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TonyVToons  🍪Producer, singer 🍪Youtube Animator 🍪That's all...I know I'm freaking awesome right.

You ever just... [screams internally]

*inhales* :V

Sooooo I embarrassed myself in front of one of my favorite youtubers at a Youtuber party... New video in 10 mins #animation #tonyvtoons #youtuber

been feeling detached 🥀

New Animation (most embarrassing story) NEXT WEEKEND! It’s gonna be around 6 mins long 😬let’s do this shit

Link in bio to hear my new song. Luv you 💜⭐️

i understand now 🌥

You attract the things you give your attention to the most. whatever frequency you’re on you will attract things in that same frequency. Negative thoughts attract negative experiences. Positive thoughts attract positive experiences. It’s the universal law.. If you wake up thinking about your money problems, relationship issues and self esteem issues, you’ve now connected with the frequency of negative emotions, and you will attract more problem in your life. But waking up and thinking of all of the things you’re grateful for “my supportive family” “my home” “the body that I have to experience life with” “all of the money that comes into my life” You’ve now tuned into a positive frequency and are ready to accept MORE positive experiences into your life. Triggering the emotion of gratification is the quickest way to raise your frequency and make life more enjoyable. 🌌 have fun 💜

Hi :) new animation soon & new song

Idk how I stooped so low

If you have a goal for this year write it down today. Do one small thing everyday to move you just a little bit closer to that goal and those small steps will be gigantic when you add it all up by the end of this year. I want all of you to focus on yourself this year, no one else. It’s never too late to become the greatness version of yourself 💜⭐️ I have love for all of you and I hope you make this year the start of a better life. Have gratitude and stay positive and when life gets shitty sometimes just remember.. at least you exist. Ur human life is v special 💜💜💜⛵️#2019

Let’s end 2018 with a BANG!💥 NEW SONG “Party Harvey” link in bio. ⛵️ Available on all streaming platforms too

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