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Toni Karas 

There are no good-byes,wherever you are, you will always be in our hearts! Thank you to everyone who could be there with us. Your love and support mean the world. #familymatters
#rockgod #legend #chriscornell #soundgarden #audioslave #templeofthedog #vickycornell #noonesingslikeyouanymore #familyloveforever

A fan posted this! Thank you! I understand .and very well! 💔😢All together perhaps we go through this day knowing he’s here w us! Most important Thank you for standing next to us! Chris is here forever w us all!#rockgod #Legend #icon #Yourchriscornell #chrisbelongstohisfans

The happy years of your ChrisCornell! He lived enjoyed and loved! Our Greek family our Greek tradition were extremely important to him! He was finally happy to find love and be loved! He said it so many times! Happy we gave him all the love he missed in life as he said! I’m here only to celebrate his amazing life! And saw you the moments he said he couldn’t be any prouder and lucky! ❤️👑A rockstar , an idol , a king! He experience in those yrs others will never know! From family, from his music ! My son (SIL) was loved and he knew it ! That should have never happened ! But it did and we miss him and we will celebrate him forever! ❤️🎸#mykonos #ourgreekfamily #soundgarden #audioslave #vickycornell #chriscornell #tonicornell #cball#lilycornellsilver #yiayialove🌸

To my beautiful daughter and our sweet Vicky , Happy Mother’s Day . I know you have been challenged beyond words and life hasn’t been fair but you have been strong and have shined through as a mother first and most important , you have done everything to protect your children and have them heal and you have stood up as the greatest wife.
You are so beloved by all of us , your children, by all who love your Chris and his love is always with you. That doesn’t change, love is eternal. Chris gave you the greatest gifts in the world, his whole heart and two beautiful babies. In Chris words we are “all lucky to bask in the glow of your light.”

Thank you all for your love and support. We are one family for Chris Cornell. We hope to share this with you . We know many of you want to be there and will be honoring him wherever you are. #keepthepromiseforchriscornell #NoOneSingsLikeYouAnymore #chriscornell #vickycornell #tonicornell #lilycornell #cball #missyoudaddy #soundgarden #audioslave #templeofthedog

And here comes the gift we all were waiting for..BabyToni!The Love child! Nothing made him happier than to see his princess!! He hold her tight and always the two of them holding hands! I’m sure he’s holding her hand now and forever! Her lullabies written for her singing to her every night will be her treasure! He recorded them for her! One day sho might let us hear them😉😄❤️#keepthepromise #vickycornell#chriscornell # ToniCornell #yiayialovesyouprincess#plazasthénée #paris🇫🇷

My golden son I miss you terribly!You gave us so much love and u were so happy . You always had such humor praising the Greek godfather and brother in law, lol! I know you are here with us today on your wedding anniversary. I hear you happy singing smiling and it warms my heart! Thank you for the love you gave us and thank you for my beautiful grandchildren! Proud of you forever celebrating your life all your friends in Paris ,in Rome, Greece all those who were there to see your love to your wife and beautiful children. Such memories are priceless! Fairy tale indeed my son! What we shared I gladly share w your fans who love you miss you and want to be part of your life part of the man chris Cornell not only the rockstar! Always the way you wanted that’s how it always be! #keepthepromise keepthepromise #vickycornell #chriscornell #tonicornell #cball #lilycornellsilver #youaremyson #ourgreekfamily

Look at both of them making fun of me afraid to go near! He use to love to tease me and laugh so hard!Both devilish 😈😉laughing w me for being scared! Mama Vicky? Won’t even enter!😂😂😂#keepthepromise #vickycornell #chriscornell #tonicornell #mostbeautifulmemoriesever #happytimes❤️ #weloveyoudaddy #soulmates❤️❤️❤️

So proud of my daughter! Vicky Cornell we all proud of you! One of the strongest women who refuses to be a victim but stand up and faces the tragedy by helping others . This just makes you shine amongst those who never believed u could! As your mother I know u have the strength to handle anything, I know what you are capable of . Chris knew and that’s why you were always and will always be his lioness. Chris is smiling upon you knowing his vicky and knowing that u will help others and you won’t stop because your love for your husband and your children is so strong #keepthepromise #vickycornell #chriscornell #tonicornell #lilycornellsilver #soundgarden#audioslave #soulmates#ourgreekfamily

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