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Tony Bosco  Chicago

Vietnam. A study in extreme contrasts, but one I'm grateful to have experienced. 🇻🇳Scroll ➡️ for pics.

Thanks for tolerating me, @pinkilye, @bearitis, and as always @theaudthought.

Where can you drive in Saigon? Wherever the fuck you want. ☠️ (notice I let Audrey guard me)

True life.

Hoi An | Vietnam

"We'd like to take you on a private tour...yes?" Yes.
Nobody else will care, know, give a fuck. But if you saw "The Lover" this is the actual bed where their illicit underage banging took place.
History, or something.

Vietnam 🌿

Not bad 🇻🇳

Today in 2014: Greg's leap of death.

Two years ago tonight

April 9 1992: 25 (?!?) years ago tonight.. In one of the oddest pairings ever, a pre-Siamese Dream, Smashing Pumpkins supported #GNR for two nights at the Horizon. Except the second show never happened because the state police showed up and were going to arrest Axl for the riot he started in St Louis. The show was cancelled 20 minutes before doors -- my friends outside were pissed. Not just that it was cancelled but most had been dropped off by their parents and had no easy way to get back home. Pumpkins got paid to do nothing the second night and we all got to eat/drink everything in GNR's catering.

Some photos and videos from a year ago this weekend in Vegas.

Running up 98 floors at the John Hancock building in 2007. Is that a double-thumbs-up-finger-point? Also: smiling? Fucking lame. I was probably delirious at that point. #fbf #fuckcancer

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