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Toni | Berlin, Germany  I like to travel. 📱 @samsungmobile_de Galaxy S9+ 📷 @nikondeutschland D850 Berlin, Germany - 📩

Exploring Moscow today. From it's 60s apartment blocks to Red Square's gingerbread style cathedral. It's giving me a bit of a culture shock but in a very good way.

Shot on #GalaxyS9+

#Moscow #SamsungSnapshooter #GoForBiggerGoals #zsmmn

On a trip to Moscow to see @dfb_team's match #GERMEX with @samsungmobile_de. Literally on my way to the stadium now meeting German fans on the metro. Kickoff in 90mins. Who's watching?

Shot on #GalaxyS9+

#Moscow #SamsungSnapshooter #zsmmn #GoForBiggerGoals

Anzeige. Some of you might remember how my old camera got damaged after someone tried to steal it from me. I never managed to bring it back to life. However, the guys from @nikondeutschland reached out to help me and today I can proudly present my new baby, a Nikon D850. I've been trying it out for just a couple of weeks now and I'm still learning about all its functions. I've put some more shots up in my story, please have a look and let me know what you think!

#Berlin #NikonFamily #NikonDeutschland

Moving on to Zurich, Switzerland and the second stop on my latest trip. Also, long time no staircase shot!

#Zürich #architectureandpeople #mytravelmood

Concrete, a narrow strap of light and @kathzi.

#Munich #minimalpeople

Here's a little collection of pictures I took at Munich's Olympia Center. Are you a fan of 1960s & 70s architecture? I am!

#München #olympiazentrum #forwardfestivals

Sun's out! I spent the past couple of days at @forwardfestivals in Munich where @konaction and I host photowalks around the city's 1972 Olympia Center. New places, new people, nice weather. I'm enjoying this!

#München #olympiazentrum #forwardfestivals

Berlin, the most beautiful ugly city out there.

#Berlin #thattoweragain

Up on a huge former gas holder that used to provide Berlin's many gas lamps.

#Berlin #architectureandpeople

Spent just over 24h in Vienna but came here three times.

#Vienna #zahahadid #shotonmoment

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