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Toni 🌵  Documenting my weird life and taking ya'll along for the ride.

Honey Bee's first time in Cape Cod. I think she likes it here.

I grew up with my feet in this bay and my head in the clouds. Sometimes we need to bring ourselves back to that feeling.

I woke up feeling the need to escape the real world for a little bit so I packed a bag for Honey and I and headed to my grandma's empty house in Cape Cod. It's gloomy but I think I'm okay with it for the day. The sun better show it's face tomorrow though. I need some beach time! ☀️

Hi everyone! You know how life does this funny thing where it throws us curve balls? Well, I got one of those and I’ve decided to just roll with it. With that being said, I am selling my 30 foot 1986 Riviera Supreme Travel Trailer. Don’t worry, I’m excited about this decision! The camper is newly renovated and everything works. It’s great for the travel life, but it also makes the perfect tiny house! Brand new dark wood vinyl flooring, never been slept on full size mattress, full bathroom with shower, large double door closet, full kitchen set up, dinette folds down into a bed for guests, oh and a fridge full of bud heavies just for you! Of course I have many more details and photos to share but you can find those in the listing! Click the link in my profile! Feel free to pass it along to friends and anyone who may be interested.

Growing up, I mostly surrounded myself with boys. We just got along better. However, the older I get and the more life throws at me, the more I am realizing how important it is so foster and nurture friendships with strong and like minded women. Don't worry my dudes, you're not going anywhere. But cmon, girl power is totally a thing!! (This includes the strong and beautiful @meghanburesh, who took this photo.)

Back when I was in highschool I used to drive to Portsmouth, New Hampshire on the weekends to hang out with @adammontag. I remember saying something along the lines of "this is my kind of town. This is where I will raise babies." Well, it's been six or so years and not much has changed. Ya'll! This freaking town just tugs at every damn heart string!

I've got one week left at my second job and then I'm a free woman again! Thinking about taking a trip abroad. Where should I go and can I sleep on your couch?

Here's me wondering why I can't do anything in this camper without ending up bruised and bloody. #girlsruleboysdrool

27 and radder than ever. Happy birthday @alexanoe! Thanks for being my other half. 🌈

Beautiful morning in Portsmouth, NH.

We missed all three bands last night but the after party, Titanic slot machines, my sequin shirt, and walking through the casino at 6 AM in the same clothes as last night all made up for it. There's always tomorrow!

Yesterday was puke city for me but today the sky is clear and I ate a piece of toast!

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