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Tool Reviews and construction  Im a remodel/general contractor, and I test/review tools directed to PRO's. Got a tool or product you want tested? Contact me! #toolaholicapproved

Time for sunday night questions.

Sorry im late. Ask away. Any tool or construction related question.

The @southwiretools LED low bay temp light is here.

8200 lumens of light with a 5000k colour temp.

Ill get this out to a jobsite asap.

My initial impressions are great. It seems solid and the spread of light is wide and even.

To say I was "in my element" was an understatement.

It was a HUGE honour to visit the world headquarters of @festool in Germany. A #festoolexperience I will remember for years to come.

We got an inside look at how their tools are developed, built, and tested. Sadly I cant share any of those images, but believe me when I say, they put their tools through the roughest conditions to ensure they perform when you need them the most.

Assembly takes place by very skilled hands. Packing tools with the utmost care and minimal waste. The factory is a well oiled machine.

The trainers there are extremely passionate about what they do. Frank, Georg, and Jose gave us a refresher on tools we knew of, and showed us some tools that we dont have available in North America.

I know many of you ask, why dont we have certain tools in North america? The answer varies. Its partially demand, voltage/amperage, CSA or UL requirements, or cost.

For me, the biggest eye opener was voltage. Many North americans complain that the TS55 is "underpowered" , but forget that this is a tool that was designed and built for 240v.

I used the ts55 to rip full depth in oak, and the power was incredible. We ran the TSC55 and TS55 side by side and we felt the corded TS55 edged forward ever so slightly.

Whats the solution here? Unfortunately there isnt a simple one. As tools evolve Im sure we will see more cordless options, but for the time being, our grid is a huge restriction.

Now this is how you cut bird mouths in a hurry.

This was considered a light pass as well. You could go much deeper.

Forgive the jump at the end. The track moved because the timbers were not all flushed up in this demo.

Check out @toolpig for a video running a rabbet cutting head for half lap joints.

#wood #woodworker #timberframe #festool #festo #timber #birdsmouth #framer #router #circularsaw #mafell

My trip has come to an end.

I had a blast in Germany. It was my first time in Europe, but it felt good to connect with my roots (Im half German) and visit the headquarters of a company I support so much.

Thank you all for your attention to detail, and your hospitality. This gift makes me miss home, but Im glad for the experience and I hope to return soon.

Now thats AWESOME!!

Spending some time today where all the magic happens.

Festool engineering in Wendlingen, Germany.

Unfortunately photography and video is strictly controlled, so I wont be able to post anything for a while.

Festools newest backer pad takes dust collection to another level.

This backer has new air channels that are optimized for cooling and suction airflow. The addition of many new holes, coupled with a new abrasive hole punch pattern, make for the best collection of a solid abrasive sheet.

You can also use a pad interface and their new Granat Net abrasive for the best collection with powdery dusts like plaster, drywall, and mdf.

Take a look at the ETS EC riding the edge of raw drywall, and the amount of dust being collected. This is very impressive for a punched abrasive sheet.

Moving forward, new sanders will be shipped with this pad, and the abrasive line up will be punched with the new pattern. Dont worry, the new pattern is still fully compatible with older sanders.

A huge thank you goes out to @festool for arranging a segway tour of some countryside hills in Germany.

This was definitely the highlight of my day. I was interested in buying one until I heard they were 9000 euros per unit!

Ill be adding some video to my stories now that im back on wifi.

THANK YOU to all the viewers of my stories and all the comments you send me. I really appreciate it.

Keep watching tomorrow, l start the giveaways during the day.

I had the opportunity to try the new @festool cordless sanders, and can say with confidence they exceed the performance of the previous corded units.

My first impression when I switched one on was wow! How was it so quiet? The new sanders all feature an ultra efficient brushless motor capable of running up to 35 minutes per charge, depending on pressure, and motor load.

You can charge a battery in 25 minutes, so as long as you have another on the charger, you could theoretically sand cordless as long as you wanted. Chances are you wouldnt be sanding for 35 minutes straight either way, but if you wanted to, this sander also has the option of going corded.

The new battery pack is a 3.1 ergo slim pack that fits a standard 18v charger. It has an on board fuel gauge. To go corded, you insert a battery shaped convertor into the battery port. There is a plug it connector on the rear of the convertor. The sander sips energy using only 150 watts.

I felt no difference in corded to cordless. This is truly an amazing line of sanders and I cant wait to see them in North America.

Did you know that @festool has a 2600 watt concrete track saw.

I wish we could get tools like this in North America!

It uses the standard FS rails.


#concrete #tile #tracksaw #concretetracksaw #clean #dustextractor #festool #festoolexperience

Installing trim? Many people scratch their heads when it comes to angles.

You dont even need to spend major money on an angle finder for flawless results. Take this 7" starrett prosite angle finder for instance. Its only about $60 USD and its made of aluminum.

It features two scales. One for a single cut, useful when terminating into a surface, and one that automatically bisects your angle. For example, if you stick this into an inside 45* corner, it will tell you to make your cuts at 22.5*. To mark and trim out an angle in a wall with a smooth curve, first you must find the intersection of each plane. Press the angle finder into the angle and mark the center of where it touches.

Now take note of the cut angles, and pull a measurement from either side to your newly marked line. I overcut these by 1/16 or sometimes 1/32 depending on the length, so I can spring them into place.

The result is a perfect miter held under pressure. When glued, this should never open.

Starrett angle finders are available at @atlasmachinery

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