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Shantall!!!  i just want to swim butterfly//poser//the month of march is not my friend

Swipe to see them teefies cuz the east is too good

Loving my hair in all it’s stages. (p.s just my long nose hairs reflecting off light)

I’ve embraced my jawline so im blessing u with this photo forever!

Nico had this commissioned. He wishes he had that stubble. 💕😆 thank you @happyfluffcomics

It is Tuesday my dudes - let’s get this bread 🍞

hbd <3

He keeps asking for “spare coochie”. Can someone please explain what this means?

Okay so where do I even begin? On the 26th I was welcomed sweetly into my 20’s and got to play video games with one of my best pals @tbshania . Midday my beautiful partner @heirofcuba had yellow roses delivered to me and later SURPRISED me by popping up on my doorstep. We hung out and then I left to meet my sister @misswalsh88 , and we ate the most tasty cheesecake.

FLASH FORWARD to that Saturday and I’m set to meet @chelston_s , @dennney , @clairedoingthings for ramen. EXCEPT IT WASN’T RAMEN!!! They brought me to a karaoke room full of the closest people in my life! I dropped to the floor full of tears- I was so happy to see almost everyone that I love in one room. We spent a great night together and I got a DAMN BIG MAC CAKE ❤️🤤! Thank you to my amazing partner who orchestrated it all. AND thank you to everyone who came! I am SO blessed to have such wonderful friends and family in my life. Without you all it wouldn’t have been that special. It was the best birthday that i’ve ever had.
Thank you guys. I love you 🙏🏾

You will forever be our Princess. Ten years ago Dad surprised us with you. Wrapped in a little blanket, so tiny. My mind thinks of the days and years following: How feisty you could be, how loving, and just hilarious. You were my fluffy protector. These last few months I didn’t get to spend a lot of time with you, forever I will carry that burden. Our hearts are broken. I don’t know how I feel, sitting in my bed, and not feeling your presence in the house. I know you are at peace now. I miss you already and I will always love you. My sister.

#tb to earlier this summer when my dewiness was caused by sweat and not this goddamn rain

Fuck it, here’s a third

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