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Toni Karas  Family First❤️ @chriscornellofficial @tonicphotos @vickycornell

From the moment Vicky met Chris, was just love, respect, towards me towards our family! How can he not be a son and better! He embrace our family w respect!Me & Chris never exchange a bad word, ever! He had only love to give us and made him happy to keep our family together! Many don’t believe in family. They prefer divide and conger! No family values! ChrisCornell, was all abt our Greek family. Proud to call him son and thankful for his respect , his love and trust between us. A true man, a gentleman!Admired and love forever by me,as the rest of the world! #onlyonechriscornell #vickycornell #legendsneverdie #tonicornell #chrisandvickycornellfoundation #ourgreekfamily #respect #webelieveinfamilyfirst

Tragedy! Don’t you dare tell me that ,what’s written for Toni ,is ok. Don’t you dare ,tell me attacking her mom,you love Chris!Anyone who dare do that for over a year, will be brought to justice! We don’t believe in bullying , or abuse! Am I going after those, who cause pain, sleepless nights? Absolutely! Win or loose no matter! As long as ppl know it’s not right and we save lives like this 9 yr old. Sad to loose a life bec of strangers hate or not so strangers and flaunt it!👎🤛 🖤💔

❤️❤️❤️ Keeping my promise daddy! #chriscornell #tonicornell #vickycornell #familyforever #loveyoudad #repost

And when you were born the world change forever! We had a little boy! We were so blessed! Our pride and joy!You are so loved and u you have no idea, how much yiayia loves you!You are our pride and joy! Christopher Nicholas Cornell! #dadslittleboy #alwaysandforever #ourgreekfamily #sisterslove❤️ #tonicornellphotography #vickycornell #chriscornellofficial #chriscornellforever

Who can walk on CC’s shoes? No one!#legendsneverdie Chris will be forever loved,remembered and in our hearts! #chriscornell #vickycornell #tonicornell #grammys2019

2019 Grammy nomination for
When Bad Does Good! Very proud! #whenbaddoesgood #grammys2019

HAPPY BIRTHDAY to an amazing little boy! You brought so much joy in to our lives .The pride and joy of your father ,having a son ,a boy to carry on..And can u imagine your grandpa?A boy!!!!😃We love you so much and we so blessed to have a little angel like you! Yiayia is so proud of you my Cball! #cball #chriscornell #vickycornell #tonicornell #yiayia&;papou

This is an amazing video! Thank you so much!!#chriscornell #vickycornell #christophernicholascornell #tonicornel LoudLove! 🎸👏❤️

My baby Vicky in Paris w mommy before she met Chris!❤️🎸😊#tonicornell #chriscornellofficial #legendsneverdie🙏 #vickycornell #chrisandvickycornellfoundation

Repost @son_of_a_gun1969 What an amazing art! 😊Thank you so much! You sir are a great artist!👏👍🎸

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