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Anthony Bellew  WBC Emeritus Champion Enq -

Gloves are off! #BellewHaye2 #Repeat #May5th

Been with me since I laced up the gloves as a professional! Kerry Kayes and CNP.. Thank you as always @officialcnp

29 years ago today 96 football fans went and watched a game of football and never returned home.. We should never ever forget them.. #JFT96 #NeverForgetThe96

Not a gambler but I always let the kids pick a horse each! Let’s just say they’ve done ok eh 😳🐎👍

I can’t put into words what I have just gone through! All I will say is, I keep going until there is NOTHING left! #May5th #Repeat #FailToPreparePrepareToFail #SickBucket

If your in the north or the south give these guys a follow people @laporteslandscaping are good at there job.. 🌲 🌳 🌲

Enjoyed seeing the kids @rotundaabc1 last night.. Getting them all new sparring gloves was the least I could do.. If it wasn’t for this gym I honestly don’t know how my life would of ended up. This gym is the reason I’m doing what I’m doing now. #RotundaABC #HomeOfChampions

I don’t know who this is but Report it to someone PLEASE. Please save this beautiful little girl from the disgraceful people looking after her! This is truly frightening it really is 😔

Avery interesting documentary about the PED cheats within sport! I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again.. If a fighter fails a test and is proven to be taking PED then quite simply BAN THE FOR LIFE! This imo is the only way we are going to rid our sport of these filthy cheating scumbags! My sport is littered with them and so are many others.. #BanPEDCheatsForLife

I see someone is trying to paint me out to be the bad guy here! Let’s get one thing straight and I’ll @ you in this David unlike you did to me @mrdavidhaye with your posts! This all started cos YOU said ANYONE can get it from cruiserweight to heavyweight so up I stepped and the rest is history as you will be on May 5th! In YOUR hometown..

My friend @jamesdegale1 gets his belt back and the win but both had to go to hospital after the fight... Happy there both well and even happier The champ has got his belt back! #Redemption

I urge all these stupid people carrying knives to please watch this video... You guys got a problem? Go to a boxing gym and punch it out with some gloves on and leave it there. Believe me when I say there is no glory in living in a CELL! Knife crime is at an all time high in my city and our capital. Please please please think before you leave the house with a knife and remember that cowards carry knives not tough guys. #CowardsCarryKnives

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