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"Love is a choice every morning not some fuzzy feeling in the room."

My dawgs.

Why do I have the feeling that choosing to be with a man means that you have to be okay with the fact that dinner is always going to get cold by the time he gets to the table?

Today deserves an adventure.

Shop babes.

Went to a delicious vegan dinner late last night and ended up having our tarot cards read over wine. The future is looking pretty bright ya'll.

24! Happy birthday @adammontag! I would tell you how great I think you are but I kind of do that all the time so I don't want to be annoying. Love you!

This is before the snow storm. Spring starts in a week and that just seems like a mean lie.

My little fox. Our training has been going so well since we've been back in the suburbs which makes me slightly nervous to bring her back to city life in a couple days. She's still trying to figure out that whole "it's okay to pee on the side walk thing." We'll get there - one day and one paper towel roll at a time.

Woke up to a snowy backyard and a sniffly nose. I've had my wonderful warm weather friends and their enviable drying methods on my mind all day.

I've come to learn that the best things in my life always start with people and situations that come out of nowhere. The ones that take me by surprise, scare the hell out of me, make me feel alive, and have me acting like a little kid again. This guy checks all of those items off the list plus about 100 more. (Pic by the lovely @meghanburesh)

Wishing I was working here instead of on my couch. I got a little addicted to that Arizona sky.

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