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Toni Duclottni  Lover of Fashion • Momtrepreneur • Christ is King • Founder of @HouseofHaute | @TheKitchenBae | @DorcasHouseLV • 📍Las Vegas, NV

Looking forward to seeing everyone at the #HouseofHaute #PopUp next Friday at @thecuppalv! Come by for some shopping 🛍 and a latte ☕️(or some bubbly 🥂🍾), we’ll have options! 😜💕

Hope y’all had a wonderful Christmas (or whatever holiday you may celebrate this time of year)! My little family and I spent some time away in the mountains. The time away with crappy cell service turned out to be one of the best highlights ever. I think going into the New Year I’m going to try to make it a habit to spend less time on my phone and more time finding other ways to be productive. Considering the nature of my business, this is going to be a real challenge.
Anybody wanna join? 🤓
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Happy Saturday Loves! This Saturday shop SMALL as in #SmallBusiness! Get out and support your friends, neighborhood stores, and any cool small business you’re fond of.
With that said, I’d like to personally thank ALL of my girls who have supported me on this venture. It means the world to me. Y’all have really torn down the stereotype that friends don’t support each other.

That brings me to this statement for the entrepreneurs. I launched @houseofhaute in 2009 and then started dabbling in the store in 2013. I started out reselling my higher end items. That worked great. So then I ventured into full blown e-commerce.

I didn’t really know what I was doing. I spent years teaching myself how to buy and predict/stay ahead of trends (I’m still learning that everyday). It was trial and error. Huge risks were (and still are) involved. I’ve made plenty of mistakes (that were extremely teachable). But, I’m still passionate about my store.

So what am I saying to the other entrepreneurs looking for inner circle support?

Make sure you’re offering something worth supporting. That’s a hard pill to swallow. Trust me, I’ve swallowed a few. When I started out selling products on my site, I wasn’t offering much of anything that was really worth paying attention to. Sure I had (and still have) some banging sunnies but that was about it. I hadn’t done enough research or studied enough of who my demo was or who I wanted it to be. So sometimes it’s on us to turn around and take a look in the mirror and evaluate how WE can make our businesses better. Lastly, give outstanding customer service & support. Don’t forget, you need them, they really don’t NEED you. They have options.

If you’re offering something worth supporting, your true friends will support you in whatever way they can (THAT DOES NOT MEAN ABUSE IT - opening a different business every month). And “whatever way” means whatever WAY THEY CAN. Don’t assume you know someone’s situation. You don’t. But you’ll feel the love & support anyway. For the ones that don’t just because, well they may just admirers rather than friends... And that’s ok too. 😉

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In case you were wondering! 😜💕
#tbtuesday to last Friday when I exercised the early voting option.
@houseofhaute Chief Hautie
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My @houseofhaute #OOTD: The perfect grocery store attire when you’re extra af. 😜💕
Bomber, Skirt & Earrings from @houseofhaute.
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My name must be Mary because these Lashes & Highlight Poppin! 😩🙌🏾😂
#tbt: Taking a short trip back to yesterday’s shoot for @HouseofHaute. New stuff coming out today!
Lash Extensions by my love bug @shiluv_ of @shi_beauty_essentials
Makeup... I slayed my own face 💅🏽
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#TBT I love other creators and being in creative spaces. A few weeks ago I was hanging out with the @vidiq fam and met @jcarlsmallwood of @jcarlphotographer. We had a mini impromptu shoot lol and it was fab! He’s dope & talented!
Definitely checkout his Youtube channel (in his bio) as he and his wifey @___cjay___ embark on adventures! ♥️
Outfit @houseofhaute
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#MommyandMe ♥️😍

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