ugly | ac: FCKNOVAK

i posted a youtube video, check it out pls. (just search the title of the vid and you'll find it)

guess who i'm meeting in may!! 😱 (sorry for the spam)

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