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Tonio Burks 

Legendary. .. #straightlikethat

Lets get some of this fat off fat boy lol #straightlikethat

This day 2009 changed my life forever. Yes it took something I loved doing away(basketball) but it gave me a different outlook on life and I'm thankful for that. I take nothing for granted but I'm thankful for it all. She said walk or use the restroom on my own. I can do both lol. Still getting better by the day and I want to thank GOD for that. I promise the best is yet to come. #strive4greatness

Ya I hit rock bottom. Stayed motivated and keep my faith in the most high. Ya he worked it all out but my best is yet to come, but I love this beginning. .. #faith #straightlikethat

If she ain't glowing up like this than she ain't happy pimp... Step your game up and make sure she stress free. .. #straightlikethat😍😍😍

You digg what I'm saying P.... #RNS

Damn I luv it... fat boy problems. .

Picture me a TRU ni..a #straightlikethat

Aye my nigga, how do you know my girl? Your inconsistency introduced us... 😍😍😍😍 #straightlikethat

They do it for the likes. I do it for motivation. .. just watch me do me... #straightlikethat

No need to stress baby... Daddy got it #straightlikethat😍😍😍

Need it in my life...

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