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Toni Mitchell  Ethical Vegan💚|Women’s Best💕 YouTube Channel⤵️

To escape to do an epic workout right on the my idea of paradise.🌊🌴😅☀️💗 @womensbest #womensbest


This morning’s breakfast was a delicious green smoothie. I know some of you may be’s green 🤔🤢...this can’t be good😂, but it’s actually pretty tasty and highly nutritious 😋. I shared a smoothie similar with you guys on my IG story yesterday morning. I use a @vitamix to blend my smoothies. .
💚Green Superfood Smoothie Recipe💚
- 12oz unsweetened vanilla cashew milk.
- 2 scoops of @womensbest Vegan Vanilla Protein Powder.
- 1 tsp of @womensbest Green Superfood smoothie mix..
- 2 tbsp of flaxseed meal.
- 1 regular sized banana.
- 1/2c gluten free rolled oats.
- A handful of organic baby spinach.
- 8oz of Spring or filtered water.

This little recipe also helped me get over some of my sugar cravings. It’s been 22 days of letting go of refined sugars and my cravings are at a minimum, but most importantly controllable. 💚 #cheers

Smith Machine Leg Workout I did earlier this week. These are some of my fav exercises to train glutes. I do single leg exercises to target my 🍑 muscles more, this way I feel the muscle contractions a lot better when I focus on one glute at a time.
For the Reverse Lunge and Single Leg Squats I did (3) of 15 reps each leg and (4) sets 15-20 reps for Hip Thrusts, Deadlifts, and Squats. *Not filmed I finished off with (5) of 20 Seated Hip Abductors.
#fitness #bodybuilding #gluteworkout 🍑💦

Feeling rejuvenated, but hot at the same time. ☀️😅💦👙: @kulanikinis

Today was the first day I had pre-workout in over a week. This morning I had one scoop of @womensbest Amino & Energy Concord Grape for today’s upper body lift. Today was also the first day I lifted upper body in over a week; I trained shoulders, chest, and triceps. 💪🏽💦 In a bit I’ll be headed out to do a HIIT YOGA class( never done HIIT yoga...I’m excited 😁) and will have a scoop of @womensbest Amino & Energy Ice Tea Peach before I go. Last week I took a break from the weights, pre-workout, and BCAA’s. It’s nice to give your body a break to rejuvenate. It was very tempting for me to lift because I’ve made it such a habit to keep active. I woke up early and excited Saturday to do my first lift in over a week and boy oh boy did my body feel it. 💗#womensbest

Thinking about all the Autumn Nourish Bowls I’m gonna make this Fall. 🍂🧡☺️

I ate some baked cashews today; no salt/no sugar. They were so unbelievable good. 😋
Since I’ve been coming off of refined sugars and eliminating lots of processed foods I honestly haven’t been following a set detox plan or system. My thought process is to simply remove the things that were causing me to feel sick while introducing more whole plant-based foods that are nourishing to my health. Our bodies have a built in detoxification system that naturally detoxifies us through our liver, colon, kidneys, skin, lymph system, and lungs. Yes, I do believe in doing things to help detox, but the best thing to do was to remove the root of the problem. I’m feeling better in a lot of ways as the days go by. 💚

It’s been 11 days since I’ve been detoxing from refined sugar and from most processed foods( w/ the exception of a few). I slipped up 2 days out of the 11 😅, but figured it would be a struggle for me knowing my attachment, but still persistent. It’s Day 11 and I feel more in control, I’m not craving, I’m listening...listening to my body. Not even weight lifting this week, I’ve been doing yoga instead.🧘🏽‍♀️ and let me tell ya!...these last few days of sleep have been nothing but bliss. ☺️💤

Giving my body a complete break from refined sugar and processed foods this month. 🧡#september #sugarfree

Just eat your veggies and your fruits and your grains and your nuts and drink plenty of water everyday...I promise your body won’t be upset. 😚💚🌱 #loveyou

My face whenever one of my homegirls asks to workout. 😊💪🏽💦 @womensbest 💗
#womensbest #fitness #girlswholift

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