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nina  from vine // multifandom but mostly gotham // @ pansexualnygma on twitter // DONT REPOST MY EDITS PLS

can't decide | ac: mine | ignore the glitch


my sunshine @corymichaelsmith | ac: mine

the gays | ac: @swanthieft | i gave up on this edit. i'm rlly unhappy with it but it took me rlly long to make so whatever here you go

i made these edits of cory when i had nothing to do at work πŸ™ˆ (i added the watermark on my phone thats why it looks crusty)

adorable lil sunshine 🌟 | ib: @swanthieft

take me back 😭 i hope he had/has the best birthday ever filled with love and happiness | ac/rm: @xocobblepot

"that was just me trying to hold on to him for a little bit longer" | rm/ac: @aztec.log

i sing the body electric | ac: mine

i need you // i tried to make this lit but i failed | ac: @retro.lana

you can't leave me | ac/rm: i don't remember

me these past few weeks

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