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Tony Phoenix  🇳🇿♓ Sculptor of Mixed Media 🎶🎧 DJ 📸📽🚁 Videographer 👕 Designer and a 🏋️‍♂️ Gym Junkie ✌ Peace 💕 Love 🙏 Blessings

My monthly podcast showcasing remixes, remakes, covers or tracks that sample songs we already know, as well as some of my favorite house tracks of the month.
Great for that #gymlife #gym.

Synced to the B'rave video i did in January for a little promo vid 🤙😊 If you want a link to download to your mobile device let me know or there's a link to stream in my bio or below.
Like what you hear then follow the journey 🎶

What A Rush "The Podcast" Episode 04

Lady Gaga & Bradley Cooper - Shallow 
Katie Perry - 365
Post Malone ft. 21 Savage -Rockstar
Jeremih - Birthday Sex
Cassie - Me & U
Ne-Yo - Closer
The White Stripes - Seven Nation Army
Fleetwood Mac - Be With You Everywhere
Block & Crown - Make Luv (Let Yourself Go)
Maurizio Basilotta - Gypsy Woman 
Keanu Silva - King Of My Castle
Calvin Harris Ft Kelis - Bounce 
Xxxtenction - Moonlight
Post Malone - Wow
Michael Bibi - Hanging Tree 
Otosan ft. Metoyer - Lights
Elderbrook - Old Friend

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Had the pleasure of playing a game i love over the weekend at the NZTFI Tag Nationals. Held over 3 days at Bruce Pullman Park in Papakura, Auckland, New Zealand with multiple age groups from 21s to Opens, too the more experienced Senior divisions.
I've been playing tag since the first modules back in the late 90's and have been lucky enough to play at the national level since 2008 and even lucky enough to have represented both New Zealand and the New Zealand Maori's at 2 World Cups
I have met and played along side and against so many really great blokes over the years, with those great sides came great leaders as well.
Over those year at national level we've won 🥇 (O' 35's) 2008/2009/2011
🥇(O' 40's) 2012/2013/2017
and went Undefeated in this years tournament to take 🥇in the (O' 45's)
Yip im getting older however that doesn't mean the level of competition is any easier, most of these guys have been playing for donkeys so the games are tough and where we may not quite have the speed we use too the skills and experience are still 💯.
Anyway a quick edit of the footage i did manage to too over those 3 days.
✌ ❤ and Blessings
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IG "Blog" Day 189
- A Trip Of A Lifetime -
I spent 167 days in Key West, Florida, U.S.A out of a possible 180 (legally 😂🤣) and it was something i will forever be humbled and grateful for, Key West is AWESOME. I really enjoyed the lifestyle there (chilled/laidback) no traffic ( i just used a bicycle to get around, with the island only 1 mile wide and 4 miles long there was no real need for a vehicle, however i had access to 3 vehicles, 1 650cc scooter and as i left, 1 boat 😭) Weather is ☀️ and People are 🤪. Made lifetime friends (The KW Cocks Rugby Club Boys) and strengthen new and old family bonds with Erol, Stephanie, Xavier and Ira (I can't thank you guys enough for opening your homes and hearts ☺🤗😘
Anyway an edit of my last few weeks there
From Sunrise on New Years Day, Hangs at the Pier, Strolls thru the Artisan Market, S.U.P in the Florida Keys, Rugby Training and Holiday Trolley Pub Crawl and New Years Eve Celebrations 😅 - A trip of a lifetime -
@realneilgordon @aleaknar @mdfidelia @candicejohnsonphoto @townsendorganicfarms @frank_martinez4 @visitkeywest
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After 6mths away in Key West,Florida i made it back home in Auckland N.Z. 3 days later it felt like i had never left 😭
It been great seeing family and friends again 👌
Anyway working on a video edit of my last month in Key West so that should be done later this week, i needed a break from video editing and needed to put out my What A Rush Podcast - Episode 3 so worked on that this afternoon.
Link in my bio ✋
Tracklisting is below ✌❤ and Blessings
Gorillaz - Clint Eastwood (Paul Damixie Remix)
Morgan Page - Longest Road (Richard Wette Remix)
Gary Caos - Smoke Everyday (Original Mix) 
Don Diablo - Got Love (Nda Edit) 
Axcite - Eastside 
Block & Crown - Feel Galactic (Original Mix) 
Stevie Wonder - Superstition (DJ ADHD Remix) 
Stevie Nicks - Rooms On Fire (Adam.A Remix) 
Block & Crown - U Got The Body (Original Mix)
Gnarls Barkley - Crazy 
Richard Grey - Funky People (Original Mix) 
Tomy Montana - Do It (Original Mix) 
MGMT - Kids - Santti Remix 
Cloonee - The Ciggie 
Camelphat, Cristopher ft Jem Cooke - Breathe (Original Mix) 
Green Velvet & Chris Lake - Deceiver (Extended Mix) 
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10 yrs ago from The Carpark, Auckland, New Zealand to now, Willie T's, Key West, Florida, U.S.A
Hopefully i got better 🤣😂🤞
✌❤ and Blessings
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IG Blog - Day 168
Thats the beauty of sport, almost 6 months ago when i arrived in Aug i basically took over/got handed the coaches hat.
On and Off the field, I LOVED EVERY MINUTE OF IT
Thanks guys for the memories and new found friendships
✌❤ and Blessings
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I've been pretty fortunate to be able to #DJ on #NYE back home in #auckland #newzealand on and off for the last 10yrs, it's always a really great night with everyone keen to the let their hair down and just enjoy the 🎶 I would play
So I'm really #pumped to be able to DJ at the "world famous" Willie T's Bar on Duval St in Key West 👍😱
Last time I played there was for #fantasyfest2018 and it was one of the best gigs ever there 👌
Say Goodbye to 2018 and Welcome in the New Year with 🇳🇿 DJ Tony Phoenix
Live and Direct at Willie T's
Check the link in my bio for my latest podcast, there's definitely a few tracks in there that's gonna #rocktheparty
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IG Blog - Day 146
Its Christmas Eve here in Key West and it honestly doesn't feel like, I guess that's cause here and I don't have the comfort and pleasure of spending it with family and friends back home, plus things here don't really close down as much as they do back home.
Anyway I wish you all a very Merry Christmas and miss everyone back home even more so during this part of the year. Take care and keep safe especially if your traveling near or far. ✌❤ and Blessings

What A Rush - Episode 2

Tracklisting as follows

Old Heart - Mack & Diesel
Cocaine - Phantoms
All Night Long - Block & Crown
With or Without You - Deep Fm ft Cope
So Emotional - Whitney Houston
Your Making Me High - Rave Radio
Sublime - Ferreck Dawn & Joe Stone
Le Freak - Chic
Friends - Marshmello
Love Song - Zak Abel
You Used To Hold Me - Calvin Harris
Alone - Hasley
Losing It - Fisher
Get Wavey - Redlight
Without This - Gary Chaos
I Like It - Cardi B

or go to my bio for a live link and if you enjoy the music share the ❤

Oh and if your in Key West for NYE come thru to #willietskeywest on Duval St where I'll be taking you into 2019 🕺👍💃 #higherpurpose #higherself #nothingelse #merrychristmas #podcast #housemusic #love #lovelife #maoriboyinthekeys #dj #music #djing #dancing #radioshow #tonyphoenixdj #serato #seratoplay

14yrs of constant heavy work was taking a toll on my body and in the end 10yrs ago I underwent a pretty big back operation.
A S1/L5 spinal fusion and L4 Disc Replacement, it took almost 2yrs of rehab to become almost Pain Free and going back too being "as normal as possible".
In saying that I do get a bit of back stiffness in colder weather and my back mobility is limited, I also can't have a 6 pack because the surgeon cut thru my abdomen wall to perform the op, however I can still do most of the things I love too, like playing sport and working out (my back tends to ache if I haven't been active or not working out)
Take care of your bodies by eating More Good Foods than bad foods and exercise regularly either thru sport or exercise and stretch
✌❤ and Blessings
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I've always disliked the sound of my own voice so, what is one way to get comfortable with it? Start a podcast/radio show 🤔
I know there is a bit for me to work on and with more experience the show will get better as i feel more comfortable👍
I also know alot of DJ's prefer not too but i've always enjoyed playing "commercial/top 40" 🎶
Once i've got the crowd humming/dancing along too what sounds familiar too them i'll then drop some tracks that ain't "mainstream" into my set and really get them crowd moving 🕺💃
So thats pretty much what my podcast/radio show will be like, Remixes/Remakes/Covers and or tracks that sample songs we all know as well as a couple of tracks i enjoy and think you would appreciate 🎵👏
You will enjoy the music, hopefully my voice won't scare you away 🤣😋
✌Peace, 💕 Love and 🙏Blessings

T T T Tony Phoenix (Copy and paste link below into your browser or go to my bio for a live link)

Track Listing As Follows

What A Rush - The Podcast - Episode 01
Teardrops - Luca Debonaire
Promises - Anevo 
No Angel - Mack & Diesel 
I Found You - Benny Blanco & Calvin Harris 
In My Mind - Dynoro & Gigi Dagostino 
Clocks - Coldplay 
Never Gonna Give You Up - Rick Astley
That's The Way Loves Goes - Janet Jackson 
What Lovers Do - Maroon 5
Happier - Marshmello ft Bastille 
Use Somebody - Kings Of Leon
Praise You - Fatboy Slim
One More Time - Daft Punk
Psycho Killer - The Cube Guys
Lazy - X Press 2
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IG Blog - "Day 122"
One of the lads from rugby brought a 1969 Ford Truck in Virginia and wanted some company on the drive back down to Key West. So I caught the GreyHound 🚌 from Key West to Miami, transferred buses to Fort Lauderdale. I had a 5.5 hr wait for my ✈ to Raleigh in North Carolina so i Limed 🛴 down to the beach front. I can see why the 🛴 are a hit back home in Auckland, they are so much fun. 12kms and 90mins later I found myself inside a dine in movie complex AMC Coral Ridge so decided to watch #creed2 (7 out of 10 rating from me)
Flight was at 7.49 and I was outside waiting for my uber with an hour to go. To cut a long but funny story short I missed my flight by 2mins 😱😳👏 So what should been a 2hr flight I took a slight detour (4 hr flight to Boston -New Jersey where it was -6°, 5hr wait, then a 2hr flight back down to Raleigh - North Carolina, finally had me there at 8am the next day 😂 )
Justin picked me up from the airport and we proceeded our 3 day journey down the East Coast of America.
Justin was cool enough to take me sightseeing so we stopped in Charleston - South Carolina for a Thanksgiving Meal, then carried on down to Savannah - Georgia to stay overnight.
We headed into town for "a couple of drinks" around 8.30 #nekminit home at 4am
We visited a Posh Bar, a Dive Bar, a African/American Bar, A Rock Bar, A Latino Bar, A Random Bar and finally Denny's (Let's just say I didn't eat cause I was 🤢 🤣😂)
We left Savannah and drove down to St Augustine - Florida which is one of the oldest towns in America, I must admit the Architecture and History is amazing.
Back in the 69 to head to our next overnight stay in Titusville - Florida.
Another epic night 😱🤪 this time watching the Netflix show #thelastkingdom 👍🤣
The Last and final day was a 8hr drive down the rest of Florida back home to the sunshine and warm weather of Key West.
So it was an short but awesome #roadtrip
5 States (New Jersey, North and South Carolina, Georgia and Florida) 8 Cities/Towns (Miami, Ft Lauderdale, Boston, Raleigh, Charleston, Savannah, St Augustine, Titusville)
Thanks Bro for the journey and memories
✌💕and Blessings

IG "Blog" Day 111
- Physical Education -
One of the easiest ways to make friends is thru sport 👍 Most of my friends are from the local rugby team - Key West Cocks -
Since I've been here I've taken over/got handed the coaches hat 🤣🤔 There are a number of challenges, numbers, skills, experience etc..... However it's a taste of home, out on the field passing and kicking the rugby ball around is my kind of fitness fun 🤗 I've invested in a set of TAGs and I'm going to teach them Tag Football tomorrow (their obviously alot of basic skill they will learn and be able to transfer over to rugby later on)
p.s I doesn't matter where you are in the world EVERYONE THINKS THEY'RE THE REF 🤣😂
Also found out my little cousin @drake.nicks is a PT so I hit him up for a personalized online program. Told him what I wanted to work on and a few days later he emailed my program. It's been a while since I've had a individual personalized program and I'm actually enjoying myself at the gym (it takes the what am I going to do today out of the equation 🤣)
I've been going to my local gym @oldtownfitness on the daily instead of the local bars 🤔 Frank the owner is Irish so when he saw me today we spoke about the outstanding game of rugby played by the Irish against the might of the #allblacks 👏
Old Town is Old but it add to the character of the place besides it has everything you need and its 2mins up the road and $99 for 3mths 🤗
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