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Toni | Berlin, Germany  I like to travel. 📱 @samsungmobile_de Galaxy S9+ 📷 @nikondeutschland D850 Berlin, Germany - 📩

Already made my way to a new country but I might share one or two more photos from Moscow. In the meantime, can anyone give me recommendations for Budapest? Lookouts, architectural highlights, food spots, things to do in the city?

Shot on #GalaxyS9+

#Moscow #SamsungSnapshooter #architectureandpeople

Exploring Moscow today. From it's 60s apartment blocks to Red Square's gingerbread style cathedral. It's giving me a bit of a culture shock but in a very good way.

Shot on #GalaxyS9+

#Moscow #SamsungSnapshooter #GoForBiggerGoals #zsmmn

On a trip to Moscow to see @dfb_team's match #GERMEX with @samsungmobile_de. Literally on my way to the stadium now meeting German fans on the metro. Kickoff in 90mins. Who's watching?

Shot on #GalaxyS9+

#Moscow #SamsungSnapshooter #zsmmn #GoForBiggerGoals

Anzeige. Some of you might remember how my old camera got damaged after someone tried to steal it from me. I never managed to bring it back to life. However, the guys from @nikondeutschland reached out to help me and today I can proudly present my new baby, a Nikon D850. I've been trying it out for just a couple of weeks now and I'm still learning about all its functions. I've put some more shots up in my story, please have a look and let me know what you think!

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Moving on to Zurich, Switzerland and the second stop on my latest trip. Also, long time no staircase shot!

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Concrete, a narrow strap of light and @kathzi.

#Munich #minimalpeople

Here's a little collection of pictures I took at Munich's Olympia Center. Are you a fan of 1960s & 70s architecture? I am!

#München #olympiazentrum #forwardfestivals

Sun's out! I spent the past couple of days at @forwardfestivals in Munich where @konaction and I host photowalks around the city's 1972 Olympia Center. New places, new people, nice weather. I'm enjoying this!

#München #olympiazentrum #forwardfestivals

Berlin, the most beautiful ugly city out there.

#Berlin #thattoweragain

Up on a huge former gas holder that used to provide Berlin's many gas lamps.

#Berlin #architectureandpeople

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