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Toni Garrn Foundation  Given a chance, girls can change the world! Learn more about our work at link below ⬇️

"Girl Empower" the new tshirt designed by @bella_freud for my upcoming flea-market. Soon available @vestiaireco. All proceeds of this collaboration will profit my schools in Zimbabwe 🙌🏼 #staytuned

Let's throw ourselves back to these joyful, young and so talented preschool kids during the opening of the boarding facility. These 6 boys played throughout the whole hours of ceremony and kept making up melodies as they went along. #investineducation #tbt

The main part of my project was building a boarding facility at a school where lots of girls have to walk 16 km daily to get to school. Now 28 girls (for now) can live on the campus, safely with electricity and a teacher living with them. The ones coming from furthest away and handicapped girls were chosen and are beyond grateful. My plan is to build more of these homes from future donations, as this seems to be the most productive way to overcome the logistical difficulties that this huge country faces in regards to education.

The girls at Emerald school who will be benefitting from the new toilet facilities 🙏🏼🌍

With @planinternational I started a project to support the schools I visited in 2015 here in Zimbabwe. Different schools had different challenges. The girls going to this secondary school told me they always missed class and exams due to menstruation, because the school didn't have separate toilets and nowhere for their privacy. So part of my funds went to building them their own space to feel safe and clean to not have to miss any class.

One of the most welcoming ceremonies I've ever received. You could see their gratefulness and excitement over the sponsorship program and how it really supports the family.

Not many people are able to meet their sponsored child. Most of them live hours away from any real road and are simply impossible to track for foreigners especially. I was lucky 2 years ago, to meet Nomtandazho in the middle of nowhere behind a school when she was 4. After playing for hours and her tying to teach me how to become a real African women ( see the second pic) she became my sponsored child and I now made the effort to go find her family again. Successfully they were all right there, in the middle of nowhere, welcoming us with all their neighbors and I recognized her right away. Slightly more shy than 2 years ago, but she didn't let go of my hand the entire visit and she now even speaks some English!! Such an amazing experience. @planinternational thank you for having such a great sponsorship program! A beautiful child a penn pal, in the rural areas of Zimbabwe, by Mozambique almost, who's life I can keep track on and know she's in good hands. With the monthly donation, they support the community with any education or health issues they could have.

Girls groups are very important especially in refugee camps, because they learn how to stand up for themselves and feel safe here to share and learn.

It was my first time in Eastern Central Africa and it was one of the most green and lush environments I've ever been to. So many children really portrayed that beauty within them. Thank you Burundi and Rwanda, we will be back! Next stop -- Zimbabwe🇿🇼

This girl in the Congolese camp is 5 years old and has to take care of her little brother while her mother works.

Congolese refugee camp in Rwanda. It's been around for 12 years and more than 15000 people live here together. @planinternational has been supporting and working on girls safety since the beginning

Fascination about different cultures and races is huge for children. And most grown ups, who decide to stay curious and open 🌎❤ #beopen #weareone

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