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Toni Mitchell  (Ethical) Vegan💚| @womensbest 💕 What I Ate In A Day On Keto Diet⤵️

💪🏽August 2014 vs Now🍑✨
Cheers to a body built off of a plant-based diet. My booty progress may not be the most drastic, but it’s progress that has been made and my results are honest.
August 2014 I had been vegan for 2 months and was eating:.
✖️tons of fruit( a lot of monomeals).
✖️had no clue how to train..
✖️was lifting way to heavy.
✖️macros were way off( 80c/10f/10p)
✖️always in a caloric surplus.

✔️I eat balanced meals.
✔️I train or do something active 4 to 6 days out of the week.
✔️I lift according to how I feel.
✔️macros are adjusted due to activity.
✔️I create a caloric deficit through training and/ or dieting.
There were many times I got frustrated because I didn’t see results, but I had faith in the process. It took me almost 2 years after going vegan to start seeing results. Never give up on something you’re passionate about. Accomplishing goals aren’t always easy, but all the hard work and being persistent is worth the reward in the end.
P.S. New “What I Eat In A Day + Booty workout” video will be posted tomorrow. 💪🏽🍑
#vegan #bodybuilding

Standing here feeling thankful, thankful for a lot of things. 😊 One of them is my health. Health is both mental and physical; combined they create the perfect marriage. A healthy body is maintained by being in a healthy state of mind. 💪🏽🧡✨

A little Squash Pie won’t hurt. 😋🥧 ✨ #vegan #squashpie #happyfriyay

A bit of bliss. 😊✨

I tried the #ketodiet out for 3 days. Here are my results. I know I need more time in order to experiment the full effect of the diet. I didn’t try the diet out for weight loss, but to challenge the diet as a #vegan bodybuilder. This diet is restrictive on a regular diet and even more so on a plant based diet, BUT it can be done both ways. Click link in my bio for more on my experience. 💪🏽💦

Getting ready to go burn off the carbs I’ve been eating after going Keto. @womensbest Black Friday Sale is coming soon y’all. The sale starts 19th of November 9am EST/ 3pm CET. This is going to be their biggest sale of the year yet, so get ready for it because it’s gonna be gooood! Click link in their bio for more info 💪🏽💗 .
P.S. will be uploading Keto video later today.

Been eating #keto for the last 3 days. Today I came off it. This time around it wasn’t so bad. I changed some of the foods around in my diet which made my experience a bit better. Truthfully, 3 days isn’t long enough to see results and to go into ketosis, but 3 days is all I’m willing to commit to. Will post a video tomorrow on my experience. 💪🏽💚 #happysunday


For my ladies wanting perkier tah tah’s 🤗here’s a chest exercise I did earlier in the week. When I train chest I do high reps and lift lighter weight( still should be challenging💦) to create a cardio/ fat burning effect during my workout. This burns fat, but allows my to build muscle so that my breasts don’t sag. I like to train chest this way because it has helped me to reduce my bust size due to having naturally large breasts.
Chest and Triceps Fat Burning Workout.
▪️(3) 15 Burpees with standard pushups.
▪️(3) 30 Bench Press.
▪️(4) 20 Cable Peck Flys.
▪️(3) 15 Decline Push-ups.
▪️(3) 15 Dumbbell Tricep Kickbacks.

#fitness #bodybuilding #veganbodybuilding #chestworkout

Do what excites you to move and for me this morning it was jump roping for about 10 minutes and spending time walking around in “nature”. Being surrounded by trees and away from noise is a way for me to find liberation from many things; a way to elevate my spirit and my mind. 🤸🏽‍♂️🍃🍂

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