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satx.sam  Ion need no one to keep me grinding😅♛ Heart eyes on someones son ❤(j) April 24❤ Tia to be💕🍼👶


Hoes want what I got💕🌼

Welcome to my channel 😂❣

Commet for tbh!!

Never let some wasted your time🔚⏳⌛

No one can be me🖕😂, ckuzz there's only one me😍💕..

If it wasn't for these two I would never be a Tia😩 but in 6 more months the baby will be here in no time💖!! Thanks brother in law and sister

I'm hit that nikka with the tommy😁🚫 an I ain't talking about the Hilfiger😁😱

I can't let that bitch get what mines😱, why can't you just give me a chance💏fuck all your friends✌, cuz baby they don't know what we been through💞,I know u missin'😦 you, kissin'😘you

at first I took my time💔but I see u just what I like💖 there wasn't a day you weren't on my mine😘but u had a chance to bad to sad✌asking me to say around fuck no😐 I believe how u do me like that😱go ducks with them two hoes😴how can u switch up on me👻

Fuck it im on one🖕😂💖ohh yes ohh yeaa💕

shawty gonna ride for her baby💞💞, no matter he making money💸 or not he know how I'm coming behind my baby👅#single

No one can explain the love❤ I got for you❣

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