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Tony Robbins  Save a child’s life today. Donate to Operation Underground Railroad. Together we’ve helped free 1,000+ children from slavery & working towards 10,000.

It’s Day 1 of Unleash the Power Within and London has STEPPED UP! This is officially the LARGEST London #UPW EVER with 13,000 incredible souls from 67 countries and we’re translating 7 languages simultaneously! We are at MAX capacity! For the next four days, we’ll be shattering our own limitations and discovering how to create life on OUR terms so we can take our lives to the next level. We grow so that we have more to give. Let the transformation begin!!
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I want to thank everyone who reached out following my last message to share your personal stories. I am overwhelmed with gratitude listening to your experiences. I'm humbled by the vastness of your love and the higher meanings you’ve made from the challenges you’ve faced in your own lives. The invincible human spirit continues to amaze me.
I've also been touched by those of you whom I’ve never had the privilege to meet, who reached out to share insights, opinions and fresh perspectives.
Ending pain and suffering for ANYONE and everyone has been my life’s mission for the past 40 years. I had to start with myself in order to get past the abuse in my own childhood. My core conviction is that, no matter what events may have happened to us: Our biography does NOT equal our destiny.
It’s been a privilege to work with so many diverse souls over the past four decades. With God’s grace, I will continue to listen, learn and serve many more. The past week has been a call to go within, and it has ignited an even deeper desire to understand, heal, bridge differences and connect to the gift of life we all share together.
With love & eternal gratitude,

Congratulations to the Wildcats for their second national championship in just 3 years! Something struck me about Monday night's game, a lesson that all business owners, community and family leaders can learn from. It is a critical key to consistent excellence and achievement…

Donte DiVicenzo came off the bench and scored 31 points, fueling the massive comeback in the first half. But he’s not a superstar. In fact, no one is. This team is not built around a SINGLE PLAYER, but – much like the Golden State Warrior (yes Warriors!!) – around a steady lineup of talented shooters of all sizes. Villanova has an ETHOS OF EXCELLENCE, a standard that every player meets. If it wasn’t DiVecenzo, it would have been someone else, another player who STEPPED UP at that moment and said, This is not a SHOULD, but a MUST.

As ESPN said, “The go-to guy on this team is the open man.” In YOUR business, in your tribe – Who is your go-to guy? It needs to be EVERYONE. Set a high standard in your business and community and don’t settle for anything less. Just as you are the best judge of yourself and your capabilities, you can also create a level that you know everyone can and will attain. Change what you demand of yourself and others. This is the path to ultimate success!!!
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It’s easy to think that technology is completely taking over every business today. In today’s global economy, companies are racing to automate everything – including marketing, which used to be seen as a primarily human/creative endeavor. In fact, 10 years ago, most brands followed the 10/90 rule, which advises spending $9 on people for every $1 spent on marketing technology. Today, enterprise CMOs are allocating 22% of their budget to marketing technology, and 27% to internal staff, which is closer to a 1:1 ratio!! At @RussellBrunson’s Full Hacking Live conference this past weekend, I addressed 3,000 business owners – most of which are fully invested in online marketing and e-commerce – and told them, DO NOT LOSE SIGHT OF YOUR UNIQUE IDENTITY. You are the HEART & SOUL OF YOUR BRAND. Technology comes and goes, but the software, the backbone of every technology, is the STORY.

Human beings are wired for stories, and your job is to tell a better story. THAT is what will differentiate you from your competition and gain you the winning edge, not the number of leads you get or the way you optimize your conversion rate. The ultimate outcome for every business is to CREATE THE EXTRAORDINARY VALUE for your clients, and storytelling is and always will be the #1 way to EARN THE ATTENTION and EMOTIONAL CONNECTION to your audience – and that’s what drives them to ACTION.
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For 41 years, I’ve taught that if you want to be a leader and create massive change in your life, you must put PHYSIOLOGY first. Why? Because EMOTION is created by MOTION, and the way you move will determine the way you feel! Shifting your state can be simple. Harvard Business School did a study proving that just 2 minutes in a "power pose" (think Wonder Woman or Superman – standing tall, chest out, head up) can have a radical impact on your biochemistry. In the group they sampled, testosterone increased 20%, cortisol (stress hormone) levels decreased 25% and risk tolerance increased 33%. Try it a few times today and see how you feel! #motivationmonday #powerpose
* read the @fortunemag article and see the entire video on my Facebook Page.

Such a privilege to speak at the Psychotherapy Networker Symposium yesterday in Washington D.C. It’s been nearly a decade since I began to work closely with professional therapists, through my close partnership with the renowned teacher of family therapy and brilliant interventionist Cloe Madanes. Together, we’ve trained over 10,000 therapists, social workers and mental health professionals. I deeply honor those who have dedicated their energies to helping couples and families find resolution, and, ultimately, fulfillment through love & connection. They are true leaders, serving those who need it most and providing positive, lasting impact!!!

I hear it’s National Puppy Day. But even if it isn’t. We never need an excuse to give thanks for all the creatures like this little one, who brings us constant joy, just by being themselves 🐶 #nationalpuppyday

What a sight for sore eyes! After weeks on the road, from a sold-out UPW in San Jose to having the privilege of working with the Golden State Warriors, to addressing top leaders in healthcare at the Fortune Brainstorm Health summit, I’m finally back HOME in beautiful Palm Beach, Florida. But it’s a short-lived time in paradise! We are getting back on the road for two events, first in snowy D.C. and then back down to Orlando. Hope to cross paths with some of you! 😎❤️🌴☀️🌊
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Spent the afternoon yesterday at Fortune Brainstorm Health 2018. A huge thank you to Deb Disanzo and the entire IBM Watson team for having me, and thank you to Dr. David Agus for an enlightening conversation on leadership and the future of health. We're living in extraordinary times, where there are more solutions for human health, longevity, vitality and LIFE FORCE than ever before. Stay tuned later this spring as I go to the Vatican in Rome to attend UNITE TO CURE: A Global Health Care Initiative where we'll be discussing the future of stem cell therapy! #BrainstormHealth

My dear friend @Pitbull provided a surprise performance at UPW San Jose last night! The energy from the crowd nearly brought the SAP Center to the ground! What an entertainer – what a force… and from such humble beginnings – I’m so fortunate to call him my friend.
📸 @SammyZ85

Priming is a key part of my daily morning routine. It's normally something I do by myself! 👤 But what a feeling it is to experience this with 10,000 souls at this incredible UPW in San Jose 🙌🏽
Sure, it looks a little strange, but priming is simply about using directed breathing and movement to center yourself so you're ready and in-state for whatever the day may bring. Your gratitude pump is primed! It's also the way to get lasting results, because it takes alignment, focus, and congruity WITHIN to unlock and unleash your personal power. THIS is how we prime ourselves for opportunity, impact and success. If you don't do it, you'll still be primed ... primed by cultural conditioning to fit in. To be OUTSTANDING, practice priming daily to experience an incredible shift in the quality of your thoughts and emotions 💭 🧠👊🔓

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